Return to Sender

Return to Sender

Julie Cross / Oct 21, 2019

Return to Sender Follow up to Letters to Nowhere an Bestseller in teen sports fiction IMPORTANT Note from the author Karen and Jordan s story will continue in shorter installments with frequent releases If you have

  • Title: Return to Sender
  • Author: Julie Cross
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  • Page: 248
  • Format: ebook
  • Follow up to Letters to Nowhere, an 1 Bestseller in teen sports fiction IMPORTANT Note from the author Karen and Jordan s story will continue in shorter installments with frequent releases If you haven t already, please check out the full length novel, LETTERS TO NOWHERE to read how the story began.ABOUT RETURN TO SENDER Letters to Nowhere Volume 2 If onlyFollow up to Letters to Nowhere, an 1 Bestseller in teen sports fiction IMPORTANT Note from the author Karen and Jordan s story will continue in shorter installments with frequent releases If you haven t already, please check out the full length novel, LETTERS TO NOWHERE to read how the story began.ABOUT RETURN TO SENDER Letters to Nowhere Volume 2 If only summer could last forever Karen and Jordan might be out in the open with their relationship, but that doesn t make it any easier for them to face events looming in the future Like Jordan leaving for college halfway across the country Or Karen s win at a big international gymnastics competition setting the bar high for her future and adding pressure like she s never experienced before But when Nina Jones aka US Gymnastics Dictator , makes plans for Karen and teammate Stevie to train at a gymnastics camp for a month the same camp where Jordan coaches romantic summer interludes replace their fears of being apart Both Jordan and Karen know that when fall comes, some very tough decisions will have to be made, but for now, it s stolen kisses, racing hearts, and whispered words.EXCERPT FROM RETURN TO SENDERCHAPTER ONE KAREN Bars.If I had to pick one event I d rather not begin with during my very first senior international competition, it would be uneven bars So naturally, that s exactly where Team USA is starting for Day One of the Pan American championships.I m leaning over the chalk bowl, reminding myself to breathe, and watching my oldest teammate, Stevie Davis, warm up her routine when Coach Bentley comes up behind me, resting his hands on my shoulders Words of wisdom, he says.I inhale and nod, staring straight ahead I could use a few notes from the former World Champion Enjoy it while you can, Bentley says.I turn around, my forehead wrinkling What He cracks a smile, but his focus is one hundred percent devoted to Stevie, who s finishing up her routine The National Team committee wants you here for the experience If you screw up, it s no big deal, but after this I get the veteran label I swallow back the fear and shake out my arms.Bentley rushes up to the competition stage as Stevie lands her dismount Each of the four pieces of equipment gets its own podium to sit on so the crowd has a good view of each performance Of course this set up only happens at major elite gymnastics competition He s right beside her, giving corrections and advice quietly, making large gestures with his hands I pace in front of the chalk bowl, blowing air through my cheeks It ll be fine I m gonna nail it and then no UCLA this month No leaving Jordan.Focus Boys out Gymnastics in.My gaze travels up the stands until I spot Blair and Ellen, my younger teammates who train at my gym in St Louis They ve already won their competition The junior teams competed this morning Both are wearing identical warm ups and have gold medals hanging around their necks.I really want a gold medal.My stomach cramps up I rub my knuckles over the front of my blue and white Team USA leotard, making sure not to ruin the perfect chalk job I did on my grips Brazil is hot and the food is weird We ve been here two weeks and my digestive system is just now going back to normal Hopefully, I can get through a bar routine without an emergency run to the bathroom.The Canadians over on floor exercise are stirring up loud cheers from the full house crowd and there s a Brazilian gymnast on vault whose name is screamed from the stands at least once a minute We aren t the favorites here Though we are favored to win It gets a bit uncomfortable when those two things don t line up.I wish my parents were here I wish they were alive to witness this My lawyer father often walked into courtrooms with half the room hating his guts He d have the perfect joke about this crowd s animosity toward Team USA to loosen me up Or he d reference some rock band from his time that I ve never heard of, but were apparently famous for sticking it to the man, and lecture me about how they performed despite negativity because they believed in their music so strongly And then I d Google image search the band and ask when I d be allowed to tattoo my body to show my passion for gymnastics.My chest tightens, thinking about my parents Thinking about all the conversations that we won t have.God, I miss them Alicia, another Team USA member, finishes her warm up bar routine, signaling that it s my turn to charge up the steps Bentley s already adjusting the bars to my settings, chalking the high bar for me He gives me a nod and I jump into my mount.I haven t competed up on a podium in nearly a year and never for a crowd this big and diverse.While swinging through my circling skills to a handstand on the low bar, I m thinking about Bentley s words of wisdom Enjoy it while you can But what does that mean What am I going to feel at the next meet More pressure, nerves Will I want to hold back and not go for amplitude and height out of fear of falling on my face I catch my release from low bar to high bar perfectly and after changing my grip in preparation for my new release move, a layout Jaeger, I decide my method of enjoying the moment means going full out and taking this release as high as I possibly can.Coach Bentley is positioned underneath me This new skill still makes him nervous, though he hides it very well I swing under the bar, my back and hips leading the way at first, my toes flying past my coach and heading toward the high arena ceilings I release the bar, flipping high above it, giving me tons of time to see the bar and reach for it.I reach.And reach.My fingertips make contact with the high bar and then just as quickly, they ve slipped off and my body is heading for the deep blue sea of mats beneath the uneven bars.

