The Rising: Murder, Heartbreak, and the Power of Human Resilience in an American Town

The Rising: Murder, Heartbreak, and the Power of Human Resilience in an American Town

Ryan D'Agostino / Nov 15, 2019

The Rising Murder Heartbreak and the Power of Human Resilience in an American Town The astonishing story of one man s recovery in the face of traumatic loss and a powerful meditation on the resilience of the soul On July Dr William Petit suffered an unimaginable horror Arm

  • Title: The Rising: Murder, Heartbreak, and the Power of Human Resilience in an American Town
  • Author: Ryan D'Agostino
  • ISBN: 9780804140164
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The astonishing story of one man s recovery in the face of traumatic loss and a powerful meditation on the resilience of the soul On July 23, 2007, Dr William Petit suffered an unimaginable horror Armed strangers broke into his suburban Connecticut home in the middle of the night, bludgeoned him nearly to death, tortured and killed his wife and two daughters, and set theThe astonishing story of one man s recovery in the face of traumatic loss and a powerful meditation on the resilience of the soul On July 23, 2007, Dr William Petit suffered an unimaginable horror Armed strangers broke into his suburban Connecticut home in the middle of the night, bludgeoned him nearly to death, tortured and killed his wife and two daughters, and set their house on fire He miraculously survived, and yet living through those horrific hours was only the beginning of his ordeal Broken and defeated, Bill was forced to confront a question of ultimate consequence How does a person find the strength to start over and live again after confronting the darkest of nightmares In The Rising, acclaimed journalist Ryan D Agostino takes us into Bill Petit s world, using unprecedented access to Bill and his family and friends to craft a startling, inspiring portrait of human strength and endurance To understand what produces a man capable of surviving the worst, D Agostino digs deep into Bill s all American upbringing, and in the process tells a remarkable story of not just a man s life, but of a community s power to shape that life through its embrace of loyalty and self sacrifice as its most important values Following Bill through the hardest days through the desperate times in the aftermath of the attack and the harrowing trials of the two men responsible for it The Rising offers hope that we can find a way back to ourselves, even when all seems lost Today, Bill Petit has remarried He and his wife have a baby boy The very existence of this new family defies rational expectation, and yet it confirms our persistent, if often unspoken, belief that we are greater than what befalls us, and that if we know where to look for strength in trying times, we will always find it Bill s story, told as never before in The Rising, is by turns compelling and uplifting, an affirmation of the inexhaustible power of the human spirit.

    • The Rising: Murder, Heartbreak, and the Power of Human Resilience in an American Town Ryan D'Agostino
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    1. Ryan D’Agostino’s The Rising: Murder, Heartbreak, And the Power Of Human Resilience In An American Family is certainly not his story. It is one that has been entrusted to his care, an honor allowed of sorts, to be the author to let the world know how Dr. William Petit chose to live after the horrific murder of his wife and two daughters. ” But he has decided to live, because life abides.”Connecticut is made up of 169 towns; many of them small and friendly like that of Cheshire, where the [...]

    2. On July 23, 2007, it seemed that Dr. Bill Petit’s life was over. Two men broke into his small-town Connecticut house while he was asleep. They brutally attacked him, beating him on his head, then tied him to a pole in the basement to die. They then began a seven-hour rampage of torture against his wife, who one of the men raped and then strangled, and two daughters, ages seventeen and eleven, raping the younger one, when they couldn’t find any money in the house. Afterwards, they set the ho [...]

    3. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.”-1 Peter 5:8“Bill is trying every day to claw his way back into a world he's not even sure he wants to live in. The end of the world visited a loving family in a small Connecticut town one night, and he alone survived it. Damaged almost beyond repair, but alive.”In July of 2007, armed intruders, broke into a suburban Connecticut home, bludgeoned Dr. Bill Petit, while he s [...]

    4. Advanced Reading Copy review Due to be published September 15, 2015I really wish this story had been written by a different author with a different style. The central tragic crime and the surviving victim's struggles surely deserve better. Imagine "In Cold Blood" as written by Kathie Lee Gifford. The author, Ryan D'Agostino, relies on a narrative style that is part grade school documentary voice-over ("Hayley was beautiful and Otis was handsome, and they were both athletic and intelligent and co [...]

    5. 4 stars!This was a true crime story, but that's not all it was about. It was the rising out of the ashes of a man, a father and a husband.A horrible tragic event occurred in 2007 that left Bill Petit for dead, his house in ashes and his wife and two daughters raped and murdered. This was a premeditated crime in which both criminals (that is way too nice of a name for them) were caught leaving the house in the family van. Both blamed the other, yet there were phone calls alluding to both being in [...]

