900 Miles

900 Miles

S. Johnathan Davis / Dec 08, 2019

Miles John is a killer but that wasn t his day job before the Apocalypse In a harrowing mile race against time to get to his wife just as the dead begin to rise John a business man trapped in New Yor

  • Title: 900 Miles
  • Author: S. Johnathan Davis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • John is a killer, but that wasn t his day job before the Apocalypse In a harrowing 900 mile race against time to get to his wife just as the dead begin to rise, John, a business man trapped in New York, soon learns that the zombies are the least of his worries, as he sees first hand the horror of what man is capable of with no rules, no consequences and death at every turJohn is a killer, but that wasn t his day job before the Apocalypse In a harrowing 900 mile race against time to get to his wife just as the dead begin to rise, John, a business man trapped in New York, soon learns that the zombies are the least of his worries, as he sees first hand the horror of what man is capable of with no rules, no consequences and death at every turn.Teaming up with an ex army pilot named Kyle, they escape New York only to stumble across a man who says that he has the key to a rud underground stronghold called Avalon Will they find safety Will they make it to John s wife before it s too late Get ready to follow John and Kyle in this fast paced thriller that mixes zombie horror with gladiator style arena action

    • 900 Miles By S. Johnathan Davis
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        S Johnathan Davis has been published by Severed Press, Kings Way Press and Luzifer Verlag He is best known for publishing apocalyptic horror.Davis released his first novel, 900 Miles, in January of 2013 The book debuted as number one on s top new books for weeks after the initial launch, and remained in the top 100 in Occult Horror on for over 8 months.In addition to being a member of the Horror Writers Association HWA , Davis is an active blogger, podcaster and participates in events along the topics of horror and all things zombie A sequel to 900 Miles is now available.Davis resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and two children.Website zombiebookTwitter 900milesbook


    1. Ein Zombiebuch mmhhh ich habe es von meiner Kollegin bekommen und habe mir gedacht das wird bestimmt nichts aber als grosser Fan der Serie "The Walking Dead", gab ich dem Buch 900 Meilen eine Chance und ich fands toll. Wirklich echtes Kopfkino. Die Geschichte "Itself" bietet ziemliche Parallelen zu der Serie The Walking Dead aber der Schreibstil ist so packend und gut gemacht,dass man sich echt wie in einem Film vor kommet, ready um gegen die Zombies zu kämpfen. Ich werde den zweiten Teil auf [...]

    2. Wow That was awesome and I'm not a fan of the zombie genre. While it isn't going to win any literary awards, it doesn't need to. It does its job very very well. Its very easy to read and very entertaining. I liked the uncomplicatedness of the writing style that communicated the action and tension just enough to enable it to flow to the extent that this book is the very example of a 'page turner'. You really find yourself involved and immersed in Kyle and John's journey. I had to look up from wha [...]

    3. John ist eigentlich ein Geschäftsmann und befindet sich in New York als die Apokalypse ausbricht und er zum Killer wird, zum Zombie-Killer. Verzweifelt versucht er von New York aus zu seiner Frau zu gelangen, die 900 Meilen entfernt ist. Schnell muss er dabei feststellen, dass die Zombies nicht sein einziges Problem ist. Mit Kyle, einem ehemaligen Armeepiloten, macht er sich auf dem Weg zu seiner Frau. Auf der Flucht treffen sie einen Mann, der ihnen von Avalon erzählt, einer Untergrundfestung [...]

    4. The author is trying to inject his political beliefs into novel but ends up being trite. Yuck. Started out as a decent zombie book but then ended up just being the authors over the top non-stop rant against the "Elite" aka the uniformly "evil" cartoonish and one dimensional rich.Within 5 days of the virus breaking out he had the elite putting "commoners" as he called them into arena type games against the zombies. Really the world is falling apart due to a virus and the Elites have nothing bette [...]

    5. What a ride this one was! A new threat at every turn, just how I like my zombie stories. But as you might imagine the largest threat, after you learn to take down the zombies, is really other people. John finds out about the zombies overtaking humanity while in his office in New York. He manages to escape and save a helicopter pilot after he crashes and the two of them become a great team. They also meet up with Michael, an older guy who appears to have a ticket to get into a special place he kn [...]

    6. In my oh so humble opinion, there aren't a ton of really good zombie books. But I would say this is definitely one! It is told in a sort of past tense but it still builds excitement and tension. It was definitely a good read. The ending got me though. I really liked John and Kyle as characters. Guess I need to check out the next book.

    7. Popcorn read.I enjoyed the fast read. The author has good pacing without getting bogged down in details. The book sets up a good basis for future stories and the characters have potential to develop.Enjoyable.

    8. I received this book to review from the Author. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for providing them.Review:To say John is having a bad day would be an understatement, trapped in one of the world's largest cities at the start of the zombie apocalypse John must make it out of the city alive and home to his pregnant wife located several hundred miles away. Unfortunately for John with worldwide communication shady at best and transportation at a standstill this proves to [...]

