Super Red Riding Hood

Super Red Riding Hood

Claudia Davila / Feb 29, 2020

Super Red Riding Hood Here s a picture book with a humorous new twist on what happens when red riding hood meets the hungry wolf in the woods In this telling our heroine Ruby loves red berries her red boots and especiall

  • Title: Super Red Riding Hood
  • Author: Claudia Davila
  • ISBN: 9781771380201
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here s a picture book with a humorous new twist on what happens when red riding hood meets the hungry wolf in the woods In this telling, our heroine Ruby loves red berries, her red boots and especially the red cloak her grandma made for her When Ruby puts on her red cloak, she becomes SUPER RED RIDING HOOD Sent by her mother to collect some raspberries from the clHere s a picture book with a humorous new twist on what happens when red riding hood meets the hungry wolf in the woods In this telling, our heroine Ruby loves red berries, her red boots and especially the red cloak her grandma made for her When Ruby puts on her red cloak, she becomes SUPER RED RIDING HOOD Sent by her mother to collect some raspberries from the clearing in the woods, Ruby reminds herself that she isn t frightened by the chill from the darkness, the loud tapping of the woodpecker or the snapping of a twig underfoot, because SUPER RED RIDING HOOD is never scared But the final test comes when she encounters a towering wolf with a growling tummy It will take all of Ruby s superhero skills to get him to leave her alone Author illustrator Claudia D vila has crafted an upbeat, modern day fairy tale sure to delight the pre reader set The emotions of the little girl in the red cloak and red boots are the centerpiece of every colorful drawing, and some pages feature than one scene to speed up the visual action This is a great read aloud story full of drama, with a positive message about not judging others too quickly, as well as character education lessons on being generous, brave, compassionate and respectful It also offers an empowering example to both girls and boys of a strong character standing up for herself against a bully.

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    1. Ruby enjoys playing the role of superhero, especially when she can don her red cape and boots. Her antics help keep her entertained, though even her mother sees the need for young Ruby to spend some time outside. Ruby is sent out to pick raspberries, an activity she enjoys, though it takes her into the dark forest. While there with her basket, Ruby finds a sinister wolf, forcing her to turn into her alter-ego, Super Red Riding Hood. After a little bantering, Red and the Wolf come to an agreement [...]

    2. This picture book appeared on the Ontario (Canada) Library Association’s Blue Spruce Readers’ Choice Awards (for young children) list a few years back. The title suggests that is an updated, possibly feminist, retelling of the classic fairytale. Well, there is a little girl; there are woods; and there is a wolf. “Ruby” dons her red cloak when she plays superhero, rescuing doll babies from trees and snails from pathways on which they might be crushed. Tasked by her mother with collecting [...]

    3. I received a copy of this via the publisher, in exchange for an honest review.I've read and reviewed four Kids Can Press books today, and this one is definitely my favorite. First of all, the author/illustrator Claudia Davila is majorly talented. The art work is gorgeous and was a lot of fun to look at. I definitely wanted a poster-size of Ruby to hang up in my daughter's room.This story was simple enough for a preschooler to understand, but complex enough for a second grader to enjoy. Ruby is a [...]

    4. Fun story about a little girl who pretends to be a superhero Red Riding Hood. She encounters a wolf in the woods when she goes to pick raspberries. Interesting story - much different from the original Red Riding Hood story. Great to compare. Highly recommended Gr. 2-3.

    5. Author/Illustrator: Claudia DavilaFirst Published: 2014My copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.What makes a superhero?According to w'pedia:A superhero [] is a type of hero or saviour possessing extraordinary talents, supernatural phenomena, or superhuman powers and dedicated to protecting the publicom enpedia/wiki/SuperheroA superhero rights wrongs. He (or she) is brave and strong. S/he is beloved and revered.A superhero embodies the attributes we want in our wel [...]

    6. Super Red Riding Hood by Claudia Davila was a great children’s book. Most children have heard the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, along with many other fairy tales. Most children love fairy tales and also love superheroes and I thought this was a clever way to combine the two. Ruby puts on her red cape and transforms into Super Red Riding Hood and is ready to tackle the scary woods and anything else that may come her way. Reading this book is a great way to encourage your own child to use thei [...]

    7. I really enjoy adaptations of classic stories as a general rule. This book is an exception. Here are a few of my qualms: The plot made little sense and didn't work as a riff on red riding hood; the wolf looked more like a giant rodent; the writing was mediocre. Super Read Riding Hood's interaction with the wolf takes place entirely in the forest when she goes to pick raspberries. After a chase scene, it turns out the wolf likes raspberries, and they plop down to eat their share. If you are looki [...]