    6. This is not a book about a horrible crime. This is an amazing book about the human spirit. The story of what Bill Petit went thru, losing his wife and daughters to torture and murder, being nearly beaten to death can be a hard read at times. But keep going because the recovery process is so worth the read.

    7. This is very difficult to read. The graphic details are horrific. The question the book poses is: how does someone whose wife and two daughters were killed (and he was beaten and left for dead in the cellar) go on? I had to skip a lot of it and inadvertently read something I wish I had never read. In any event, this paints a portrait of a man who against all odds has managed to carve out a new life. He is still haunted, of course, and that battle will never be over.The author did the absolute be [...]

    8. I was given an electronic copy of The Rising: Murder, Heartbreak, and the Power of Human Resilience in an American Town by Crown Publishing and NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.This true crime novel chronicles the brutal home invasion of the Petit family on July 23, 2007. Although Bill Petit was able to slip his bindings and escape to a neighbor for help, his wife Jennifer and daughters Hayley and Michaela perished. The author asks what he feels is an essential question: how is Bill, [...]

    9. Without demeaning or diminishing any of what Bill Petit endured, this book gets a touch sycophantic in moments. D'Agostino is a tremendous writer and the writing is never dry or dull--I plowed through this--but I wish the focus had been wider. Still, I look forward to whatever D'Agostino writes next.

    10. This is a very well-written, compelling book about a man who lost his family in a crime so evil and despicable it's almost beyond belief. I devoured it in about three hours. I highly recommend it.

    11. This is more than a true-crime book. It's in the tradition of Capote's In Cold Blood, and while not written to that level of genius, it's a far more complete narrative of the Petit family murders in Cheshire Conn than any other book I've read involving murder. This book starts with three horrible murders and the recovery of the fourth victim, Bill Petit, from what his attackers had assumed was a fatal beating with baseball bat.The slow coming to terms of the loss of his wife and two daughters to [...]

    12. If Dr. William Petit wanted his story told, he should have told it himself, even if he needed a co-writer. To have his story told the way it is told in this book was a terrible choice, in my opinion. The Petit murder story is being told like an all-American type story where a hero overcomes an adversity. That type of story is best left for those who have conquered illnesses, injuries or handicaps, not the killing of one's family-- especially not where a mother and her daughters were terrorized, [...]

    13. I absolutely love true crime books, and I followed the Petit family story when it was in the news, so when I saw that there had been a book written about Dr. Bill Petit, I knew that I wanted to read it right away. The Rising: Murder, Heartbreak, and the Power of Human Resilience in an American Town by Ryan D'Agostino is a story of incredible heartbreak and tragedy (the details of the Petit family murder are wrenching and gruesome), but it's also a story of a man who's managed to put his life bac [...]

    14. Like many people who lived in Connecticut at the time, I lived and breathed news of the Cheshire Home Invasion in 2007. It was a heartbreaking tragedy when two evil men ( and I use the word 'men' loosely) broke into the home of Dr. William Petit. After beating him in the head with a baseball bat, they tied him to a pole in the basement, while they proceeded to commit unspeakable crimes against his wife and daughters. After forcing Jennifer to withdraw $15,000 from the bank in the morning, on the [...]

    15. "I am not sure what my own hopes and dreams are, if any."I think I would have enjoyed the book more if the description had been more about Bill Petit and less about this specific (and horrendous) experience.While the book is thorough a lot of time is dedicated to Bill's life growing up and how well-loved Bill was in the community even before these things happened to him. I was hoping to hear more about how Bill overcame the trauma and loss that he faced - I was looking for something inspirationa [...]

    16. I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. Here it is:Living in Connecticut, I remember all too well the Cheshire home invasion and triple murders in 2007. The devastation of Dr. William Petit, the lone survivor, after losing his wife and two daughters in such a horrific and unimaginable way. The same day I saw the images on the TV news and heard the awful unfolding story was the day I moved our dog’s crate from an upstairs bedroom to the kitchen. No one was going t [...]

    17. I expected so much more from this book. I expected it to provide a true accounting of what happened to Dr. William Petit and his family when two armed men broke into his home and killed his family in a gruesome manner while injuring Petit. However, most of the book was devoted to fawning over Petit himself. There was very little factual information about the criminals, the investigation into what happened, the actual trials themselves that lasted months and the facts of the case. Instead we are [...]

    18. When I read the description for "The Rising", by Ryan D'Agostino, I thought that this would be a sad yet motivational book. I guess I can give the author points for at least getting the sad part right. This book is about Bill Petit and the tragedy that befell his family. When I say 'tragedy' I mean it in the sincerest way. Two men broke in to the Petit's home, beat Bill to within less than an inch of his life, and set his house on fire with his wife and two daughters tied up inside. It does not [...]

