The Fever and The Fury

The Fever and The Fury

Stephanie Draven / Dec 08, 2019

The Fever and The Fury She s already killed him twice this week Phaedra a fury is bound to make Lieutenant Luke Lazaros atone for his supposed crime but her usual method of inflicting pain doesn t work very well on a pho

  • Title: The Fever and The Fury
  • Author: Stephanie Draven
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 182
  • Format: ebook
  • She s already killed him twice this week.Phaedra, a fury, is bound to make Lieutenant Luke Lazaros atone for his supposed crime, but her usual method of inflicting pain doesn t work very well on a phoenix with the power to be reborn every time he dies However, each rebirth leaves him with an overwhelming need for sex Phaedra s new plan to drive Luke mad with desirehe s already killed him twice this week.Phaedra, a fury, is bound to make Lieutenant Luke Lazaros atone for his supposed crime, but her usual method of inflicting pain doesn t work very well on a phoenix with the power to be reborn every time he dies However, each rebirth leaves him with an overwhelming need for sex Phaedra s new plan to drive Luke mad with desire.But Phaedra has never touched anyone even herself except to cause pain She s an innocent when it comes to pleasurebut Luke isn t His touch is a revelation, arousing a passion in Phaedra that is as delicious as it is terrifying For no matter how much she wants Luke, giving herself to a man risks awakening her goddess s wrath.

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        Stephanie Draven is currently a denizen of Balti, that city of ravens and purple night skies She lives there with her favorite nocturnal creatures three scheming cats and a deliciously wicked husband And when she is not busy with dark domestic rituals, she writes her books.Stephanie has always been a storyteller In elementary school, she channeled Scheherazade, weaving a series of stories to charm children into sitting with her each day at the lunch table When she was a little older, Stephanie scared all the girls at her sleepovers with ghost stories.She should have known she was born to hold an audience in her thrall, but Stephanie resisted her writerly urges and graduated from college with a B.A in Government Then she went to Law School, where she learned how to convincingly tell the tallest tales of all A longtime lover of ancient lore, Stephanie enjoys re imagining myths for the modern age She doesn t believe that true love is ever simple or without struggle so her work tends to explore the sacred within the profane, the light under the loss and the virtue hidden in vice She counts it amongst her greatest pleasures when, from her books, her readers learn something new about the world or about themselves.Stephanie also writes historical fiction as Stephanie Dray and has a series of forthcoming novels from Berkley Books featuring Cleopatra s daughter.


    1. 3.75 StarsI was immediately drawn to this book. Not only is the cover yummioso but the blurb had me giddy with excitement.It started with a bang and continued to keep me hooked. I loved Luke, he was the masculine hero who knew how to pleasure a woman and boy did he pleasure. And Phaedra? Well she was a fury - as old as the gods - yet she was a VIRGIN *gasp* Yes a virgin. Imagine the cobwebs growing between those legs people. So you can imagine her excitement once that extremely old cherry of her [...]

    2. Oh Someone save me! How could you not love a hot man who can't die, and is reborn every time? As always I loved this book, as I love all Stephanie Draven's books. This book was sexy hot, filled with humor, and a story that I left me wanting more. The pace, action, and plot never lets you up from the beginning. The characters are hot, believable, relatable, and completely "Do-able" *drool*. Over all A fantastic book. I do recommend this to anyone 18+.werevampsromance

    3. TLDR Recap:Phaedra is a centuries old fury, whose job is to make others atone for their crimes, or to drive them to madness should they refuse to cooperate. Luke Lazaros is Phaedra’s most challenging target yet- not only does he refuse to atone for his sins, but he’s a phoenix… which means that every time Phaedra kills him, he comes right back to life. Phaedra decides that the only way to make any progress with Luke is to drive him mad with desire…but soon she finds that resisting Luke i [...]

    4. "He braced for a blow, but it never came. The flat of her palm extended to him in a plea and she whispered, “Will you do it again? Will you…kiss my hand…again?”"That quote did it for me.He is an ex-military turned Phoenix, (wrongly) accused of betraying his country. Luke had died many times before but he always came back as the same man; a different body for sure, but definitely the same memories and old wounds and the bitterness he felt every time he thought about the ambush, he was so [...]

    5. 4.5 starsI am a big fan of the Harlequin Nocturne series and so when I saw this novella come up for review, I grabbed it – and I am happy I did. Stephanie H. Draven’s The Fever and the Fury spins an old tale of one of the Furies seeking retribution on a sinner. However, when Phaedra the Fury cannot get Luke Lazaros to atone for his crime, she decides on another plan: make him mad with desire (unrequited desire, or so she thinks) and he’ll eventually give in and beg for forgiveness so she c [...]

    6. My Thoughts:This is a story of a phoenix pitted against a fury and what can happen between them when they stop fighting long enough to actually see each other for who they really are. Phaedra is a strong and ruthless Fury, sent by the goddess Athena to force Luke to repent or go mad. Her touch can bring forth misery and she does everything in her power to get him to repent but he keeps dying on her only to rise again from the ashes of his fiery death. Frustrated with her lack of progress, Phaedr [...]

