O Medo do Homem Sábio - Parte 2

O Medo do Homem Sábio - Parte 2

Patrick Rothfuss Renato Carreira / Sep 20, 2019

O Medo do Homem S bio Parte Agora em O Medo do Homem S bio Dia Dois das Cr nicas do Regicida uma rivalidade crescente com um membro da nobreza for a Kvothe a deixar a Universidade e a procurar a fortuna longe deriva sem um to

  • Title: O Medo do Homem Sábio - Parte 2
  • Author: Patrick Rothfuss Renato Carreira
  • ISBN: 9789895579259
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • Agora em O Medo do Homem S bio, Dia Dois das Cr nicas do Regicida, uma rivalidade crescente com um membro da nobreza for a Kvothe a deixar a Universidade e a procurar a fortuna longe deriva, sem um tost o e sozinho, viaja para Vintas, onde, rapidamente, se v enredado nas intrigas pol ticas da corte Enquanto tenta cair nas boas gra as de um poderoso nobre, Kvothe descoAgora em O Medo do Homem S bio, Dia Dois das Cr nicas do Regicida, uma rivalidade crescente com um membro da nobreza for a Kvothe a deixar a Universidade e a procurar a fortuna longe deriva, sem um tost o e sozinho, viaja para Vintas, onde, rapidamente, se v enredado nas intrigas pol ticas da corte Enquanto tenta cair nas boas gra as de um poderoso nobre, Kvothe descobre uma tentativa de assass nio, entra em confronto com um arcanista rival e lidera um grupo de mercen rios, nas terras selvagens, para tentar descobrir quem ou o qu est a eliminar os viajantes na estrada do Rei.Ao mesmo tempo, Kvothe procura respostas, na tentativa de descobrir a verdade sobre os misteriosos Amyr, os Chandrian e a morte da sua fam lia Ao longo do caminho Kvothe levado a julgamento pelos lend rios mercen rios Adem, for ado a defender a honra dos Edema Ruh e viaja at ao reino de Fae L encontra Felurian, a mulher fae a que nenhum homem consegue resistir, e a quem nenhum homem sobreviveu at aparecer Kvothe.

    • O Medo do Homem Sábio - Parte 2 Patrick Rothfuss Renato Carreira
      122 Patrick Rothfuss Renato Carreira
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        It all began when Pat Rothfuss was born to a marvelous set of parents Throughout his formative years they encouraged him to do his best, gave him good advice, and were no doubt appropriately dismayed when he failed to live up to his full potential.In high school Pat was something of a class clown His hobbies included reading a novel or two a day and giving relationship advice to all his friends despite the fact that he had never so much as kissed a girl He also role played and wrote terrible stories about elves He was pretty much a geek.Most of Pat s adult life has been spent in the University Wisconsin Stevens Point In 1991 he started college in order to pursue a career in chemical engineering, then he considered clinical psychology In 1993 he quit pretending he knew what he wanted to do with his life, changed his major to undecided, and proceeded to study whatever amused him He also began writing a book.For the next seven years Pat studied anthropology, philosophy, eastern religions, history, alchemy, parapsychology, literature, and writing He studied six different martial arts, practiced improv comedy, learned how to pick locks, and became a skilled lover of women He also began writing a satirical advice column which he continues to this day The College Survivial Guide Through all of this he continued to work on his novel.In 2000 Pat went to grad school for English literature Grad school sucked and Pat hated it However, Pat learned that he loved to teach He left in 2002 with his masters degree, shaking the dust from his feet and vowing never to return During this period of time his novel was rejected by roughly every agent in the known universe.Now Pat teaches half time at his old school as an assistant sub lecturer He is underpaid but generally left alone to do as he sees fit with his classes He is advisor for the college feminists, the fencing club, and, oddly enough, a sorority He still roll plays occasionally, but now he does it in an extremely sophisticated, debonair way.Through a series of lucky breaks, he has wound up with the best agent and editor imaginable, and the first book of his trilogy has been published under the title The Name of the Wind Though it has only been out since April 2007, it has already been sold in 26 foreign countries and won several awards Pat has been described as a rough, earthy iconoclast with a pipeline to the divine in everyone s subconscious But honestly, that person was pretty drunk at the time, so you might want to take it with a grain of salt.


    1. "Strah mudrog" (u Srbiji, u izdanju Lagune, podeljen u dva toma) je drugi deo Rotfusovog serijala "Hronika o kraljoubici", i može se reći da autor kako hronološki tako i stilski nastavlja tamo gde je stao u prvom delu. Za razliku od nekih, ne mogu reći da primećujem pad u kvalitetu u odnosu na Ime vetra, već je više stvar daleko većeg uvida u celu priču, pa se može reći da sada možemo ozbiljnije da pristupimo ovom serijalu i podvrgnemo ga pravim kritikama.Na samom početku ovog prika [...]