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        Julie Cross is a NYT and USA Today bestselling author of New Adult and Young Adult fiction, including the Tempest series, a young adult science fiction trilogy which includes Tempest, Vortex, Timestorm St Martin s Press She s also the author of Letters to Nowhere series, Whatever Life Throws at You, Third Degree, Halfway Perfect, and many to come Julie lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three children She s a former gymnast, longtime gymnastics fan, coach, and former Gymnastics Program Director with the YMCA She s a lover of books, devouring several novels a week, especially in the young adult and new adult genres Outside of her reading and writing credibility s, Julie Cross is a committed but not talented long distance runner, creator of imaginary beach vacations, Midwest bipolar weather survivor, expired CPR certification card holder, as well as a ponytail and gym shoe addict.


    1. Thanks so much for checking out my Letters to Nowhere series. The first book titled, Letters to Nowhere is a full length novel. The remaining books will be released in shorter more frequent installments, basically TV episode style. I realize this may seem unconventional, but I have so much I want to do with this world and these characters and the idea writing and releasing more often, expanding the world and giving more point of views from new and old characters was too appealing for me to pass [...]

    2. I honestly don't know how to rate this one. What was the point of this novella? Nothing really happens. I would have much preferred a full-length novel as a sequel to Letters to Nowhere. The story is moving slower than snail's pace.*1/5 stars*

    3. Trigger warnings: death of a parent (in the past), mental healthI really enjoyed the first book in this series, so much so that I bought the novella sequels as soon as I finished it. And then promptly forgot all about them So they've been languishing in the depths of my Kindle for literally years. But what better time than New Year's Eve to polish off a bunch of novellas? Thiswas fine? Ish?? Like, it's a novella, so it was never going to be a particularly well fleshed out addition to the story. [...]

    4. Letters to Nowhere was such a stellar YA contemporary with a great romance that I couldn't wait to pick up a copy of the sequel Return to Sender. Fans of the series may be disappointed that the series is continuing in short installments, but I actually found it refreshing and fast-paced. It's like little bursts of one of my favorite YA couples!The most notable difference about Return to Sender is that we get Jordan's POV. I've said it before and I'll say it again -- Julie Cross does a fabulous j [...]

    5. Return to Sender by Julie Cross is her return to the lives of Karen and Jordan, whom we met and loved in Letters to Nowhere. I loved Letters to Nowhere and was thrilled when Julie decided, due to the wonderful feedback, to continue their story. However, in Return to Sender, Julie will be doing short stories, as we follow Karen in her quest to rise up in the Gymnastic world. If you remember my review of LTN; being part of this world, watching them practice, and fight to make the National team and [...]

