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SweetFreak Get ready for a brand new edge of your seat read from bestselling author Sophie McKenzie When everyone thinks you re a liar how hard will you fight for the truth Carey and Amelia have been best frien

  • Title: SweetFreak
  • Author: Sophie McKenzie
  • ISBN: 9781471122248
  • Page: 176
  • Format: ebook
  • Get ready for a brand new edge of your seat read from bestselling author Sophie McKenzie When everyone thinks you re a liar, how hard will you fight for the truth Carey and Amelia have been best friends forever Then Amelia starts being trolled by SweetFreak, a mysterious and hateful online account, and Carey is accused of being behind the vicious comments and threats.Get ready for a brand new edge of your seat read from bestselling author Sophie McKenzie When everyone thinks you re a liar, how hard will you fight for the truth Carey and Amelia have been best friends forever Then Amelia starts being trolled by SweetFreak, a mysterious and hateful online account, and Carey is accused of being behind the vicious comments and threats Shut out by her other friends and shunned by Amelia, Carey is determined to clear her name and find out who s really sending the messages But as the online attacks spill over into real life, events start spiralling out of control Can Carey expose the real SweetFreak before it s too late A gripping page turner from the award winning Sophie Mckenize, SweetFreak will keep you guessing until the very end PRAISE FOR SOPHIE MCKENZIE When it comes to YA thrillers, there s one name that defines the genre Sophie McKenzie Amy Alward, author of The Potion Diaries Sophie s thrillers are brilliant You can t stop reading Robert Mucha, bestselling author


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    1. Had I read Sweetfreak when I was 12/13, I'm certain I would have loved it, just as I adored Sophie McKenzie's other YA's but at the age I am now, I couldn't connect to it as much as I'd hope I would. The protagonist read very young and a somewhat cliche caricature of a teen. And there being, what felt like, a different suspect in each chapter got a little tiresome. There were also some iffy pieces of description and dialogue that didn't sit too well with me. That being said, I was intrigued thro [...]

    2. Bought this on a whim as I was intrigued by the cover. Didn't even read the blurb, but the fingerprints and the skull key along the title promised a different kind of story. Read it in one sitting because I wanted to know wodunit, unfortunately it was too juvenile and the ending was especially underwhelming. Nonetheless it kept me entertained for one evening. Probably would have loved it 15 years ago.

    3. I was very kindly sent an ARC of this book for review from the publisher and was quite excited about it cause it did sound intriguing,but it ended up not being for me.I honestly considered DNF-ing the book even from the first 20 pages or so (which retrospectively might have been better than ending up here,but hey ho).The protagonist of the book is a teenager girl and she simply doesn't feel that way,but rather like the cutout of what an adult would see as the most cliché version of an actual te [...]

    4. I found SweetFreak in the 'teen' section in my local library and pretty much based on how pretty the cover is I picked it up. (Don't get me wrong, I read the blurb and I was interested in the story too, but have you seen that cover?!) I was a little confused as to why a 'teen' section even exists, because when I asked after YA, the librarian told me they'd moved everything (again) and YA was now mixed in with adult fiction, and I had always just assumed YA and teen were the same thing. But havin [...]

    5. -I was sent a copy from Simon and Schusters to review-all opinions are my own~Wow oh wow. I am a huge fan of Sophie, I have been for years and I was so excited when I got a proof copy of her new book SweetFreak and actually, I got it yesterday and read it this morning in one sitting as I have with all of her other books. They are just so amazing and I am so happy to read a new book from her.In this book we follow Carey. Her best friend Amelia is getting bullied online by the user SweetFreak. But [...]

    6. I haven't read many YA thrillers so I feel like I'm not the best judge of the quality of this. It read as very young in tone and the portrayal of the teenage protagonists felt very cliché, however, I did feel like the author did a good job of capturing Carey's angst and frustration at being falsely accused. I was a little bit irritated that there seemed to be a new suspect every 5 minutes but I think I probably would have enjoyed this when I was younger. That's why I don't feel entirely comfort [...]

    7. I have read quite a few of this author's books and really enjoyed them so I wasn't surprised that I would like this one too. This book is a YA book so it's about teenagers and the common things that they might have to deal with. I'm 23 and although I really enjoy this author's adult books, I also enjoy reading these books as I really like this author's writing and she never disappoints. Aimed at pre-teens, this book tells the story of the cyber-bullying - it's not the worst case scenario that ca [...]

    8. This book was by far the worst that I've read this year, it's so predictable and it changes who is the main culprit for 'sweatfreak' so many times. It's so far fetched the book, it just wouldn't happen in real life. Only reason it didn't get 1 star is that I've not read any other book like this, so for it's originality it gains an extra star.

    9. It’s almost painful how simplistic the plot to this is. I not only guessed correctly as to who the real identity of the cyberbully was, but I knew the outcome to all the subplots too. The abundance of cliches were just too much for me, it was physically embarrassing. Also, I have no idea how this book got through editing because I found numerous grammatical errors and inconsistencies

    10. It was very good and relatable. I enjoyed it very much, kept me on my toes as i could not figure out who was the mystery attacker. I had my suspicions of who i thought it might be but then would change my mind as soon as I read a new chapter.