    2. Το δεύτερο μέρος του Όσα φοβούνται οι σοφοί μου άρεσε λιγότερο από όσο μου άρεσε το πρώτο του μέρος και εννοείται λιγότερο από το Όνομα του ανέμου. Είναι φανερό ότι ο Rothfuss είχε πολλά να αναλύσει και άλλα τόσα να πει, το θέμα είναι ότι δεν ενδιέφεραν κανέναν, οπότε μέσα σε όλη [...]

    3. Es war SO GUT. Aber was genau mache ich jetzt? Wie soll ich je wieder ein anderes Fantasy Buch gut finden? Und wie soll ich auf den dritten Band warten???????????????????

    4. Λέει ο λαός ότι όταν ακούμε για πολλά κεράσια να κρατάμε μικρό καλάθι. Στην περίπτωση αυτής της σειράς βιβλίων άκουσα όχι απλά για πολλά κεράσια αλλά για δάση ολόκληρα από φορτωμένες κερασιές. Διάβαζα παντού διθυραμβικές κριτικές και αποθεωτικά σχόλια που μιλούσαν για το [...]

    5. martinabookaholic.wordpress.cMeine Meinung: Wie ihr vielleicht noch wisst, hatte ich ja meine Probleme mit dem ersten Teil, wie so oft mit High Fantasybüchern. Diese Teile haben mir aber besser gefallen, auch wenn ich am Anfang etwas Zeit gebraucht habe um rein zu kommen, bzw. gab es für mich immer wieder längere Passagen, die etwas langweiliger waren, sich gezogen haben und ich als unnötige ansehe. Aber gut, da streiten sich ja die Geister. ;)Was mir hier sehr gut gefallen hat, war dass man [...]

    6. სრულყოფილებამდე დახვეწილი სამყაროა და წლობით მუშაობა ემჩნევა სიუჟეტს.რამდენიმე "მაგრამ"-ს მაინც გამოვყოფდი:(view spoiler)[* შარაქვის ისტორიებია თითქოს არათანმიმდევრული ან დაუსრულებელი - ავტორი ი [...]

    7. ისევ ღამე იყო. ფუნდუკი სახელად „შარაქვა“ სიჩუმეს მოეცვა, სამმაგ სიჩუმეს.ყველაზე აშკარა სიჩუმე სიცარიელისგან მოდიოდა, იმისგან, რაც იქაურობას აკლდა. გადაუღებელი წვიმა რომ ყოფილიყო, წვეთები [...]

    8. Und nun reihe ich mich ein zu den Ungeduldigen, die die Tage zählen bis endlich Teil 3 kommt :-)Wird ein richtig komisches Gefühl nicht mehr jeden Tag ein bisschen in dieser Welt verweilen zu können

    9. Yeah, I still haven't finish this but in my reading life this book belongs in 2017 since it's the second part of The Wise Man's Fear and I already read half of it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    10. ბევრი არაფერი მაქვს სათქმელი. გავა წლები და ისევ სიამოვნებით წავიკითხავ და კიდევ და კიდევ და კიდევ ბევრჯერ :)))

    11. Nelabai ką čia beparašysi apie atvejį, kai visame pasaulyje išleidžiama antra trilogijos dalis kaip viena knyga, o Lietuvoje ta antra dalis dar dalinama į papildomas dvi dalis. Aišku, geriau pagalvojus, nieko keisto: kam pardavinėti 800 puslapių knygą už 15 eurų, jei galima pardavinėti dvi 500 psl. knygas po 12 eurų už kiekvieną. Bet tada vistiek turim pakankamai unikalų atvejį, kad skaitytojas gali skaityti antros dalies antrą dalį - matyt čia tokia ir buvo leidėjų idėj [...]

    12. half of it was boring, the other half didn't add much to the story but it was fun anyway. just not as good as the other two books, in my opinion.

    13. Hach, wieder ein tolles Buch. Rothfuss und die Königsmörder-Chronik war mein ersten Kontakt mit dem Genre und ich habe es geliebt. Ich kann mich nicht erinnern ein anderes Buch so gerne und flüssig jemals gelesen zu haben. Der Spannungsbogen mag vielleicht nicht der ausgeprägteste oder die Geschichte etwas vollkommen innovatives sein, aber der Schreibstil und die Detailliebe machen die Bücher für mich unvergleichlich. Es gibt zwar noch die Seitengeschichte mit Auri als Buch, aber ich hoffe [...]

    14. Esta é a segunda parte de "O Medo do Homem Sábio", livro 2 do "O Nome do Vento".Tem alguns spoilers, nada de muito relevante! Nesta segunda parte, Kvothe continua a sua aventura por Vintas, com um grupo de mercenários, à procura de bandidos, a mandado do Maer Alveron. Conhece Tempi, um mercenário Adem. Passadas várias peripécias, Kvothe, e o grupo, encontram Felurian, a mais bela de todas as mulheres, humanas e Fae. Felurian é conhecida em histórias e o que estas contam é como ela enlo [...]