    6. When I heard there will be a sequel to Letters to Nowhere, I was really excited. I learn something new when I read it, a gymnastics world, and add it with Jordan and Karen story, made the book was hard to not love.This sequel takes place right after Letter to Nowhere ended. Karen goes to Pan-Am in Brazil while Jordan graduated from high school and will be a coach in gymnastics camp all summer.I think this is a good sequel but it's more a novella than a full-length novel like its prequel. I didn' [...]

    7. Yet againJulie Cross has brought the fan girl out in me. I mean you couldn't let out a short little giggle at the relationship the two protagonists (Karen and Jordan) in this book share. When I found out 'Letters To Nowhere' (the first book) was going to have a sequel, I could barely contain myself as the characters in this series just seem so real and relatable and the situations they find themselves in aren't otherworldly like Julie's other books, Tempest and Vortex. See what I did there other [...]

    8. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.Return to Sender starts out at the Pan Am event and it follows both Karen and Jordan. It is different from the first book as it is less focused on the letters and it allows you to read from both Jordan and Karen's POV. I really enjoyed this sequel. It sets up the story nicely and I can't wait to read my copy of the third book in the series. I think that I am starting to appreciate these short novella like serial stories. It allow [...]

    9. Return to Sender by Julie Cross is a follow up story to Letters to Nowhere. I am told that Julie will be publishing shorter stories for this series rather than additional full length novels. That is great for readers that want more of Jackson and Karen but don't want to wait.In Return to Sender, we catch up with Jackson and Karen in the summer. Jackson has graduated high school and is preparing for college in the fall. Karen just won an international competition and is moving further along in he [...]

    10. I truly enjoy Karen and Jordan's story. The characters are easy to love and the story is well-written. I am not 100% sure how I feel about the shorter bursts of the story coming even though it is more frequent. I almost felt like this one was too short and if I hadn't already been invested in Karen and Jordan, I don't know if I would have come back for more. However, it is nice to get into their story on a regular basis and not have to wait forever and ever to get another peek. I think maybe I w [...]

    11. This is just a novella, and I avoid these in general due to this weird thing I have where I think what happens in novellas aren't real (yep, because the full-length fiction book is totally real.) Must be all those Sweet Valley Christmas editions messing with my head. I mean howmany versions of Christmas could Elizabeth and Jessica have experienced?Anyway, I guess I'm grateful for more Karen and Jordan. Jordan lost points by letting me into his POV though. I thought he was less whiny than that.

    12. A short instalment, but a fun one nonetheless. I liked hearing more about Karen's gymnastics and future plans, as well as her continuing to deal with the loss of her parents. It was also fun to hear from Jordan's POV and see where his head is at with everything. Can't wait to see what's next!

    13. I liked the continuation of the story and I loved the dual perspectives. Karen has an amazing voice, but hearing from Jordan just made the story even richer.I was so sad that the story was so short. I could have read three times as much and loved it.I can't wait to see what happens next!


    15. Book one was awesome so I don't get how this can be such bullshit :-( Why not take the time to write a proper book instead of these awful novellas?!

    16. After finishing Letters to Nowhere, I couldn’t wait to continue Karen and Jordan’s story and picked up all three sequels. The first is Return to Sender and is really only a third of the story. The biggest difference in this book is the addition of Jordan’s point of view which we get starting in chapter 2. It’s refreshing to read a teen male POV that is not angry, swearing every other thought, or always trying to get laid. He may be one of the most authentic teen male characters I’ve re [...]

    17. This book was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.Return to Sender is the second book in the Letter's to Nowhere series. I read and reviewed Letter's to Nowhere earlier this year, so if you want to check out my review you can do so by clicking here.I really enjoyed the first book in the series, so when I got the chance to review this one as well, I was really excited. However for me the second book doesn't quiet live up to the first.When I'm reading a series, I want each b [...]