    8. CBZ Review for Super Red Riding Hood--This story is a modern day version of Red Riding Hood. Ruby loves to play dress up. Her favorite is being a Super Hero so she can save the day. Her Mom sends her on a mission and it sends her into the forest. Ruby comes across the big bad wolf and she shows girl power. She finds a way to make him happy so that he won't have to eat her up. This is a charming story and it lives up to the title. Ruby is a strong character. She finds a way to solve her problem w [...]

    9. A twist on a classic tale. Ruby is no ordinary girl, she is a superhero who happens to love the color red. One lazy afternoon, Ruby's mother sends her on a mission to pick raspberries. Ruby puts on her red cape and bravely heads into the woods. She meets with a big bad wolf, who seems determined to eat her. After several half-hearted tries on the wolf's part, Ruby chastises him for scaring her. She then offers to share her snack with the hungry wolf. The story tries to build suspense, but falls [...]

    10. I loved this book. It was not just Red Riding Hood, but it was more than just a girl at play. A mom wants her Super girl to go outside and play rather than stay cooped up in the house. Our Super girl is super brave and not only ventures into the dark forest, but also stands up to the wolf, and makes a new friend. Overall, a wonderful story with great illustrations.

    11. In this fairytale retelling Red is a confident young girl who dreams of being a superhero. This confidence is handy when she meets a hungry wolf while picking berries. Very nice retwlling of tye fairy tale with great art

    12. this was a good book. i like how if you are brave, even though you are still scared, you can overcome the situation. i also enjoyed the lesson that with a little understanding and communication things could be alot less scary and maybe even fun.

    13. This copy kindly provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publishers a fun new take on the classic little red riding hood story

    14. This is a great turn to little red riding hood which I head about so much as a kid. I thought it was a good one and how the wolf and super red riding hood actually got along.

    15. ARC provided by NetGalleyRuby loves, and I mean loves, to play superhero. I mean seriously who doesn’t? So when her mom gives her a “mission” to go into the deep, dark, scary woods, Ruby throws on her Red Cloak and becomes.Super Red Riding Hood! Dark paths, dark tree, dark bugs, none of it scares her at all! But what, will happen when Ruby meetse Big. Bad. Wolf! Maybe even a superhero can’t conquer this one?Alright lets get one thing out of the way first, yes this is yet another retellin [...]

    16. A free copy of this book was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Super Red Riding Hood is the story of Ruby, a young girl whose favourite colour is red. She has red boots and a red cape and when she wears it she becomes 'Super Red Riding Hood'. One day, when Ruby is sent out to pick some raspberries for her lunch, she runs into a hungry wolf, and has to outwit him before she becomes the lunch.This picture book is a really nice twist on the Red Riding Hood fairy tale, with Ruby [...]

    17. There are many Little Red Riding Hood variants published. So, it’s challenging for a new telling to distinguish itself from the crowd. In this version, a modern girl believes she has superpowers when she dons the red cape her grandmother made for her. Her mom asks her to gather berries in the nearby forest, and there she encounters a hungry wolf – not much different than the original.Super Red Riding Hood clocks in at over 900 words, nearly twice the typical word count of picture books. Some [...]

    18. The classic of Little Red Riding Hood gets a contemporary twist when Red is given super powers. The illustrations are what drew me to this book to begin with. They look a lot like the pictures in graphic novels for older kids (some of which the author has written and illustrated in the past) and they have a bright cheeriness. Their boldness and simplicity also make them easy to see from a distance, which is essential for reading to groups.Everything about this book is fun and clever - until the [...]

    19. Ruby simply adores the red cloak her grandmother made for her, and she spends part of each day imagining adventures in which she is a superhero while wearing the garment. One day while in the woods picking raspberries, she encounters a hungry wolf. Her bravery deserts her for a little while when the wolf won't let her pass by, and then she's had enough and faces the wolf. It turns out that he's hungry, and she doesn't mind sharing her fruit with him. In the end, both of them learn something abou [...]

    20. Review: 4 out of 5 starsSuper Red Riding Hood is a beautifully illustrated book and was also a lot of fun for Miss 7 to read; at only 32 pages she breezed through this.The original Little Red Riding Hood is a big favourite in this household, we have read a few variations and I have to say this was written wonderfully and was appealing to not only my daughter but I also found it a lot of fun.Little Ruby has been asked by her mother to enter the woods and pick some raspberries, she is always after [...]