    15. Nach längerer Zeit habe ich nun auch Band 2.2 gelesen.Anfangs fiel es mir schwer, wieder in die Geschichte zu kommen, da ich überhaupt nicht mehr wusste, was zuvor passiert war. Doch die Wissenslücken füllten sich nach und nach wieder, auch Dank der Hilfe von einer Mitleserin.Die Geschichte entwickelt sich gemächlich weiter. Das soll keinesfalls abwertend klingen. Es passt zu Kvothes Gemüt als Wirt, wie die Geschichte erzählt wird. Ich kann ihn mir richtig gut vorstellen, wie er aufgrund [...]

    16. A vida é aborrecida fora do Arcano.A história não é má mas falta algo no universo que Patrick Rothfuss criou que me permita dizer que estou perante um bom livro. O protagonista é bom. Bastante carismático, inteligente e ambicioso. Ele é sem dúvida a força motora do livro. E quem leu o Nome do Vento pode recordar satisfeito as várias peripécias de Kvothe dentro do Arcano. A vida por lá é colorida e animada. Existem verdadeiros antagonistas, aliados e personagens neutras. Há magia e [...]

    17. Przeważnie recenzje dzieł pisanych w oryginale po angielsku też piszę po angielsku, ale tym razem zrobię wyjątek. Odstępstwo to czynię ze względu skrzywienia zawodowego. "Zwyczajny" czytelnik, gdy napotka szytwne tłumaczenie skrzywi się czasem, ale tłumacz krzywi się podwójnie. W trakcie lektury "Strachu mędrca" krzywiłem się wielokrotnie i intensywnie. Tłumaczenie przez większość książki było poprawne, ale w wiele było z nim też kalekich stylisytcznie kalek językowych [...]

    18. Wie sehr ich von Kvothes Welt fasziniert bin und wie sehr ich den Schreibstil von Rothfuss genossen habe. Was immer ich jetzt auch lesen werde, es wird niemals an die Königsmörder-Chroniken herankommen können. Es war sooooo toll! Über 2000 Seiten in diese ganz spezielle Welt eintauchen zu dürfen und dort verweilen zu können. Achach. Hoffentlich kommt der nächste Teil dieses Jahr noch raus, bitte ein 4000 Seiten Werk.Eine magische Welt und so gut gemacht. In diesem zweiten Teil des zweiten [...]

    19. Bem terminei a leitura dos dois volumes e gostei bastante, pois mais do que qualquer outra coisa gosto da escrita do escritor.Reconheço que por este andar ainda vamos ter muitos livros pela frente, pois nunca mais se desvenda o mistério.Por acaso os Childrain fazem-me em certa medida lembrar os renegados da saga a Roda do Tempo de Robert Jordan, raramente aparecem e são muito misteriosos. E há outras coisas que me fazem lembrar Jordan, como certas coisas que Kvothe aprendeu junto dos Adam (q [...]

    20. Ich weiß nicht wie ich die Zeit überleben soll, bis # 4 (3) rauskommt. Ich vermisse Kvothe und die anderen jetzt schon. Obwohl sich der Mittelteil ein wenig gezogen hat, wurde es zu keiner Zeit langweilig. Vor allen dingen der Schluss jetzt!?! Was soll ich von Bast halten?Ich will wissen, was Ambrose noch veranstaltet, wie es mit Deana weitergeht. Ob der blöde Hemme es schafft Kvothe von der Universität zu schmeissen und und und Jedes Buch, welches ich jetzt in die Hand nehme, kann nur eine [...]

    21. რამდენიმე მეგობარმა ერთმანეთისგან დამოუკიდებლად მითხრა რომ გული ვერ დავუდეთო, რაღაც ისეთიაო. სწრაფად ხდება მოქმედება და წინა წიგნებში რაც ხდებოდა და როგორი დეტალურობითაც იყო აღწერილი ი [...]

    22. The second part was still very enjoyable, but tbh I do not see how the third book could be the conclusion to the story without skipping a lot. I loved listening to Kvothe's story, but there is a lot happening in a short amount of time, and there seems a lot of time and plot left to cover.But that's not for me to worry about. I listened to this as fast as I could because I wanted to well, hear the stories. And it was a delight. For me, what is being told in this case matters less than how it is b [...]

    23. Vraiment très bon. L'évolution du personnage est excellente, l'univers est toujours aussi magique, très fin, plein de détails, qui le rendent vivant et immersif. Ce tome contient également plus d'actions que les précédents. Selon moi le meilleur de la série jusqu'à maintenant!

    24. Se perdre dans ce monde, s'y sentir bien, aimer Kvothe au point de lui en vouloir parfois, le comprendre et jamais se lasser de ses aventures. L'attente d'une suite est longue, c'est certain. Mais je sais le nombre infini de relecture qu'il me reste, et cela suffit à me rendre heureuse.Certainement mon livre préféré de l'année, et ma saga favorite au monde.

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