    9. What a pleasant surprise this was indeed. I took a shot in the dark on this book when I stumbled across it, but I’m so happy I did . Full disclosure I’m not a huge Zombie Genre fan but I’ve enjoyed the Walking Dead Series so I’m starting to dip my toe into the zombie genre pool and find some others which lead me to this one. This was fast paced, fun, but it pauses enough to add thoughtful human insights to the situations we find the main characters in which I like a lot. You really get t [...]

    10. ABR's full 900 Miles: A Zombie Novel audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.I love zombie books, But I approach each book like this download I found called “ONE but the only one.”It’s a 100 song compilation of the song “ONE ” by U2, There are every kind of musical approach to the song. Some are good some are painful. They all have more or less the same words, but how each artist has done something with those words makes all the difference.900 Miles is a great story about p [...]

    11. First: Please, keep in mind this book is almost written as if it was a diary of the main character. That said, if you were writing your story of fighting through Zombies and the terrible monsters that actual humans can become, your grammar and spelling would probably not be top notch either- could this author have left the mistakes for a reason? that saidThis was a very original story of a man and his journey to get back home, where he has a real reason to go. And the reason is not exactly to ge [...]

    12. I won this book in a Giveaway. I'm sort of a snob when it comes to zombie books, I'll admit, but I can also appreciate a good fluff read as well. So I was super excited to get this book and I read it in just over a day. This book leaves much to be desired in its literary qualities, but it's a fast-paced cinematic read. In short: good for a quick, mindless action-packed read; not good if you're looking for something deep or new in the zombie genre. It's plot driven and high on action, which will [...]

    13. This book defiantly deserves way more than 5 stars !I had to listen to this book because I could not get my hands on a copy of it One of the best Zombie books I have ever read/listened to I would have to rate it #2, with the walking dead in 1st! But it's a very close race! What a phenomenal book!-Crazy on the edge of your seat action!-Tons of suspense-And most importantly LOTZ of ZOMBIES!Beautiful written and executed!Loved and hated the ending Loved it because it was crazy and hated it only bec [...]

    14. If i could give this book 6 stars then i would easily. I read some nonsense review previously about this book particularly what the reviewer seemed as political. As us Brits would say "utter cobblers"900 miles is brilliantly written, and in response to the 1 star reviewer, ive ready a lot of non fiction theory of what may happen after a potential apocalypse, and they are in no doubt, that the wealthy would find themselves in a much better position. And they'd use their power. And everyone knows [...]

    15. John is on a business trip in New York when the world falls apart. He is 900 miles away from his wife and all he can think is that he has to get to her. When the zombies first start to appear John meets Kyle. They form a friendship and work well together to fight their way from one bad situation to the next.It is hard to go wrong with zombies! S. Johnathan Davis does a great job. Throughly enjoyed this book!

    16. I loved this book. John and Kyle were characters I cared about. I was disappointed when the book was done but enjoyed the letter from Tyler, John's son, as a little wrap up. Before I was even done reading the book I was checking here on for a second one and sorry that there isn't a second book as I enjoyed it so. It was action packed right up until the end but also allowed for the characters to have depth so you could care about them.

    17. Not horrible, not good.Kinda zombie lite. I liked the story more than the delivery. I felt the fight scenes were rather high on the dramatic for me, but it is written from the perspective of a corporate world guy.******** Spoiler ******* Really, did the author have to kill the wife? That was a turn off, no reason for it. The gladiator scene very cliche. Now that I think more about it 1.5 stars.

    18. I was wowed by this book. I liked John and Kyle. The book is almost like reading a diary. Excellent action and the right amount of tension. I really liked the commentary of greed in a corporate world. I thought it really reflects on society. Tyler's letter was an awesome addition and a unique way of letting us know there would another book.

    19. OMG!! I just finished reading this and I *loved* it! I love Kyle and John and everything that they go through. My only criticisms are that it wasn't quite beefy enough and could have been longer (more to read and love) and that the next one isn't here for me to read! Read it now, it's really worth it, whether you're a fan of the genre or not :)

    20. Loved this book! Twists and turns, but the hero remained focussed on where he was heading. The ending was like - oh no! But I won't tell you why >:-), let's just say I'm hoping it will continue and not be the end of this particular story.

    21. All I can say is that I loved this book. I was looking for something to pass the time until Season 5 of "The Walking Dead" started up. This totally fit the bill. The end was a total shocker. I am ready for the next book to come out in the next 2 weeks.

    22. Excellent book in this genre, good story line, not just a constant killing zombies story, although plenty of that of course. A really likeable and believable main character with added dark humour throughout. Will definately read the sequel when that comes out.

    23. Not badCertainly one of the better ones that I've read recently, and I've read a lot, I'm assuming this is a series just because of the way it ended, if it is then I'll definitely keep reading.

    24. Didn't know what to expect. The first drunken thought that hit my mind was the lead singer of KORN was writing a zombie book and therefor I automatically assumed it was going to be complete garbage like all of their albums. Great read.

    25. I really liked this book. I could hardly put it down very fast pace I was soo emotional the way it ended can't wait till the next book.

    26. Started out very well but as the book unwound it revealed itself and its ending too fast and became so predictable.

    27. A well written gem, with an interesting fast paced story line, among the multitudes of zombie-lit that are being produced in today's zombie-hyped literary world.

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