    7. The Fever and the Fury gets off to a humorous start. Phaedra is tasked with making Luke atone for his sin. Luke refuses because he feels that he hasn't done anything wrong. The novella starts with Phaedra trying to kill Luke for the third time that week. Phaedra can not be released from her obligation until her job is done. Phaedra realizes that if she wants to succeed, she may have to change her method.I was surprised by how much I enjoyed The Fever and the Fury. I loved Phaedra and Luke's char [...]

    8. Phaedra and Luke were a strange couple. She's killing him or drive him to madness if he continues to refuse to atone for his sins. He's in hiding from the government after leaking sensitive military secrets that are damaging. You'd think there'd be a tad bit of animosity on his part towards Phaedra where he wouldn't even think of hopping into bed with her. But apparently, he can toss those feelings aside when it means feeding his overwhelming sex drive.While the sex is hot (especially for a viri [...]

    9. This book grabs you by the teeth with the first sentence, and doesn’t let up. Action, tension and burning sensuality all start at an off-the-charts level. Ms. Draven skillfully interweaves familiar mythological creatures into modern day.The fury is a take no prisoners heroine, and the hero a stubborn, sexy, smart-ass phoenix. Responsibility and duty are the driving forces behind both of them. And yet, as the story evolves, both reveal their insecurities and impossible longings. We get to learn [...]

    10. From the very first words I was sucked in. Finished this one in a single sitting only hours after getting it. KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF!!!!First let me tell you why I gave it an 8. While I really enjoyed the story, when I got to the endwell, it just didn't feel like the end. It was like there was another chapter or two left that I didn't ge to readEVER, After reading the last two pages a second time I realized that this really was the end. Both characters had come to a solution that worked for them a [...]

    11. This book fulfilled the steamy quota for a romance-erotica. There were definite moments when the book made an excellent fan to cool one's reddened cheeks. Considering this was a novella, I understood the limits of developing a complete adventure for our hero and heroine. What was accomplished was a rather amusing and antagonistic relationship full of many "Taming of the Shrew" quips which kept you turning the page. What I didn't get and it's probably due to the limits of length is a fully develo [...]

    12. also ich weiß jetzt wirklich nicht, was ich mir von dem buch erwartet hatte - aber das ganze buch war einfach grauenhaft schlecht!die ersten paar seiten gingen noch und ich habe mich echt gefreut, aber ab dem Zeitpunkt wo Luke das Buch kaufen möchte, um Phaedra loszuwerden, wollte ich nur noch fertig werden.Ich bin kein Feind von Sexszenen, im Gegenteil - wenn sie gut sind, das hier war kaum besser als irgendein drittklassiger tschechischer Softporno.Die, kaum vorhandene Handlung - ist genauso [...]

    13. Man, I love a sizzling romance with equally powerful characters, and this one has that in spades. Both Luke and Phaedra have incredible supernatural powers and give as good as they get. The sexual chemistry crackles off the page in one intense sexually charged scene after another that will leave you breathless and panting. But both characters have a softer, vulnerable side too, and that's what really made me root for them. I just loved this story from beginning to end, another great addition to [...]

    14. 3.5 stars for me. I liked the main characters, Luke and Phaedra. Their banter was hot and their sexual chemistry was even hotter. I was intrigued by their story, but would have liked a little more background on them both to enrich the characters, especially how Luke came to be made a phoenix. Who did that to him and why? I supposed that's the drawback of a shorter story, less background info. I wasn't wild about the ending either. It felt abrupt, like it needed another chapter, but again, shorte [...]

    15. "The Fever and the Fury" is an excellent novella in the Nocturne Cravings line. It features two unique characters--a war-torn soldier turned phoenix and a fury. The scenes are hot, and so are the characters. This novella is definitely paying the price to read. Pick it up as a New Years treat, you won't be disappointed!

    16. A quick read, but with compelling emotional depth and entrancing story-telling. I found I didn't actually like the surrender dynamic that turns out to be central to character growth for both the leads, but after I got through the key scene Draven did an excellent job of justifying it. A lovely little bite, and I'm probably going to try out others in the series evn though I've never thought I'd enjoy paranormal. All the difference a skilled author makes!

    17. I know that some people like short stories (novellas) but I am not one fo them. I feel like they are good but not enough for me to want to read it again or recommend it. I liked this story but I fel taht it could have gone on longer.

    18. A great short novella. The chemistry between the characters is well written. The only complaint I have is that I wish there was more of a conflict. With consequences as high as they were pitched, none of them come to head and it's a little disappointing.

    19. Pretty meh, my nook wasn't working for a day or so, and I didn't miss reading this 60 page book. The characters somehow change their whole lives after one night of sex with little to no conflict.

    20. Interesting premise. I like the way the dilemma was resolved at the end. Wish there had been a little more about the furies and the goddess but overall a good read

    21. Short, hot and sexy, with a surprisingly sweet undercurrent as well, and just a few pointed political barbs slipped in on the side.

    22. Fast paced and passionate. Written very well, and you can't help but be pulled in. The balance between the two main characters is fantastic and their journey together will keep you turning pages.

    23. My only complaint about this book is that it was too short! Would have loved even more of Luke and Phaedra!

    24. I enjoyed The Fever and The Fury. The emotion was strong, the sex was hot and I loved the characters - a Fury and a Phoenix. Great read!

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