According to Luke

According to Luke

Rosanne Dingli / Feb 29, 2020

According to Luke According to Luke is a thrilling cultural adventure full of secrecy symbols faith and forbidden love It takes the reader on a quest for an ancient truth so explosive it attracts angry clerics viol

  • Title: According to Luke
  • Author: Rosanne Dingli
  • ISBN: 9781479341108
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback
  • According to Luke is a thrilling cultural adventure full of secrecy, symbols, faith, and forbidden love It takes the reader on a quest for an ancient truth so explosive it attracts angry clerics, violent separatists and demands a ransom of millions Shattered by the breakdown of yet another romance, Jana Hayes buries herself in her work as an expert art conservator, untilAccording to Luke is a thrilling cultural adventure full of secrecy, symbols, faith, and forbidden love It takes the reader on a quest for an ancient truth so explosive it attracts angry clerics, violent separatists and demands a ransom of millions Shattered by the breakdown of yet another romance, Jana Hayes buries herself in her work as an expert art conservator, until an ancient religious icon brings Roman Catholic priest Rob Anderson into her life The secret they discover hidden in the mysterious artefact is not only devastating, but deadly It has the star crossed couple running for their lives across Europe and the Middle East, pursued by three ruthless opposing factions, each for its own reason determined to torture and kill to lay hands on the evidence uncovered Follow a chase that charges from Venice to Malta, and then to the Byzantine town of Ravenna a chase that escalates to disaster in Damascus, until a solution is found in the Victorian countryside in Australia This new edition contains three pages of notes about the author s use of facts, and the research behind the fiction Church politics and forbidden romance merge together in this page turner A superb mystery from Rosanne Dingli Janet Woods, author of Salting the Wound

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        This author s latest release is The Frozen Sea, the third in the Bryn Awbrey series of cultural adventuresRosanne Dingli has authored eight novels, six story collections, two novellas, and a poetry book She has had numerous articles, stories, reviews, columns and poems published Australia wide and on the internet since 1986 She has worked as teacher, lecturer, workshop coordinator, magazine and corporate editor, travel consultant, cook, manuscript assessor, heraldic artist and business partner Originally from Malta, she has travelled widely in Italy, the UK, Turkey, Greece, South East Asia, Holland, Belgium, and France as well as most Australian states She lives in Western Australia with her partner Hugo Bouckaert, Belgian GIS consultant, biologist and philosopher Books According to Luke Death in MaltaCamera ObscuraThe Hidden AuditoriumThe White Lady of MarsaxlokkCounting Churches The Malta Stories Making a NameAll the Wrong Places poetry The Astronomer s PigThe Day of the BirdThe Bookbinder s BrotherHow to DisappearA Funeral in FiesoleThe Frozen Sea


    1. A bit disappointed in this effort by Rosanne Dingli. Read one of her other books and was excited about this one, but from the get go, this book seemed to be a stretch. This is all about a long lost drawing the was found pasted to the back of another painting of Saint Luke. This hidden drawing holds the "secret" that was kept from mankind for two millennium and which our intrepid art restorer figures out early on in the book. The books is supposed to be for all of us Dan Brown lovers, but the cha [...]

    2. The twists and turns in this novel are amazing. The author has done her research and woven an intricate love story into a mad scramble between formidable opponents in this subtle thriller. I say subtle because of the nuances and implications in the result of the icon being released didn't slam at me, but crept over me with an inexorable realisation of the threat to a dominant religious organisation and how ordinary people's perception of the teachings would be upended.A terrific plot, well writt [...]

    3. There seems to be something of a trend for books set in Italy with a plot that involves the questioning of accepted biblical interpretations (call it the “Bible Conspiracy Theory” plot). The comparisons with Dan Brown are natural, and the reason for choosing this area to write about is obvious: it’s exciting, controversial in its heresy, and rich with drama and complication. Since my own knowledge of both The Bible and The Da Vinci Codeare generally less extensive than most people’s, I c [...]

    4. [4.75 of 5 stars]This peculiar question is the overarching mystery--and yes, one that is revealed near the end of the novel. But the search for the surprising answer shows the author's creativity and dedication to track the truth (or at least possibilities) through copious research.It is a well-written story with strong characters such as Jana, an art conservator whose job of restoring ancient icons was almost an obsession, and who made her relationship with a priest proper by complying with the [...]

