The Bookshop on Autumn Lane

The Bookshop on Autumn Lane

Cynthia Tennent / Nov 15, 2019

The Bookshop on Autumn Lane The people of Truhart will find a place in your heart Cindy Myers author of The View From HereBig dreams can come true in a small town While some young women would jump through hoops to claim ownersh

  • Title: The Bookshop on Autumn Lane
  • Author: Cynthia Tennent
  • ISBN: 9781601836458
  • Page: 293
  • Format: ebook
  • The people of Truhart will find a place in your heart Cindy Myers, author of The View From HereBig dreams can come true in a small town While some young women would jump through hoops to claim ownership of a bookshop, free spirited Gertrude Trudy Brown wants nothing to do with the rundown store her late Aunt Gertrude left her Having suffered from dyslexia all he The people of Truhart will find a place in your heart Cindy Myers, author of The View From HereBig dreams can come true in a small town While some young women would jump through hoops to claim ownership of a bookshop, free spirited Gertrude Trudy Brown wants nothing to do with the rundown store her late Aunt Gertrude left her Having suffered from dyslexia all her life, books aren t exactly her friends With not much than a collie dog who s scared of his own shadow, and a rusty but trusty 74 Beetle, Trudy arrives in the tiny town of Truhart, determined to sell off her cumbersome inheritance as quickly as possible But Trudy is not the only stranger in town Christopher Kit Darlington, a professor of American Studies at Cambridge, is searching for an elusive manuscript and he secretly thinks Trudy s ramshackle bookshop might hold the key to its discovery As these two opposites spend the autumn days together, cleaning out Trudy s bookshop, they soon find that uncovering both literature and love can be equally mysterious Trudy s never been the type to stay in one spot too long, but something about Kit makes her consider starting a new chapter and maybe even finding there s a happily ever after Praise for A Wedding in Truhart Cynthia Tennent has captured the charm, humor, loyalty, and love of small towns, close families, and long time friends Cindy Myers, author of The View From Here An A.W.O.L wedding dress, family feuds, and kinky characters What s not to love A Wedding in Truhart is a wedding to remember Lois Greiman, award winning author of the Hope Springs series

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        Cynthia Tennent was the original book thief, stealing romance novels from underneath her mother s bed when she was just 12 As an adult, she grew serious and studied international relations, education and other weighty matters while living all over the world In search of happy endings, she rediscovered love stories and wrote her own when her daughters were napping She lives in Michigan with her husband, three daughters and her collie dog, Jack.


    1. 3.5 What You See May Not Be What You Get Stars* * * 1/2As I read more and more, it is so revealing how devastating things can be from our youth. We all know how painful a casual comment can make us feel during our teenage years. We take it to heart and it can manifest in any number of way serious eating disorders, insecurities or can cause the teen to use it to push through any obstacle and become a starting point of success. Well, imagine how difficult it would be if your loving mom died and yo [...]

    2. Gertrude “Trudy” Brown returns home to take care and sell off the rundown store her late Aunt Gertrude left her. While in town she meets Christopher “Kit” Darlington, a professor of American Studies at Cambridge and a man searching for an elusive manuscript that may be hidden in Trudy's shop.As these two seemingly very different people spend the Fall days together, cleaning out Trudy’s bookshop, a friendship and feelings soon develop. This one was pretty middle of the road for me. It f [...]

    3. The definition of Irony? A dyslexic who hates reading inherits a bookstore.When Gertrude "Trudy"Brown inherits her great aunt's bookstore, Books from the Hart, she doesn't even know it until a year after the old woman's death. Vegan Trudy, who lives a life of freedom and noninvolvement, travels around in a vintage - and aging- Volkswagon Beetle with a nameless dog she stole from someone who abused it. Undiagnosed with dyslexia until later in life, Trudy has always been an outsider, especially in [...]

    4. One of the best books I have read! I am not sure if it was quirky dyslexic Trudy or upper crust British Kit or the old gentle collie or the feeling of if not coming home then perhaps finding home BUT I loved this story. The people in Truhart grew on me as they grew on Trudy and she grew on them. Kit was a delight and his belief that he could find what he was looking for were commendable as was the way he treated everyone – and especially Trudy. Much happened in this book that I enjoyed. I care [...]

    5. The blurb had promise. I liked the idea of a dyslexic woman inheriting a bookshop; throw in an academic whose work needs books and you have an interested (potential) reader. The other thing that drew me tot he story was the small town setting. The story started off with at an interesting scene where Trudy arrives in Truhart, but the first about a third of the story was rather slow for me and I found myself struggling to connect with the heroine. Perhaps that's the author's plan, because she stil [...]

    6. Trudy had me laughing from beginning to end. She had such an interesting way of thinking about and experiencing everything. Her backstory was tragic, which had me rooting for her to finally find happiness. The condition she suffers from is a first for me to read in novel and it added a fabulous depth to the story while opening my eyes about the condition.Even with all the learning and growth going on in the book, there was more than enough romance to make me a happy reader. The chemistry between [...]

    7. This was a cute read, like the book version of a Hallmark movie (heck maybe it is a Hallmark movie!). I happened to read it in February but it would have been a good fall read instead.

