Avatar Book Two

Avatar Book Two

S.D. Perry / Dec 08, 2019

Avatar Book Two A new era begins in the annals of Deep Space NineAs the story begun in Book One continues the Federation prepares to launch a counterstrike against the Dominion Searching for a way to prevent another

  • Title: Avatar Book Two
  • Author: S.D. Perry
  • ISBN: 9780743400510
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Mass Market
  • A new era begins in the annals of Deep Space NineAs the story begun in Book One continues, the Federation prepares to launch a counterstrike against the Dominion Searching for a way to prevent another galactic holocaust, Colonel Kira is forced to make a choice between being true to her faith and being true to her loyalties Meanwhile, as the combined crews of Deep SpacA new era begins in the annals of Deep Space NineAs the story begun in Book One continues, the Federation prepares to launch a counterstrike against the Dominion Searching for a way to prevent another galactic holocaust, Colonel Kira is forced to make a choice between being true to her faith and being true to her loyalties Meanwhile, as the combined crews of Deep Space Nine and the USS Enterprise struggle to stop a treacherous plot from destroying both the station and the ship, the shocking truth behind a disturbing prophecy and a grisly murder is revealed Dark secrets, divided allegiances, treachery and, ultimately, hope AVATAR is Deep Space Nine at its multi layered best.

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        SD Perry Stephani Danelle, by the way, though she prefers SD or Danelle has been writing novelizations and tie ins for most of her adult life Best known for her work in the shared multiverses of Resident Evil, Star Trek, and Aliens, SD is a horror nerd and an introvert Her father is acclaimed science fiction author Steve Perry SD lives with her family in Portland, Oregon.


    1. The exciting conclusion to the introductory saga in the "Relaunch" Universe of Deep Space Nine!This is the Book Two, in the story Avatar which opens the road to the expanded universe of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine after the ending of the TV series.Since it was conceptualized as a two-book work, it's evident that while the first book has some initial action, you will find the really climatic moments on this second novel.Colonel Kira Nerys shows that she is really in command of DS9, not just fillin [...]

    2. After an outstanding Part I, Part II of S.D. Perry's Avatar books does not disappoint. Again, every character is given their due, and new characters are seamlessly integrated into the cast we're familiar with. Perry skillfully weaves together plot lines that explore Bajoran faith and uneasy Federation/Dominion politics post-war into a truly gripping, suspenseful read. And she deftly develops character backgrounds and relationships in a way that will have you feeling all the feels if you're a DS9 [...]

    3. Wesentlich besser als Band 1 - vor allem, weil die Handlung so richtig in Fahrt ist. Es wäre wohl besser gewesen, die beiden eher dünnen Romane zu einem dicken Buch zusammen zu fassen.Aber trotz allem ein sehr gelungener Start in die 8. Season DS9.

    4. AVATAR BOOK TWO is easily as good as book one. The drama, the action, the excitement, the suspense is all there and it builds up to an ear shattering and emotional crescendo like few Trek books ever have, or ever will. As I mentioned in my review of book one, the literary presentation of the TV Show's favourite characters are all perfect. The new ones - Elias Vaughn - as well as (SPOILERS) - are a stroke of pure genius, but Vaughn even more so. He has his own mysterious past that the reader know [...]

    5. The concluding part of the Avatar duology builds on the momentum established in Book One. The discovery of an ancient text which lies at the center of a murder investigation leads Ro to uncover some unsettling truths about Bajor's Vedek Assembly. Meanwhile, Deep Space Nine's new Jem'Hadar ambassador, Kitana'klan, tests the resolve of the crew and the Enterprise finally docks at the station just in time for an incident which threatens the safety of everybody onboard.Only two books into the relaun [...]

    6. I thought this one was better than Avatar #1, insofar as I was seeing and hearing the characters and as I was reading. Nice to see Odo again, even if only by proxy. Definitely a decent read for die-hard DS9 fans.

    7. I will not let the Epilogue ruin the fun (long story short, the epilogue teases the one loose thread like this was a trilogy even though the followup book isn't for more than a few books down the linewhich irritates me).The hardest and most rewarding part about Deep Space 9 is that it is not episodic in nature. There are many episodes that do not bear their full weight without being experienced in series and, like that, Avatar bears no weight without the entirety of the television run behind it. [...]

