The Final Cut

The Final Cut

Jasper Bark / Feb 29, 2020

The Final Cut Some stories capture the imagination others will be the death of you The Final Cut is a genre busting mash up of crime horror and urban fantasy An imaginative and thought provoking tale that explore

  • Title: The Final Cut
  • Author: Jasper Bark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Some stories capture the imagination, others will be the death of you.The Final Cut is a genre busting mash up of crime, horror and urban fantasy An imaginative and thought provoking tale that explores our need to watch and make horror fiction, examining not just the medium, but the purpose of storytelling itself Taking in everything from ancient myth, to modern atrocitySome stories capture the imagination, others will be the death of you.The Final Cut is a genre busting mash up of crime, horror and urban fantasy An imaginative and thought provoking tale that explores our need to watch and make horror fiction, examining not just the medium, but the purpose of storytelling itself Taking in everything from ancient myth, to modern atrocity, this novel will entrance, mystify and appall you in equal measures, haunting you long after you ve reached the very last line.In an East London lock up, two film makers, Jimmy and Sam, are duct taped to chairs and forced to watch a snuff film by Ashkan, a loan shark to whom they owe a lot of money If they don t pay up, they ll be starring in the next one Before the film reaches its end, Ashkan and all his men are slaughtered by unknown assailants Only Jimmy and Sam survive the massacre, leaving them with the sole copy of the snuff film.The film makers decide to build their next movie around the brutal film While auditioning actors, they stumble upon Melissa, an enigmatic actress who seems perfect for the leading role, not least because she s the spitting image of the snuff film s main victim Neither the film, nor Melissa, are entirely what they seem however Jimmy and Sam find themselves pulled into a paranormal mystery that leads them through the shadowy streets of the city beneath the city and sees them re enacting an ancient Mesopotamian myth cycle As they play out the roles of long forgotten gods and goddesses, they re drawn into the subtle web of a deadly heresy that stretches from the beginnings of civilization to the end of the world as we know it Be warned, after reading The Final Cut you ll believe stories can kill Aaron Sterns, co writer Wolf Creek 2, Wolf Creek Origin A dark, twisted journey into the indie horror film underworld and the true underworld that dwells beneath Every story needs an ending Jack Thomas Smith, Writer Director of DISORDER and INFLICTION With a clever and inventive plot The Final Cut proves this is one Bark with definite bite Dave Jeffery, Screenwriter Producer, VLM Productions This story lures you in and traps you there, and even after you ve turned the final page you can t quite let it go Lex H Jones, author of Nick and Abe The Final Cut is both an incredibly smart and brutally visceral horror novel, following the mis fortunes of two indie filmmakers in their ill fated quest to fund their breakthrough movie via the supremely misguided tactic of borrowing money from one dangerous underground figure in order to buy a large quantity of cocaine from a different but equally dangerous underground figure in order to raise enough money to actually complete their movie Kit Power, Ginger Nuts of Horror

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        Jasper Bark finds writing author biographies and talking about himself in the third person faintly embarrassing Telling you that he s an award winning author of four cult novels including the highly acclaimed Way of the Barefoot Zombie , just sounds like boasting Then he has to mention that he s written 12 children s books and hundreds of comics and graphic novels and he wants to just curl up He cringes when he has to reveal that his work has been translated into nine different languages and is used in schools throughout the UK to help improve literacy, or that he was awarded the This Is Horror Award for his last anthology Dead Air Maybe he s too British, or maybe he just needs a good enema, but he s glad this bio is now over.


    1. I received a copy of this eBook in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this book. The Final Cut is a very dark and twisted story. It is both uncomfortable and intriguing, showing you things you don't want to know about but leaving you unable to stop turning the pages until you reach the end. The story moves along at a quick pace filled with a black humor that serves to accentuate horrors found here. The characters aren't always nice but that makes them mor [...]

    2. Owing money to underworld thugs is never a good thing, and for Sam and Jimmy it is the beginning of the end. These filmmakers are walking the edge of being regular guys or being as tainted as the moneylenders. The mob hauls them in and forces them to watch a snuff movie, the threat is quite clear - 'pay up or this is your future.' Something quite bizarre and extremely grotesque happens, though. While the pair is forever shattered by events, they claim the footage for their own. They plan on inco [...]