    11. 2.75I hate that after one chapter I guessed it. Which means i trudged through this whole book only to find out I was right. It was a little young for me. I feel like if I was 12-14 i would have loved it.

    12. Full review can be found on my blog:purelavender.wordpress/20I was very kindly sent this book by Simon Schuster Children’s UK and was thrilled to read it. I was in the mood for a light, fun and gripping read and SweetFreak is defiantly that! If you loved Pretty Little Liars, this is defiantly for you.This book follows the story of Carey when her best friend Amelia is sent death threats by a mysterious online profile called SweetFreak. Carey is blamed for the cyber bullying and tries to prove h [...]

    13. This is very definitely a book for teenagers and it has a very strong moral - a bit like a fairy tale for the modern day. It certainly follows that basic outline with our heroine, Casey, being accused of something she just didn't do. This leads her to lose friends and to suffer bullying at school, even her mother doesn't believe her. As things escalate she runs away on a quest to prove her innocence, meeting Blue and Seti on the way who prove to be both help and hindrance. Culminating in her fin [...]

    14. This was a pretty neat book, with references to cyber bullying and it's far-reaching consequences. I did feel that some of the important messages were added in as a last-minute though (just to try and give it a real-world lesson), BUT at the same time it is good that this book has a strong link to the impact of social media and how bullying is viewed in all forms. This book was also a pretty thrilling ride! So much happened, and I was itching to find out whodunit (I kept guessing wrong the whole [...]

    15. 'SweetFreak' was another good read by British author Sophie McKenzie, although I didn't love it as much as I was hoping to. I found it a fairly quick read and finished it in one sitting. It had a fair amount of drama, but it wasn't as tense or as gripping as other YA novels that I've read lately. Please don't take that to assume that I didn't enjoy it, I did, but I've also read better edge-of-your-seat thrillers than this. Best friends Carey and Amelia are at the centre of the story. Amelia is s [...]

    16. I absolutely loved this book and I am so happy that my boyfriend picked it out for me a couple of weeks ago. He always has such a good eye for books to say he doesn't read. I guess he knows what I like. Anyway. The characters in this were brilliant my favourite have got to be Carey and Blue closely followed by Poppy and Amelia. This book was full of twists and turns and the further I got into it the less sure I was of who I thought Sweetfreak was. The twist at the end was brilliant and plucked t [...]

    17. I am currently 20 years old and therefore am definitely not a teenager anymore; whom I feel was the intended audience for this book. If I had read the book when I was younger, I feel like I might have enjoyed the book more than I did reading it now. The book was well-written but the narrator came across as very young, which is not surprising seeing as she is a teenager. This means that the author managed to capture the narrator’s voice well, but as an older reader, I just found this annoying. [...]

    18. I gave this 3.5 starsThis was a good book but I can't say I loved it. Maybe I'm too old. It was well written and will appeal to young adults.I found myself losing interest about half way through it but I'm not sure if it was the books fault or just the way I was feeling. I may go back and read it again one day.

    19. i liked this book. Read in 2 days. Dealt with cyber bullying ndship romance trust lots of twists n turns and i kept thinking i knew who the sweetfreak was but then it was like nope its not them! was well wrote and i liked the main character and Blue is soooo adorable n loyal :) worth a read . I didnt LOVE this bookbut i liked it a lot :)

    20. Even though Carey is only 14, she's going through some pretty grown up things in SweetFreak and she's at risk of losing everything. Vulnerable and too trusting, she makes some bad choices and soon everything is spiralling. I found her a little too blameless at times but always rooted for her. I couldn't guess the twists and had to keep reading until I finished. It only took me a day!

    21. The very pink cover and title somewhat threw me to start with - it all looks very girly. But then you notice the key with the skull on it, and remember that this is Sophie McKenzie we're talking about. Twisty plot with cyber-bullying and any number of suspects, and we're off. Fans shouldn't let the cover put them off.

    22. I finished this book within 2 hours. I couldn’t put it down. It was very mysterious and made you really think. I’m giving it a 4 because I wasn’t keen on how it ended. But overall, it’s a quick read and I enjoyed reading it.

    23. I had to take a break from reading this book because, in all honesty, I wanted to abandon it within the first few chapters. It's a possibility that it didn't grip me because it's aimed for a younger reader, but nothing within me clicked to the messy plot and annoying protagonist.

    24. Got to love a good "Who did it?" book. Sophie McKenzie is one of the authors who I cant seem to predict as fast as others so reading this I wasnt sure where it would end. Thoroughly enjoyed this read and is definitely a book you cant put down.

    25. I've not read any Sophie before, but will definetly be seeking out nore of her books after this one. I thought the mystery was engaging and the conclusion was satisfying and plausable. A fast paced whodunnit!

    26. I loved this book I read it in two sittings. I loved the story and how it ended. The story pulled me in and I wanted to find out who was sweetfreak. I love how Sophie McKenzie wrote this book. I highly recommend it.

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