    8. This book concludes the new launch of Deep Space Nine and proves that, while the show may be over and there is not likely to be a transition to film like the two previous Star Trek series, the story is very much alive and far from over. It introduces new characters, reintroduces older ones, and revitalizes regular characters.It is especially nice to see the regular return of Ro Laren, a great character that we didn't get to see enough of. Now she is really a part of a crew for the first time and [...]

    9. This is the conclusion of the Avatar series of books set on Deep Space Nine. We see what ultimately happens to the various story threads created in the first novel. Between the two, this is the more exciting book with more action and deeper meanings abound with many crew interactions. Like the first Avatar book, this one sets the stage for additional books set in the Deep Space Nine relaunch with Kira having a crisis of faith, Ro finally dealing with Picard, Ezri becoming more focused and finall [...]

    10. You have to take the long view when evaluating this book. If you come to this duology expecting a neat, self-contained story, you will be disappointed. However, as the set-up for the DS9 relaunch series, it has me looking forward to reading more. The greatest weakness of this book is that the action of the story is anti-climactic. In Book One we had a spectacular attack on DS9 and the investigation of a spooky abandoned spaceship; in Book Two, the action is mostly restricted to DS9 and the highl [...]

    11. The Avatar duo picks up where the series of Deep Space Nine left off: Benjamin Sisko has gone to the Prophets in the wormhole, and the Alpha Quadrant is recovering from the Dominion War. Unfortunately, there are not to be too many calm days ahead, as three Jem'Hadar warships attack the station in a provocation of war. Meanwhile, a Bajoran prophecy is discovered that could throw both Deep Space Nine and the Bajoran religious order into chaos. I enjoyed these books, but I think my enjoyment of the [...]

    12. This book picks up the pace compared to the first part of Avatar. Kira is one of my favorite Trek characters of all time and this book has reaffirmed that. Kira's actions in this book surprised me in a good way. I really liked the part where the vedek, kassidy, kira and ro argue in the security office"I'm tired of wondering whether or not I'm being manipulated by people who say they speak for the Prophets. I have my own relationship with them and I trust my own judgement. And whatever you think [...]

    13. There is no question that S.D. Perry can write a good book and Avatar's second book doesn't disappoint in that respect. Perry puts interesting characters in interesting situations and does so with compelling story arcs that make for a fun read. Book two has many different storylines that advance each character well. However, I did find that Perry drowned out many of the characters with endless internal dialogue and a narrative that consumed almost ninety-percent of the book. As I read along I wa [...]

    14. Although it didn't stand up as a complete story in its own right -- it re-told the events of Avatar Book One of Two from the perspective of other characters -- it did add some depth to the events of the previous book. The Jem'Hadar attack dragged on for a long time, but I've really come to like two of the new characters: Elias Vaughan, a former intelligence officer who has an epiphany after his encounter with an Orb and realizes he has seen enough of war. And Shar, a young Andorian officer, who [...]

    15. S.D. Perry does an excellent job of continuing the multi-layer story of DS9. The religious crisis of the book of secular prophecies allowed for the book to delve into a deeper story of the meaning of religious faith then would have been possible on the show and its here where the arena of the written word proves its a better home for the character of DS9 then in episodic television. Although initially seeming very fanwankish, the pairing of ST's two top Bajoran females is perfect, paying off ver [...]

    16. Un nuovo, coinvolgente, inizio!Con questo libro prende il via una serie di romanzi riguardanti DS9, post-conclusione della saga televisiva. L’autrice, sapientemente, miscela elementi noti a elementi nuovi, e titilla in tal modo il lettore a continuare la lettura, un po’ come uno spettatore di soap opera che giorno dopo giorno continua a seguire le vicende dei suoi beniamini. E per chi ama le bajoriane, non c’è solo Kira Nerys ma anche Ro Laren!! Recensione originariamente pubblicata su li [...]

