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Interventions In what many perceive as a coldly relentless digital age Pulitzer prize winning author Richard Russo has teamed up with his daughter artist Kate Russo to present this tribute to the printed book Th

  • Title: Interventions
  • Author: Richard Russo
  • ISBN: 9781608931859
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • In what many perceive as a coldly relentless digital age, Pulitzer prize winning author Richard Russo has teamed up with his daughter, artist Kate Russo, to present this tribute to the printed book This handsome and inventive format four individually bound volumes gathered in a slipcase combines the previously unpublished novella Intervention with three shorter works, tIn what many perceive as a coldly relentless digital age, Pulitzer prize winning author Richard Russo has teamed up with his daughter, artist Kate Russo, to present this tribute to the printed book This handsome and inventive format four individually bound volumes gathered in a slipcase combines the previously unpublished novella Intervention with three shorter works, two of which have not been published in book form.The four tales in Interventions crackle with Russo s perceptive wit and unwavering compassion for the human condition In the title novella, self obsessed realtor Ray must confront his own mortality and doesn t seem especially interested in winning the battle A surprising revelation about his father and uncle, however, and his realization of an unlikely friendship lead him to believe he just might like to stick around Horseman explores the complexities of a young professor s marriage and academic life, and The Whore s Child negotiates the not always clear line between fact and fiction The final piece, High and Dry, is Russo s paean to the heyday of his hometown, Gloversville, New York.Each of the four volumes is paired with a small, full color print of a painting by Kate Russo Printed in the United States on the finest sustainably harvested papers, the set is as much a joy to hold in the hand as it is to read.Excerpt taken from

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        RICHARD RUSSO is the author of seven previous novels two collections of stories and Elsewhere, a memoir In 2002 he received the Pulitzer Prize for Empire Falls, which like Nobody s Fool was adapted to film, in a multiple award winning HBO miniseries.


    1. I am an unabashed fan of Richard Russo. As a longtime resident of upstate NY (WNY), his writing speaks to me. He is a master at capturing the dichotomy of die-hardiness/hopelessness that characterizes small manufacturing towns.This collection of 3 shorts stories and a novella is physically simple and beautiful. Four slim volumes are slipcased and include postcard-sized original paintings by Richard's daughter, Kate. The paintings are very evocative and greatly add to each of the pieces. I found [...]

    2. There are some stories that work better as a novella then as a full book. This set is a good example of that. It's a beautify packaged set of four novellas. Three of which I enjoyed a lot, one I could have done without. If you liked Empire Falls or other Russo novels then you should read this set.

    3. I loved the four stories that are part of this collection. In High and Dry, he speaks about Gloversville where he grew up. Its history and what it means to him. He admits that it creeps in to almost all of his other writing, and since I have enjoyed his writing so much, it was a pleasure to read about his feelings about the place where he grew up. The Whore's Child haunted me for days after I finished reading it. It is the story of a nun who went from a very unhappy childhood as a ward of a conv [...]

    4. A thoroughly engaging set of 4 short stories by my favorite author. I'd give it 5 stars but finished each so quickly I would have liked to see more included in this collection. Still, even a little Russo goes a long way!

    5. It's been a while since I read anything by Richard Russo, and I missed him. He is a master of writing characters and settings that feel truer than real life. This set of four separately-bound stories—three fictional and one autobiographical—was excellent. The common threads between them included economic anxiety, existential dread, the challenges in accepting criticism/insight/wisdom from others, and Russo's trademark wit. I think I actually preferred this shorter, punchier format to his lon [...]

    6. I have a mixed relationship with short stories: I want to like them more than I do and often give up mid-way when reading collections.However, Russo's Interventions was an exception. I loved each of the four short stories (novellas?) in it.I was attracted to Interventions initially because of its unique and attractive presentation--as well as the note on the back cover about the inspiration for such presentation (related to Russo's commitment to the physical book). Interventions has four stories [...]

    7. This is an interesting designation. Russo will be attending an author event (Opus & Olives, Friends of the St. Paul Public Library), so I thought I'd read his book. It turns out that it is a booklet. The promotional material did not say it was part of a collection, and the library has it catalogued as a separate work of fiction, unrelated to the other three parts of the collection.All I can say is that it has an interesting intersections of themes. For several days after I read it, I was dis [...]

    8. I greatly admire the concept (an homage to The Book; local and green production) and the family involvement (his daughter did the art, his son-in-law the design). I enjoyed the stories. But I'm just not able to spend $10 per story, when I'd already read one and another is available online. So I waited for the library copy. Detailed comments (with possible spoilers) including the talk he and his daughter gave at my local library about the process of creating the book blogged on A Just Recompense. [...]

    9. I love Richard Russo's style of writing. I read the novella "Intervention", which is about a realtor named Ray over the course of a few days. He is thinking about a new health crisis and processing memories of his dad. This was on the "staff picks" shelf at the library and I knew I could finish it quickly. I am falling behind in my 2013 Reading Challengebut even if I wasn't behind I would have read this.

    10. This is a collection of four slim volumes packaged in a slip case. I HAD to own it. Russo created the set as a tribute to the book. It is not for sale as an e-book. His daughter contributed artwork to the collection. It includes two short stories, a novella, and the beginnings of his memoir (Elsewhere), which I am currently reading. I now realize that so much of what he's lived is in his novel Empire Falls.

    11. Can't go wrong with Richard Russo, who wrote my favorite book, Empire Falls. These four stories are light, but filled as usual with great characters. The characters make his writing stand out to me. Perhaps the most memorable character in these stories is Richard Russo himself. One of the is an autobiographical essay which is certain to be a centerpiece, or at least touched on, in his upcoming memoir. We can add that one to my reading list.

    12. This is four little booklets, each one a short story, cleverly disguised as a novel. All were well written, but I thought "High and Dry" was a little dull. It relates to the small town the author grew up in whose main industry was a glove factory. My favorite was "The Whore's Child", about a nun whose real mother was a prostitute. If you are a Richard Russo fan you will like these.

    13. Richard Russo is a master at describing in poetic detail the most mundane, quotidien events in life that just keep me wanting to read more. "Empire Falls" remains one of my favorite books, but I just enjoy his writing.

    14. True to Russo's style, this book only had one flawI wanted it to go on!! Amazing how much I knew about the characters in such a short novella, with generational and marital issues front and center. Worth the read.

    15. For some reason I had thought this was a memoir?? but not; in fact, it is a very short novella but still classic Russo and a treat. Much better than his last (the Cape Cod thing)and though slender and almost ephemeral, a pleasure to read.

    16. Richard Russon is one of my favorite authors. This collection of short stories is so well written, often surprising in its simplicity and great and focused themes.

    17. So well captured, the realities of life and aging. How well do we know our significant other. Are we all that easy to read?

    18. I picked this up because of his reference to it in the auto-biography of his that I read. SHort and sweet - well done, interesting

    19. Lovely. Each novella was lovely. Read the memoir last, though, and I think it will be meaningful only to Russo fans, those who have worked through the rest of his writing.

    20. From time to time, I dip into short stories - not my usual genre. This was excellent. Russo has a straightforward style of writing that is a pleasure to read and stays with you for a few days . . .

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