    8. For most of us, inheriting a bookstore full of books would be a dream come true. For poor Trudy, it's a nightmare. When her great aunt died, she left her bookstore to Trudy. This feels cruel to Trudy because she is dyslexic. When she was a teenager, she spent a brief time living with her great aunt until their frustration with each other reached its max and Trudy ran away. She definitely doesn't want to go back but she needs to clear out the bookstore in order to sell it. She definitely needs th [...]

    9. Think how you would feel in Trudy's shoes. You lose your mom, your dad abandons you & your brother with a grumpy obnoxious aunt in a gossipy little town & the entire town treats her cruelly branding her as brain damaged, slow, & just odd. Then the aunt that was so mean to you dies, leaves all of her money to a pet rescue & ironically leaves you her old dusty bookstore. Trudy hates the way being back in this town makes her feel. Years after she left her aunt, she was diagnosed wit [...]

    10. When Gertrude "Trudy"Brown inherits her Great Aunt Gertrude's bookstore, in Truhart Michigan, she heads there to clean out the store and sell it. She does not understand why her aunt left her the store as she always thought she was "stupid" Trudy was diagnosed with dyslexia in her 20s but still has major issues with language Vegan free spirited Trudy left Truhart when she was 15 and has not been back for 12 years. She arrives in town driving her VW bug names Lulu and a collie that she rescued fr [...]

    11. Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfAfter a childhood that would scar just about anyone, and an un-diagnosed learning problem of Dyslexia, Trudy had left the town of Truheart in the dust vowing to never return. In a place where the aunt who took you in was supposed to love and nurture you and your brother – but instead she and many of the townsfolk bullies and made fun of the fact that Trudy simply couldn’t read well because of a medical condition… well, who would want to stay in that type of home [...]

    12. The bookshop on Autumn Lane is a lovely book. Gertrude (aka Trudy) has inherited a bookshop including a apartment in a small town called Truhart from her great aunt (whom she was named after). Trudy reluctantly returns to the place she once called home. (she never really lived there long, she was sent to live with her aunt when she was a young teenager along with her brother when her mother died). The idea of having a apartment at least for a short period of time seems like a good idea, as Trudy [...]

    13. Twenty-seven year old Gertrude Brown drives a '73 VW Beetle named Lulu. Her long red hair compliments her multi-colored jacket, leggings and vintage combat boots as she comes into the town of Truhart, Michigan. She comes back to the place of her troubled childhood to inherit Books From The Hart, a bookstore with thousands of books, from her great-aunt Gertrude C. Brown. Trudy, as she likes to be called, sees a mysterious figure lurking near the bookstore and it turns out to be a tall, blond Engl [...]

    14. Thanks Netgalley and Kensington books for allowing me to discover a new author. I like the description of this book and was pleased to be given the opportunity to read and review it. Trudy has inherited a bookshop from her deceased great-aunt and namesake Gertrude Brown. This a little ironic as Trudy suffers from dyslexia and does not have any fondness for the written word. She has quite bad memories of her time spent as a teenager in Truhart where the bookshop is found. Her great-aunt never qui [...]

    15. Let me start by saying this. I almost gave up on this book but it really came together in the end and I enjoyed the story as a whole.The whole first half though I really had to force myself to read. I just couldn't find anything about the story to like. Not Trudy the main character, not the town, I even found the dog a little annoying.As I hit the halfway point the story really started to take shape and for me got better. I thought the writing throughout was well done. I just have a really hard [...]

    16. The Bookshop on Autumn Lane is a fun #RomCom set in Truhart, Michigan. It opens with some of the inhabitants of Truhart waking Trudy from her sleep in her 1973 VW Beetle, concerned she is a vagrant of some sort. Instead they find the new owner of "Books From The Heart".Trudy has been left the shop by her namesake Gertrude, but instead of it being a delicious gift Trudy sees it as a millstone around her neck. Its only saving grace being that she might be able to sell it to fund her travel dreams. [...]

    17. I had some issues getting into the story for the first 1/3 of the book. It was a little slow and quite a lot going on IMO with Trudy and the people in the town that just didn't capture my attention. However, once the actual plot kicked in, I began to enjoy as I've enjoyed the rest of Cynthia's books.I enjoyed Kit's banter with Trudy and I'm glad she went with Trudy instead of Gertrude because that name isn't fitting for her personality. As she became less fixated on her intentions and opened her [...]

    18. DNF. I hate writing a bad review because I know authors pour their heart and soul into their booksI just couldn't get in to this book. There were so many characters introduced at the very beginning of the book there was no way to keep track of who was who without writing it down so you could refer back - NOT something I do or want to do. I would read a few pages, put it down, start another book, go back, try it again. I got to 8% before I just gave up. The story did not draw me in, the main char [...]

    19. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for a honest review.I found that I could not get invested in this story or the characters, I really wanted to and the synopsis had me hoping to get a copy but in the end it was just okay for me. I never really like either of the main characters and the story just didn't keep me interested.

    20. This is one of those really well written romance novels. Some are really terrible but this was sexy and hot with a good story to boot!

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