    21. Nice messages about rescuing those in danger, being prepared for adventures in the outdoors, acting brave and investigating the source of scary noises, apologizing, sharing, standing up for oneself, and of course the wolf's concluding thought: "I didn't know little girls could be superheroes." The dark woods and unknown sounds, then the wolf's growling entrance and chase scenes might be too scary for preschoolers, and the length of the text is probably best for K-3. Ruby's picking berries might [...]

    22. Ruby loves superheroes and when Ruby puts on her red cloak she becomes Super Red Riding Hood. Her mom gives her mission, to pick red raspberries to go with her snack. So Ruby must be brave the deep dark woods. As she finishing picking the raspberries she hears a new sound, the sound of a wolf. There is a lot to learn in this slightly different story of red riding hood. Such as, girls can like superheroes and can be heroes themselves too. This is a nice modern twist on an old classic and the illu [...]

    23. Nightmare Free Red Riding Hood Everyday Superhero Style!This was a great adaptation of the Red Riding Hood fairytale that cannot and will not give children nightmares! It teaches that sharing with someone in need is a way to be an everyday superhero! It also teaches that it is important to play outside and make new friends. Being social is important and staying inside all the time is not healthy for most people. Polite is the way to be Which is the lesson the wolf learns. All in all with the gor [...]

    24. Ruby is a combination of superhero and spunk packed into one brave little girl. She’s on a mission to gather fresh raspberries and along the way, she saves snails from being crushed by her boots. Soon after entering the forest, she comes across a hungry wolf. The wolf is eager to collect her box of treats and chases her up a tree. His insistency is no match for fearless Ruby and he sulks in defeat. After Ruby climbs down the tree, she learns that the wolf is famished. Instead of leaving the wo [...]

    25. See my full review here: misstiffreads/201Ruby loves superheroes, so when she puts on the special red cape that her grandmother made her, she become Super Red Riding Hood! Ruby gets ready to pick raspberries in the forest by putting on her rubber boots, grabbing her flashlight, packing her lunch box, and finally donning her cape. Nothing can scar this superhero, until she hears a loud grumbling and comes face to face with a wolf! She outsmarts him and finds out that he might not be as bad as he [...]

    26. What a fun play on the classic Little Red Riding Hood! This character is reminiscent of Wonder Woman, with her dark hair and red books. Ruby becomes a Super Red Riding Hood, always seeking to help those in need, but who would she be without the Bid Bad Wolf? She meets him in the deep dark forest while she was picking berries. To avoid him, she climbs up a tree. This is where it gets a little confusing. She threatens to count to five, and then the illustrations show her feet dangling while counti [...]

    27. A twist on the fairytale classic in which Little Red doubles as a superhero and meets a hungry, though not entirely rotten, wolf in the woods. Ruby, as she is called in this book, is given the mission by her mother to gather raspberries as addition to her afternoon snack. Along the way she helps creatures as a superhero is known to do and soon encounters the hungry wolf who gives her quite a scare.In the end, Ruby's gathered snack is shared with the hungry wolf as both speak to the misconception [...]

    28. There are a lot of "alternate" fairy tales available now, including many versions of Little Red Riding Hood. I enjoyed this book and I enjoyed the fact that the little girl is brave and playful and confident and the fact that her mother sends her outside to do something without accompanying her. I will recommend this for purchase to our children's librarian, but this is not my favorite AU of this tale. Our kids will enjoy it, though, and storytime with this books would be a hoot because the kids [...]

    29. Super Red Riding Hood by Claudia DaVila- August 1st, 2014 – Quite a cute version of Little Red Riding Hood although my son was disappointed that there was no grandmother as part of the story. It felt almost like a present day story with Little Red being sent out to pick raspberries because she’d been in the house all day. I loved that her red cloak was her superhero cape and how she resolved her problem with the wolf. I love all the new adaptations of fairy tales that are recently coming out [...]

    30. Super Red Riding Hood is a fun retelling of the Red Riding Hood tale. It's a good pick for superhero enthusiasts, those who find the original to be a bit scary, or anyone who just wants a fresh take on the same old stories. The illustrations are bright and bold, with an appearance of texture that adds extra depth. Ruby is brave and clever, and kids will eagerly cheer her on as she travels through the forest.Note: I received a digital galley of this book through NetGalley.

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