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Practicalities It s the women who upset the applecart Between themselves they talk only about the practicalities of life declares Duras in this collection of her transcribed conversations with friend Jerome Beaujo

  • Title: Practicalities
  • Author: Marguerite Duras Barbara Bray
  • ISBN: 9780802133113
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the women who upset the applecart Between themselves they talk only about the practicalities of life , declares Duras in this collection of her transcribed conversations with friend Jerome Beaujour Some of her free ranging meditations are short and deceptively simple, while many are autobiographical and reveal her most intimate thoughts about motherhood, her strugg It s the women who upset the applecart Between themselves they talk only about the practicalities of life , declares Duras in this collection of her transcribed conversations with friend Jerome Beaujour Some of her free ranging meditations are short and deceptively simple, while many are autobiographical and reveal her most intimate thoughts about motherhood, her struggle with alcohol, her love for a young man, and .

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        Marguerite Donnadieu, better known as Marguerite Duras pronounced ma g it dy as in French April 4, 1914 March 3, 1996 was a French writer and film director.She was born at Gia Dinh, near Saigon, French Indochina now Vietnam , after her parents responded to a campaign by the French government encouraging people to work in the colony.Marguerite s father fell ill soon after their arrival, and returned to France, where he died After his death, her mother, a teacher, remained in Indochina with her three children The family lived in relative poverty after a bad investment in an isolated property and area of farmland in Cambodia t te de pisse The difficult life that the family experienced during this period was highly influential on Marguerite s later work.At 17, Marguerite went to France, her parents native country, where she began studying for a degree in mathematics This she soon abandoned to concentrate on political sciences, and then law After completing her studies, she became an active member of the PCF the French Communist Party and was engaged in the resistance.In 1943 she changed her surname to Duras for Duras, the name of a village in the Lot et Garonne d partement, where her father s house was located.She is the author of a great many novels, plays, films, interviews and short narratives, including her best selling, apparently autobiographical work L Amant 1984 , translated into English as The Lover This text won the Goncourt prize in 1984 The story of her adolescence also appears in three other forms The Sea Wall, Eden Cinema and The North China Lover A film version of The Lover, produced by Claude Berri, was released to great success in 1992.Other major works include Moderato Cantabile, also made into a film of the same name, Le Ravissement de Lol V Stein, and her film India Song She was also the screenwriter of the 1959 French film Hiroshima mon amour, which was directed by Alain Resnais.Duras s early novels were fairly conventional in form their romanticism was criticised by fellow writer Raymond Queneau however, with Moderato Cantabile she became experimental, paring down her texts to give ever increasing importance to what was not said She was associated with the Nouveau roman French literary movement, although did not definitively belong to any group Her films are also experimental in form, most eschewing synch sound, using voice over to allude to, rather than tell, a story over images whose relation to what is said may be or less tangential.Marguerite s adult life was somewhat difficult, despite her success as a writer, and she was known for her periods of alcoholism She died in Paris, aged 82 from throat cancer and is interred in the Cimeti re du Montparnasse Her tomb is marked simply MD.From


    1. کتاب را در یکی از بدترین روزهای زندگی‌ام خریدم. زود رسیده بودم سر قراری که داشتم و مجبور شدم سری بزنم به نشر هنوز. این کتاب را برداشتم و برای اولین بار توی یک کتابفروشی نشستم و چندین صفحه خواندم. جذبم کرد. باقی کتاب را آرام آرام٬در وقت‌های خالی روزهای کاری خواندم و پیش رفتم. چند [...]

    2. Practicalities is a book of conversational essays focusing on various subjects: men and women, houses versus homes, gender roles, sexuality, alcoholism, lovers, desire, and writing. Within the pages there are some great insights into Duras' previous works, as well as into her creative process. Many of the pieces are excellent, both poignant and analytical, ringing with a truth and intensity that is common to Duras' writing. Others, however, seem random and strangely pointless, perhaps inspired b [...]

    3. Parce qu’ il y a tout : sa liste de courses, l’amour des hommes, l’exaspération du désir, le pétrin matériel, la solitude, « l’ordre extérieur, l’aménagement visible de la maison, et l’ordre intérieur qui est celui des idées, des paliers sentimentaux, des éternités de sentiments vis à vis des enfants »Tout !

    4. در این نوع نوشتن٬ که البته کتاب نیست٬ قصد بر این است که از همه چیز و از هیچ بگویم٬ کاری که همه روز می کنم٬ در اوقات روزانه٬ مثل بقیه روزها٬ کاری پیش افتاده. بزرگراهی موسوم به راه اصلی کلام را پیش گرفتن٬ بی آنکه چیز خاصی موجب تاخیرم شود. البته انجام چنین کاری ناممکن است٬ بیرون رفت [...]