    5. According to Luke by Rosanne DinglyReviewed by Lucy PireelAmazing, captivating and very well researched. First let me tell you I am not unversed in Catholicism. Not that this book is religious, but its plot revolves around an issue which is very important to the Church. As a non-Catholic it made me look up references which are dropped in the story to see if they hold up. Let me tell you this writer has done her job. Not only on the religious, biblical and general spiritual matters, but also on t [...]

    6. It is a natural inclination to compare According to Luke to The Da Vinci Code due to the controversial nature of the secret, but I found Luke to be more than a chase after symbols. I thought Dan Brown's book to be a little tiresome after we'd found the 4th or 5th symbol/secret password, only to be confronted by yet another puzzle. In Luke, Rosanne Dingli thankfully adds more interesting plots threads, more layered personalities and surprises that go beyond solving puzzles. As with Da Vinci, Luke [...]

    7. A fine, subtle mystery that unfolds amid romance, family issues, and art. Modernity clashes with the secret passions arising from the position of women in a patriarchal religion. This is a book that stirs emotions and will keep you interested until the final page.

    8. Jana Hayes conservator of antiquities and the handsome Catholic priest Father Rob Andrews seem like an unlikely pair. Yet when Father Rob turns the icons of his church over to Jana’s company for authentication strange things begin to happen. Jana is mugged on the way home from work for the flash drive she has that documents the icon. Then, her colleague is murdered. Jana suspects she is being followed. Jana’s curiosity leads her to remove the icon from her company and carry it across Venice, [...]

    9. This review was first posted @ The Australian Bookshelf This is the first book I have read from the crime thriller genre and I wasn’t quite sure whether it would keep me interested but I was pleasantly surprised.Jana is an expert art conservator from Australia who is doing a stint in Venice. Newly single, Jana is quite happy residing on her own, in her tiny Venetian apartment. She loves her job and especially loves living on the other side of the world away from her high achieving mother, Feli [...]

    10. A masterful piece of well researched writing!I was completely hooked from the first page; the story takes off with a lightening pace of events as the complexities of the plot unfold.The story begins in Venice with such a wonderful descriptiveness you can really imagine yourself to be there walking through the many canal filled back streets. Here we find the main character Jana, who is working in a scientific laboratory on the restoration of a religious icon. During this process she uncovers a se [...]

    11. The problem sometimes with stories that have fast paced action is it can often be at the expense of character. That is not the case with According to Luke. The characters are well drawn and fully developed. Jana is meticulous in her research and patience in authenticating historical artefacts. She also encounters a fellow Australian sent along to oversee the handling and authentication of this artefact. The Roman Catholic Priest, Rob Anderson, has his own share of problems, some of which are med [...]

    12. This was a really fantastic read! Dingli is a superb writer, encompassing it all within her novel: suspense, mystery, romance, murder, betrayal, and even terrorism. I was intrigued as I read, spurred on by the mystery that surrounded the novel as Jana and her friends uncover a conspiracy and figure out the truth. I was reminded of The Da Vinci Code as I read (the movie, I’ve not yet read the book), yet only in terms of mystery and secrets within the Catholic church. Dingli makes this story her [...]

    13. I received a free download of this book from Story Cartel.This book was an entertaining read for me. It was definitely an interesting twist to present the "What if Saint Luke was really a female?" idea. It kept me wanting to keep turning the pages to see what would happen next, and what sort of interpretations the characters would have of the various events.Personally, I felt that the Bin 'L Maknum and the Muslim terrorist storyline could have been left out. I never really did figure out why he [...]

    14. Rosanne Dingli packs punch onto every page with her action-packed thriller, According to Luke. Was the Beloved Physician really a woman? An ancient sacred icon brought to the prestigious Zona Scientifika lab for authentication and restoration sets off spine-tingling intrigue as questions arise. Dead bodies, stolen objects, gunshots, and an impossible love affair with a priest suffering a terrifying affliction pepper the pages as a bishop’s forces race Moslem terrorists to capture the icon. Unl [...]

