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Memoria In a futuristic bombed out New York the almighty Memoria Corporation helps people erase their traumatic memories What else would you need in the world finally free from wars and crime But the bubble

  • Title: Memoria
  • Author: Alex Bobl
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a futuristic bombed out New York, the almighty Memoria Corporation helps people erase their traumatic memories What else would you need in the world finally free from wars and crime But the bubble bursts when a humble lawyer Frank Shelby becomes a murder suspect on the run Betrayed by his friends and hunted down by mysterious killers, Frank has to penetrate Memoria aIn a futuristic bombed out New York, the almighty Memoria Corporation helps people erase their traumatic memories What else would you need in the world finally free from wars and crime But the bubble bursts when a humble lawyer Frank Shelby becomes a murder suspect on the run Betrayed by his friends and hunted down by mysterious killers, Frank has to penetrate Memoria and find evidence of their real plans before it s too late for all of us.

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        Author s FB pages facebook alexboblfacebook Alex.Bobl.fansAlex Aleksei Bobl is a science fiction writer, author of 13 novels An ex paratrooper, he used his military knowledge and experience to write his debut novels for S.T.A.L.K.E.R a bestselling science fiction action adventure series set in a post apocalyptic Chernobyl.Alex started writing in 2007 when he joined Russia s biggest writing community Samizdat He submitted his first stories to several online writing contests at the same time as he discovered the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game He then came up with his first original story featuring military stalkers.At Samizdat, Alex met Andrei Levitski Together, they co authored The Zone Warriors, Alex s first novel for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series However, due to marketing considerations, his byline didn t appear on the book In the process of novel research, the two co authors visited the Chernobyl nuclear power station and traveled across the entire Exclusion Zone, witnessing many deserted towns and villages, including the ill fated towns of Chernobyl and Prypiat In 2009, Alex published his second novel, A Quantum Bullet, featuring the adventures of two military stalkers, Labus and Camper The same year Alex and Andrei came up with a new eight novel project Entitled TechnoTma tma meaning darkness in Russian , it depicts a post apocalyptic world after The Peril The first novel to come out was Password Eternity, followed by The Wastelands Clans, Barbarians of the Crimea, Jager and The Sand Blues After that, Andrei Levitski started working on a sequel to The Wastelands Clans, while Alex Bobl wrote the final books of the series, The Fall of the Skies and The Last Battle, where all the protagonists unite in order to confront the enemy and get to the roots of The Peril After that, the two co authors continued working together, writing a novella for a TechnoTma anthology The Wastelands Legends, out in April 2012 And a month later, the German release of TechnoTma followed The eight books of TechnoTma had a total print run of over 250,000 copies and have been translated into German and Spanish Talks are now under way about translating TechnoTma into English.Alex s next project, a standalone novel Memoria A Corporation of Lies, came out in February 2012 to controversial reviews A SF action thriller dramatically different from his earlier works, it tells the story of a lone fighter who challenges the power grabbing plans of an international corporation capable of erasing people s memories After that he wrote novel Point Apocalypse a sci fi action adventure set in the near future.Alex now is a literary agent He lives in Moscow with his wife and two boys.


    1. I got this book for free, from Making Connections,in exchange of an honest review. Get your copy here.For some reason, I found it hard to read the first few pages of this book. I followed Frank’s journey from the airport, the phone call to Kathleen and his conversation with the cab driver, without much interest. Then he got to the apartment and bam! Everything changed. The story became a whirlwind and the action never stopped. I also liked that the author didn’t try to force a romance on us- [...]

    2. Executive Summary: Descent thriller story with a sci-fi setting.Full ReviewI came across this book via a self-promotion in Sword & Laser. This is the only thing I have read by the author. From what I read, I think this might be the first novel he's written in English. For the most part it wasn't noticeable. Some phrases struck me as a bit odd, but not much beyond that.As this is a fairly short novel (at least by my standards), you don't get a depth into the characters, but there is enough th [...]

    3. This noir take on a dystopian USA will appeal to all those who take today's technological advances seriously enough. Imagine a perfect state where even a serial killer can be turned into a cute and cuddly law-abiding citizen, thanks to the obligatory memory cleanse. Imagine a government that claims it can make everyone happy in a crime-free New York, safe in the care of the almighty Memoria corporation.Not so crime-free, apparently, otherwise who would want to kill off one of Memoria's top neuro [...]

    4. I received a free e-copy of this work from the author on GR - below is my honest reviewI rate it 4/5 for the way the suspense was handled, 3.5/5 overall.A formidable sci-fi thriller, Alex Bobl gets it right. His world is a dystopian future New York, run by the mega-corporation Memoria that helps its citizens erase traumatic memories and thus live happily - what more could one want? But under the carpet, this city is grappling with the consequences of the vicious intersections of power and techno [...]