    5. وقتی تمایلات زن به فلان مرد معطوف می شود ، بدون توجه به جایگاه اجتماعی مرد ، بدیهی است که دیگر محبوب زن به حساب می آید . دلبستگی فقط به یک فرد در کل عالم ، آن هم به طرزی مهارناپذیر ، چیزی است زن سرشت !مهر بسیار باید ، خیلی ، تا بتوان مردها را دوست داشت . دوست داشتن مردها مهر بسیار می [...]

    6. Clear, dry, simple. Classic Duras. Heartbreaking at times. Life lessons, shopping lists (the minimum you need to keep your kitchen stocked), advice on how to dress (make a uniform for yourself), drama (being stalked by young admirers).

    7. Stunning, insightful prose of ephemeral beauty. I have long admired Duras' intelligence, emotional honesty, and exquisite ability to turn a phrase.

    8. An amazing and formally inventive little book. The youngins would probably call it 'flash nonfiction.' Very French, perhaps, in its meandering gloom. And boy oh boy does it meander. Duras weaves her way through a few dozen tiny memoirs, some of them ineffectual and 'Huh?' inducing in their seeming lack of a point. But this occasional wandering actually strengthens the book's conversational form. As Duras writes in the intro: "At most the book represents what I think sometimes, some days, about s [...]

    9. "L'alcool fait résonner la solitude et il finit par faire qu'on la préfère à tout. Boire ce n'est pas obligatoirement vouloir mourir, non. Mais on ne peut pas boire sans penser qu'on se tue. Vivre avec l'alcool, c'est vivre avec la mort à la portée de la main." (p.23)"Ils viennent du Laos où elle avait un jeune amant. Il vient de se tuer parce qu'elle était partie de lui." (p.30)"Au moment où moi je m'aperçois que l'amour n'est pas celui que je crois, je suis avec ce nouvel amour, je r [...]

    10. Reading a book as odd as this 1993 memoir translated by Barbara Bray makes me sad there isn't a Marguerite Duras fan club to join. In a "what did you read in 2015?" column in the NYtimes Rachel Kushner, still famous from her 2013 _The Flamethrowers_ which for some reason I bought in hardback but never picked up, recommended _Practicalities_ as the possibley the best thing Duras had ever wrote. Such are the blurbs that make me spend my money. My mom took us on a cruise this Febraury and I thought [...]

    11. Marguerite Duras per me ha sempre qualcosa di speciale. La vita materiale, con L’Amante della Cina del Nord e Scrivere, è entrato a far parte dei miei preferiti di quest’autrice.Non è un romanzo. Si tratta di trascrizioni di conversazioni tra l’autrice e Jérôme Beaujour successivamente rivedute e corrette dalla stessa Duras. Ci sono cose dette sui suoi libri,, sulla scrittura e sui suoi riti, sulla famiglia e sulla scrittura che convive con la famiglia, sugli uomini e sugli amanti.La s [...]

    12. A collection of 2-3 pieces (not quite essays, "just thoughts, really" as Marwood says in Withnail and I) from the last decade of Duras' life. Perhaps from having undergone various health crises, she dictated them to someone else which makes me wonder how any physical act of writing relates to the final product, but perhaps more authors than I realize have worked that way.In any event, she touches on a wide range of topics - somewhat abstract (to me) reflections on the places she chose to live ou [...]

    13. در مدتی که در بیمارستان امریکن پاریس در اغما بودم،در لحظاتی بارقه ای از حیات در من پدید می آمد،البته به ندرت،خیلی هم کوتاه بود،یان را در کنار خود می دیدم،احساس کردم که اشتیاقی به من دارد،همین را از او پرسیدم:در این وضعیت اغمای من،چه اشتیاقی پیدا کرده ای،بی آنکه بدانی بعد از ای [...]

    14. Duras lets you into her writer-mind. She shows up with her true vulnerabilities and humanity. These short essays, taken from conversations with a dear friend during her later years, offer her insights about a variety of important things, such as love, hunger, alcohol, writing, clothing, house and home, feminism, and so much more. She is a brilliant woman with a fascinating, very awake mind. Reading this intimate collection brings you in close.

    15. Gives me a lot of feel for Duras' thought and experience. Dense life wisdom in very palatable form. Her ideas on relationality, love, addiction, gendered experience provide much sustenance for thought and one's own responsiveness

    16. Despite the two-star smear, one of my favorite essays in life is here. But it only takes up four pages of the book.

    17. i wish i had read a biography of duras before this--i would have understood more. it will definitely be a reread!

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