    18. "The sight of them, the sight of everything inside this room, is so much more comforting that I would have imagined. I didn't even want to come inside; now I'm not sure if I'll be able to leave."I really enjoyed Letters to Nowhere, the first in this series by Julie Cross (review located here). When I heard that the following installments were to be novellas in a serialized format, I was excited because I can fit shorter books in much easier than longer books. I was able to read this in just a c [...]

    19. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for honest feedback. Karen and Jordan are back in this second installment of Julie Cross's series about love, overcoming obstacles both internal and external, and the exciting drama of gymnastics. They are both nervous about their future as a couple and on their own. Now in shorter installments, they face a summer together full of twists and turns. As always, Julie Cross's writing has a way of putting you right into the story and feeling a deep and [...]

    20. Entrada completa: soulbookblog/2014/En ambos libros se continúa donde se quedó el anterior, Jordan, sigue siendo increíblemente dulce, divertido y tierno. Karen a pesar de todos sus miedos, de seguir en duelo por lo de sus padres, con sus nuevos retos, sigue adelante, y siendo lo mas fuerte que puede. La relación entre ella y Jordan, me encanta, me gustó mucho su comprencion del uno hacia el otro, el que saben que a pesar de que están juntos, ambos tienen sus propios retos personales que t [...]

    21. Now, Letters to Nowhere is a full lengh novel, imagine my shock when I got to the end of book 2 and saw that it's short! I was like, where's the rest of my book?!However, it is as emotional and awesome as the first.Karen is learning to deal with her parents death and learning to be a "normal" teenager with a boyfriend now that she and Jordan are together.We see Karen grow up in some ways. She's dealing with more presure from competition and at the same time she has another thing to worry aboutKa [...]

    22. Okayyy Can someone explain to me why I'm missing like 50% of the book? Please, Please, Please tell me that this CANNOT just ends with them on riding back to camp on their jet ski. What just happened!? I'm reading this and totally loving the relationship between Jordan and Karen.Especially being able to read in Jordan's perspective. I LOVE IT! They are so freaking adorable!! I love how they can totally understand each other and just be brutally honest. To be honest, I'm devastated that the series [...]

    23. i received ARC for my honest review and this is the second book in the series, and it takes off where book one left. doesn't disappoint Karen and Jordan are now a couple and going strong. Jordan is having doubts that he wants to go to summer camp and be away from his girlfriend, its already been long enough. with Karen competing the good thing is that she did get several medals so she is back to where she should be. and now she has got the best news she will be joining Jordan in summer camp. so [...]

    24. (Source: I own a copy of this book.)This is part two of Jordan and Karen’s story.This was an okay novella, but it felt unfinished.I still liked Karen and Jordan in this book, I thought they were sweet together, and I liked the way they thought of each other when they were apart.I liked the storyline. It was great following Karen as she competed, and it was also good to see her making steps in her grief process.The romance was good, and I really liked the sexy parts. Jordan was also really swee [...]

    25. 3/5 stars.This is a short novella about Jordan and Karen. It's summer, and Karen is getting busier as she experiences more pressure to perform well on the US Team, while Jordan is preparing for a move to Stanford. Long distance is hard, but thanks to Nina Jones (US Gymnastics Director), they get the chance to go the same gymnastics camp for a month.This is really just a fluff read. I don't have much thoughts on it because it's so short and there's not much purpose to it, except you get to see a [...]

    26. I loved the first on of this series and the second one pretty good too. However it seems like the 2,3,and 4 books end like in the middle of something each time and then you pretty much have to buy the next one just to finish the story line---plus they are really short. I think books 2,3,4 could all be one book and that would be better than three short books. Kind of disappointing all around and reading 60 pages then buying another 60 page book ruined the story from the first book. I liked the fi [...]

    27. 3.5 starsThese characters and the setting have won me over again. Karen and Jordan are such a cute couple and I love how honest and open they are with each other.My biggest complaint about this book is that it is too short! I'm not a fan of novellas and would never have picked this one up only for how much I already love these characters and I HAVE to know what happens next. It also finishes mid-point but luckily I have the next book on hand ready to dive in to!Thankfully because I'm starting to [...]

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