    5. In the burned out, bombed out New York City of the future, Frank Shelby is accused of the murder of a woman he knows only as Kathleen. So begins his odyssey in a post-apocalyptic world where the Memoria Corporation offers a cure for all your ills by erasing memories of unpleasant things. A big plan called the Vaccination is in the offing and Memoria is offering it free of charge as an introductory incentive. But what is it really? And how is a United States Congressman, who is also a board membe [...]

    6. Disclosure:Actually this is the first time I win a book as a gift from the Writer himself. Alex Bobl gave me the chance to explore his talent in writing. And here I am, reviewing his nice work. The version I am reviewing is in English. and I have it in a Kindle Version.My Plot:I hope that I am not so spoiler to break the surprise of the reader, but my Plot will go like this: In a Bombed New York, Frank Shelby coming from DC to New York for a personal visit to his girlfriend Kathleen Baker, the s [...]

    7. Memoria. A Corporation of LiesBy Alex BoblIn futuristic New York City, Memoria Corporation offers a service that people cannot refuse erasing traumatic memories from a person’s mind. Frank Shelby comes home one day to find his girlfriend lying strangled in his bed leading him into the maze that is Memoria. He must infiltrate Memoria to clear his name and as he does so he soon stumbles onto something much more heinous.I love dystopian novels so it would be hard to disappoint me when I pick one [...]

    8. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4. This is a difficult one to rate because the story’s plot was fabulous, but the writing not so much, due to the fact that this is a translated work. I have no plans on going into the grammatical errors because frankly others have done that to the point that one walks away thinking this is not a good read, when the opposite is true. So I will move forward and tell you more about why you might wish to read this story.The action/suspense/thrill factor of this story is in [...]

    9. I've had this sitting on my kindle as a free book for ages now and finally got around to reading it. To be honest reading some of the reviews of it sounded like this was a terrible, horribly written book but I found that to be far from the case.Granted there is little in the way of character back story or even information to fully flesh them out but you do kind of get drawn in and find yourself rooting for Frank and his cohorts despite that. The general story is reminiscent of other stories/nov [...]

    10. "Only our memory can make us human."Quick, fast-paced read. A translation and it showed with a number of awkward bits like "they have a farm and grow cattle" instead of 'raise cattle' and the kind of disjointedness that made me need to reread some parts a few times to understand what was happening. But I really liked the main ideas surrounding memory control and wouldn't mind reading the next book if there is one (the ending seems to call for one). One thing that bothered me quite a bit though w [...]

    11. Had to keep in mind that it is a translation from Russian, set in NY/DC. Some of the phrases and terms were simply not American usage: "spanner in the works", "Sort them out". Seems that the translator was either a Brit or learned British English Otherwise, the plot was interesting, characters a bit shallow and stero-typic.

    12. This was a really well written and action packed book that I enjoyed. I loved the concept of Memoria. Messing with memories is a scary thing to think about. The characters really made this book for me. I really liked Frank, and his growing chemistry with Maggie. Overall, a very well thought out and exciting novel.

    13. this is a fascinating concept, well written, but with a few flaws introduced,I suspect, by the translators. the author is Russian, and the story is set in New York, but every now and then jarring Anglicisms creep in.I'm really not sure that it would be possible to have a culture in which forgetting played such a central part, but if you could,Bobl's thesis seems highly likely.

    14. I really liked this story and the characters in it. As mentioned by other reviewers, there were a few spots or phrases in the book that were a bit "akward" to read. But it didn't take away from the story for me. I will definitely be looking for future books by this author.

    15. Pretty mediocre "thriller" that is fast-paced, scattered and not very well translated. Ok for a quick read, but rather unsatisfying. 2 stars.

    16. This is an ebook made available free by the author (Mr. Bobl is a Russian adventure/S-F writer with a military background) through , and as usual I appreciate any author who puts his/her work “out there” for review with no financial compensation.This was a quite enjoyable story, involving a post-war world in almost-destroyed New York, and the Memoria Corporation, which stopped the war thirty years ago and remains the predominant force (translation: totalitarian). Memoria volunteered to destr [...]

    17. Although this book is primarily a futuristic thriller set in a world where the perpetrator might not remember their actions, it also raises questions the question whether, if we are the product of our experiences, we remain us if we lose the bad memories.Following a civil war the United States of America is divided into three classes: migrants, a necessary underclass formed of the losers and their families, veterans, respected but expected to retain their memories of war, and citizens, required [...]