    19. I always enjoy reading biographies or memoirs and for years have been fascinated by crime stories. The Rising is a great blend of both genres. It is the true story of the Petit family, an upper middle class family living in the suburbs of Connecticut. Bill Petit is a Yale grad and skilled physician. His wife, Jennifer, a beautiful pastor's daughter and pediatric nurse. They had two daughters, Hayley, an popular athlete preparing for college, and Michaela, a sweet happy eleven-year old. They had [...]

    20. WOW. NO, really. WOW.I just finished this beautiful, heart-breaking, inspiring account of the horror that befell the Petit family. I am baffled at the negative ratings, which complain about the "plodding" accounts of the lives of this beautiful family before it was destroyed. Apparently, some readers need more action, blood/guts and the like. To me, D'Agostino's approach brought these people to life in a very real way. Not many authors are able to successfully make the reader feel as deeply abou [...]

    21. This was a well-written book about the tragic murders of Jennifer Hawk Petit and her two daughters Hayley and Michaela and the bludgeoning of Dr. William Petit in the sweet and safe town of Cheshire,Ct. It mirrors " In Cold Blood,"except Dr. Petit escapes to his neighbor's house before the perpetrators pour gasoline throughout the crime scene after raping the girls and raping and killing Mrs. Petit and lighting the house on fire in an attempt to hide their crime.As "In Cold Blood," the stated pu [...]

    22. I was familiar with the generalities of the Cheshire, Connecticut home invasion case that made headlines almost 10 years ago, but this in-depth account was absolutely riveting. It doesn’t divulge the grisly details about how one perpetrator raped and strangled the wife and mother Jennifer Petit while the other violated her 11 year old daughter. There are implications made to the most sordid aspects of the crime, but plenty of those heinous facts had already been reported in the press. The main [...]

    23. Where to begin is terribly strange to say that a book about murder and torture is absolutely beautifulbut this one is. I knew of the tragedy before I read the book. We lived near Danbury Connecticut at the time and were completely stunned by this occurrence. To say that Bill Petit is a hero is not giving him enough praise. He heard what was happening to his family and yet was able to seek help, although gravely wounded himself. He has built a new life with his strength and faith. He suffered thr [...]

    24. I didn't know about the Petit family murders until the trials occurred as I was living around New Haven, CT at that time. The torture and murder of Bill Petit's wife and daughters while he was wounded and tied up in the basement is horrifying. This is a crime that even as someone against the death penalty makes me re-evaluate that stance every time it is recounted (although I'm still against it). I can't get some of the visuals out of my head and I'm saying this as a forensic psychologist that h [...]

    25. The author, Ryan D'Agostino, is a journalist who writes about the death of Dr. William Petit's family and its aftermath. In a Connecticut town, Petit is tied up and left for dead in the basement of his home as his family is murdered by thieves in the rooms above. Miraculously, the doctor survives. The book is about much more than the horrific death of his family. It details one person's resilience and the strength he found to learn to live again. He has a brain injury and physical damage to over [...]

    26. I received a copy of Ryan D'Agostino's book "The Rising- Murder, Heartbreak and the Power of Human Resilience in an American Town" through the LT Early Reviewer's program. It was a good look at the tragic home invasion in Cheshire, Conn. and its aftermath.The book tells the story of Bill Petit and how he managed to cope with the loss of everything --his family, his home, his interest in pursing his career -- and build a new life. When two career criminals broke into Petit's home, his life change [...]

    27. I was a little weary going in, I thought even though I've read fiction that deals with horrific subjects this might be a very difficult read. While it did have difficult parts, and recounted a horrific home invasion I had never heard of before, by far this was a book about over-coming. It did not focus on the tragedy, though you got a detailed picture of that. It did not focus on the justice system, though you gain insight into that as well. The focus here is on a man, on his heartbreak, and on [...]

    28. No se si sea naturaleza o humana o tenga un problema, pero desde hace muchos años me gusta leer sobre asesinos, sectas, etc.; casos que te hacen cuestionar la humanidad, pero fue hasta que empecé a leer la historia de los Petit cuando me di cuenta que cada noticia trágica que vemos en los noticieros, reddit, o facebook, no es más que la punta de un iceberg emocional.Jamás había pensado tan a fondo en lo que un crimen violento causa no solo en las víctimas directas, sino en los amigos, fam [...]

    29. I feel very emotional to have had this look into the life of a man who endured more pain and loss than most could even fathom. It's rare that a highly publicized and gruesome crime such as this would create much more than a few over-glamorized, glossy paperbacks recounting the events just as they were reported, with a few added photographs and details you could most certainly do without. D'Agostino provides the reader so much more than that, bringing us into Dr. Petit's world, describing in stun [...]

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