    15. Is a really good novel! I like that has a lot of suspense, mystery, intrigue, romance and is fast moving. Jana is an adult, intelligent, single, independent that works as an expert art conservator in Venice Italy and one day a Rob Anderson a Catholic priest brings ancient religious icon to work with. She´s fells attraction to the too handsome Australian priest Rob Anderson. Jana discovers a secret hidden in the icon that she shouldn´t have and that could shake the Catholic Church.Is a conspira [...]

    16. According to Luke is an interesting story about an young woman who is an art expert and restorer. The first chapter appears to be about routine art restoration until there is a mugging, files begin to disappear and a coworker is murdered. Suddenly Jana realizes she is at the center of a conspiracy, but which of several possible organizations is mounting the conspiracy that threatens her life and the valuable picture she is obligated to protect?When rich Mama arrives to help, Jana is not sure she [...]

    17. Very good, not great. I don't buy the central premise of the plot, and there is perhaps too much going on which leads to the ending of the book being a bit of a muddle. On the bright side the writing is excellent, the details of art conservation are well observed, and when Bryn Awbrey is on stage everything is fine- he's an eccentric and somewhat comic figure, but not excessively so. I can report that the Bryn Awbrey follow up "The Hidden Auditorium" is equally good, and Dingli has done a rare t [...]

    18. Rosanne's research to make her story so realistic was fantastic. I love a mystery and this combination of suspense and realistic location trips added so much to the story that I was kept on the edge of my seat until the end. Her application of combining items that were entirely feasible with characters that were woven in and out of the story made it all very possible. I would recommend her book "According to Luke" to a reader that not only likes Biblical history but a good mystery story with the [...]

    19. This is a fast-paced story very reminiscent of The DaVinci Code and others like it. Discovery of a secret hidden inside of an ancient religious relic leads to a chase around Europe (and, in this case, the Middle East, as well) to not only discover the truth, but to protect themselves from those who would be willing to kill to keep it hidden forever. Only in this case, instead of Jesus having a wife, it is St. Luke who…Read the rest of the review at: cynthiahillbooks/2014/01/1

    20. This is one of my favourite genres: contemporary mystery thriller--with a romance thrown in for good measure. In the style of The DaVince Code. It's well written with an excellent plot that carries you along from beginning to end. I finished the book knowing a lot more about the subject matter than I did before I started, which is another thing I like about a book. This one was hard to put down.

    21. According to Luke by Rosanne DingliReviewed by Alex Canton-DutariThe main ingredient of this novel is its upper class writing, which turned into music to my sight and yes ears. The historical consequences of the plot, if true, could be a blow to formal religion. BTW, the book is an eye-opener in the field of art restoration.

    22. Brilliant and controversialAccording to Luke by Rosanne Dingli really is a book you should read. As a mystery it is superb, well crafted with innumerable convolutions and complexities in a plot that could change the world. She proposes a theory which could rock the Catholic Church to its foundations far more than Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and could inspire change undreamed of for two thousand years because its fundamental hypothesis is so plausible. For anyone approaching Christianity and the [...]

    23. This was a real pot pourri of intrigue, suspense, history, mystery, murder, blackmail, tragedy and romance. My kind of book.I thoroughly enjoyed it.Jana is an art restorer and uncovers a secret when renovating a religious icon that could shatter the foundations of the Catholic church with the potential to alter the way it is run – a highly controversial prospect. Not surprisingly, she is not the only one to realise the implications if her findings were to become public knowledge, and there are [...]

    24. According to Luke by Rosanne Dingli According to Luke is an intelligent and well researched mystery suspense novel which combines a dazzling array of elements. It's intricately plotted and set in exotic and well described locations. The story starts in Venice with an art conservator Jana's colleague being murdered. Is it coincidental that they are embarking on a secret commission for the Catholic Church? Understandably shaken, Jana finds herself drawn to Rob, the curator the church has sent with [...]

    25. Elegantly written mystery with some intensely dark scenes. Tracking a long-held secret, art restoration expert, Janna connects with several individuals to solve a fantastic art mystery. Terrific book! Lots of creepy scenes in dark, mysterious places. Loved the nightmare scene. This was a great book to read. The author's facts at the back were fascinating.

    26. I liked the story, but it could have used a lot more character develpement. It makes the author look like an amateur.

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