    18. Disclaimer: I did receive a free copy of this book through a offer.Disclaimer over, spoiler alert begin: (view spoiler)[Frank is framed for the murder of his girlfriend, who he doesn't realize is the heir to the biggest company in the city. He is chased, arrested, chased some more, goes into hiding, hatches a plan to clear his name, and puts it into action.(hide spoiler)]I did really enjoy this story. The characters were defiant of a strict regime, incredibly strong willed and kept integrity to [...]

    19. Where to begin? Memoria is a thriller about a man, Frank Shelby, who is framed for a murdering Kathleen Baker, his girlfriend. Kathleen worked for the company Memoria and had discovered some disturbing truths about a new technology that Memoria plans to use for nefarious activities.Before her death, Kathleen had sent Frank a mysterious package which could reveal Memoria's scheme. Unfortunately, Frank is arrested for her murder and has to survive an assassination attempt in the Police Station, av [...]

    20. As a book, this was at times difficult to read. The action sequences, though detailed, were difficult to follow. the characters were not developed enough for me to connect. The premise and interconnecting stories were difficult to keep up with. However, having said that, if this were a screenplay for a major upcoming action flick, I would not only be interested but also probably love it. It is action packed with the requisite hero, damsel side kick, older sages to provide experience and advice, [...]

    21. Memoria delivers a well polished gritty dystopian novel. Why the plot is familiar it has enough twist and turns to keep you on edge and entertainedA man framed for murder tries to find out why and who has set him up. An evil corporation is behind it all. As the accused travels through the story he discovers an intricate plot to turn the citizens into mindless puppets. Can he stop them? Can he clear his name? You are going to have to read the book to find out the answers.

    22. The first chapter pretty much sets the rest of the story up and there is not really much action at that point. However, once you start chapter two, you better hold on because you will be on an action-packed roller-coaster ride for the rest of the book.

    23. Memoria By alex Bobl (They control your memories - They tell you how to live.)This was one of those few that took my interest by the book cover. It's cover reminded me of Philip K Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep in its incantation as Blade Runner (the movie) and the tag line and it's title reminded me of Philip K Dick's We Can Remember it For You Wholesale aka Total Recall. But in reading it I couldn't help but be reminded of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. The story sucked me in and [...]

    24. In a dystopian world, a major corporation, Memoria, develops technology that enables memories to be selectively erased. Memoria’s control of the city-based population has been solidified by the authorities such that each citizen is obliged by law to undergo memory modification each year. Most of the city dwellers seem to enjoy this process and return even more frequently to have unpleasant memories removed. Only the Militants, located behind barbed wire fencing on the outskirts of the cities, [...]

    25. Taken from my reviewThis book has a lot going for it - right off the bat you've got 237 pages for 2.99, a very reasonable price point for a big book packed full of story. It's very low-risk, there's very little reason not to give it a shot!On to the story itself, it moves VERY quickly. No skimming these pages because there's no padding here. There's one exception in the middle, where I encountered a rather awkward few chapters of exposition, but the story hopped right back on track after that, [...]

    26. I so wanted to like this book. It was supposed to have everything I love: SciFi, Dystopian, mystery/crime, suspense/thriller. I'm not sure how much of my displeasure came from the poor English translation and how much came from actual story flaws. As soon as I started reading, I ran into strange wording and poor grammar which made it difficult for me to fully engage in the characters and story. Our introduction to this world is an interaction between the main character, Frank and a strangely hos [...]

    27. Memoria by Alex BoblThis is an action packed novel depicting what may be possible in the future for mankind with the increase of technology. Memoria HQ has developed a sophisticated system that can alter a person’s memory. They offer two free visits a year to the general public, so if you are subjected to a life altering trauma you can simply take a free pass to Memoria and have your memory erased! Sounds pretty interesting, however other things come into play. “Memoria’s goals were to ama [...]

    28. There was a lot of action in Memoria, I will definitely give it that. Not that many twists and turns, but full of hand-on-hand, guns, helicopters, and many injuries. This is the type of book that would turn into a good movie because of the conspiracy theory and the very detailed action scenes. The whole "memory" aspect of the book plays second to the hunt for our main character and his hunt for the truth.Overall it was a pretty good book, but it didn't have a real draw factor to read the next ch [...]

    29. Frank Shelby is a lawyer accused of murdering his girlfriend Kathleen. Now, on the run, he and his friends are on a crusade against the ruthless and powerful Memoria Corporation to find her real killer, a corporation that erases peoples memories.This company promises to erase all bad memories using free introductory offers as a ploy - But all is not what it appears to beAnd Frank, now a fugitive, must prove his innocence. The problem is that everyone is controlled by Memoria.Full of governmental [...]

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