    17. I'm glad I carried on with this, for although the first book got things off to a slow start this did pick up the pace well. There are a lot of new characters, of course, and I don't know how much backstory to any of them there is - I could do with some sort of chronological list of these books really: i'm sure or Memory Beta has one somewhere.Still, yes: an improvement on Voyager's relaunch direction, I feel, worth reading more of.

    18. Totally shallow: equivalent to one TV episode. What hope for the universe if superstition and religion still survive in 20,000 years time?? Nothing has changed: the ruling priesthood still seeks to control what people can read and think. The whole of this themes parallels the story of institutionalised christianity (and no doubt other religions too). Of course, if this theme was intended as gentle satire on the absurdity of religion and its power elite, .IF!

    19. The Avatar duology has left me very excited to continue reading the Deep Space Nine relaunch! I read them years ago, but I felt that a re-visit was in order. The DS9 relaunch will always have a special place on my shelf, and it's my pleasure to be able to review them again years later. DS9 was a special series with great writing and terrific characters, and it is so much fun to see it continue in this fashion. Onwards and upwards!Full review: treklit/2013/10/a

    20. This conclusion of the first DS9 novelization after the series ended satisfies. It wraps up the primary conflicts introduced in Book One while leaving enough kernels of interest unsettled to make me want to read the next book in the series. It does appear that I'll need to read the series in order without missing a book. That can be inconvenient, but it also allows for muck more progression and story development than if the books were largely episodic.

    21. A jemhadar has come to DS9 claiming he is from Odo. Meanwhile there is a heretical prophecy book that people will kill for. And on top of all that the alliance want to re-invade the Gamma Quadrant. A sequel to the first book, so you really should read that one first. This could be an episode in the TV series. There's some nice moments, and things happen that will change some characters forever. A good read.

    22. The relaunch of the DS9 series (post television finale) is continued in this, book two of a duet. The introduction of new characters mesh with those of the show, and the characterizations are right on par. The inclusion of Ro Laren into the series was a stroke of genius, and implementing a Jem-Hadar "diplomat" is also one heck of a coup.Put simply, this is good, intelligent writing in the DS9 world. Nab it.

    23. Book 2 of the Avatar mini-series was no worse than book 1. Part of it can best be described as a long game of hide and seek which is about as interesting to read as it sounds. The story isn't very good, but the structure is horrible. If I hadn't made the commitment to read all the DS9 books I wouldn't bother picking up the next one. I hope the rest of the books in the "relaunch" are better and I sincerely hope, by the Prophets!, this author never writes another Quark scene.

    24. I think this book is quite interesting as it shows what happens on DS9 after tv series and it shows more about the personal relationships and thoughts of each crew member than the TV show.e story is quite worthwhile, but could be more thrilling and contains more action. The problems in this two book series are resolved a bit too quick, but I can imagine that it offers a good start for a continuing story about the exploration of the Gamma quadrant.

    25. I enjoyed this book, but I hated the cliffhanger ending. I know that these keep book sales up, but leaving Jake in such a fix was not nice. The other thing, if your going to do that then make sure the reader can figure out what book to read next to continue the story thread. Other than that it was a fun quick read.

    26. The entire DS9 relaunch (via novels) was fabulously done. It was as if the beloved series had never ended . . . a real treat for anyone who loved the series and lamented its end. If you loved DS9, read the DS9 relaunch!

    27. I liked the first book, the second was even better. The author really knows the characters and does a great job writing them. He's obviously leading up to the eventual return of Captain Sisko, which I don't know how I feel about. But this was a great geeky little Star Trek book.

    28. Just as good as the first half. The two books read very much like a two-part season eight opener, with just enough plot threads left unresolved to keep you engaged for the next installment. The writing in both books is engaging and well-done.

    29. Book two of Star trek deep space nine relaunch. Most of the characters I enjoyed the most from the series are gone, but the new characters introduced quickly grew on me. I look forward to learning more of Commander Vaughn and his over 80 years in Starfleet.

    30. The story had a surprising climax. After the intense space battles in the first book, this one ended with a cat-and-mouse game. It was unexpected, but delivered equal tension and enjoyment as the first story. I look forward to reading the rest of the "Season 8" DS9 relaunch.

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