    3. I loved this book. Anytime a book can keep me guessing and turning pages it is a good thing (and has become a rarity of late). I won’t a give a lot of spoilers, the protagonists of the book start out in a precarious situation that spirals even further down after a snuff film gets introduced. The story takes a life of its own with enough tid bits of an interesting back story and enough twists to keep you guessing until the end of the book. Jasper does a great job of creating an interesting duo [...]

    4. Review: THE FINAL CUT by Jasper BarkDisclaimer in advance: This review constitutes my honest and impartial opinion. Neither author nor publisher have influenced this review. I did purchase the book, in advance, and receive no remuneration for reviewing it.Not for the faint of heart nor weak of stomach, THE FINAL CUT is total WOW from start to finish. I chose it initially because I've come to trust the publisher for high-quality excellence. I was spot on, again. This novel is incredible. I expect [...]

    5. BrilliantI was given an advanced readers copy, for an honest review. I loved this book. It grips you from page one and doesn't let go. Twists and turns. The mob, killings and lots of blood. Ghosts and revenge. Simply brilliant. Jasper Bark truly knows who to write. My first book of his, but it won't be my last.

    6. Jasper Bark’s novel The Final Cut is the literary equivalent of a pitcher plant: once you fall in, you never come out again. At least, not unchanged.When writing book reviews, it’s easy to slide into hyperbole and cliché: “This is the best book I’ve ever read!” Or, “Spine-tingling, horrific!” The reality, however, never quite matches up with the hype, does it?Not until now.Intricately plotted, The Final Cut takes you deeper and deeper, page by page, into a story that’s unbelieva [...]

    7. What a GREAT read!!!This book has much of what I enjoy in dark fiction: a little supernatural, a little fantasy, and a LOT of good, creepy horror!! A really, really well done, well thought out book!! I am so glad I took the time to read it-and I am quite sure any fan of the darker side of things will be just as thrilled with this book!!

    8. Jasper barks book the final cut is brilliant full of imagination and creativity. As it began, it told a story of two film directors making a film and twisted into an incredable dimension leading you on an surprising adventure of places I never heard of. The character  jimmy, faces his own mortality by going to the underworld to save Melissa. JImmy needed to find the ending to a story. A story of destruction. Jimmy was now king and melissa  his Goddess and he was desperate to save her. Jimmy ne [...]

    9. Budding young film makers Sam and Jimmy have borrowed money from Ashkan, a pretty nasty LoanShark, to make a film which of course never happens! JB uses this to lead you into the first gore-out scene, it’s the sort of scene you know you want to watch but have to do so through splayed fingers.As they survive their ordeal a snuff movie drops into their laps, they decide to edit/splice it into their own movie, but of course this is a Jasper Bark novel and nothing is that simple.JB manages to poke [...]

    10. I was quite excited to start this book and then when I did start it, I hated it. It wasn't what I expected it to be at all and absolutely loathed the characters. There was nothing I liked but then the author began to describe a video that two of the characters were made to watch, this caught my attention.Our two man characters, Sam and Jimmy are forced to sit and watch a snuff film, the author sets to it, describing what is happening to the characters on the screen but then when it comes to the [...]

    11. This is the first book of Jasper Bark's which I have read and it definitely will not be the last. Reading it, I loved that I had the similar feeling with Joe Hill's Heart Shaped Box, in that both books elevate supernatural horror beyond the level of a simple haunted house. This is an intensely focused book, there's hardly a word or scene wasted. I also appreciated the fact that Bark takes a concept that could easily go off the rails and keeps it fairly grounded and structured. The proximity shif [...]

    12. Imagine Get Shorty meets Flowers of the Flesh and Blood. The Final Cut is part extreme horror in print and part meta-fiction, in an enticing mixture of disgusting and fascinating. This book gave me all the gore I expect from Jasper Bark (Stuck On You) but also involved me in his world of magic, mythology, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of movie-making (and insights into writing).Just like Jimmy and Sam's movie is meant to say "something about the meaning and purpose of horror," so does Bark's no [...]

    13. This book has action from page one. Jimmy and Sam owe a loan shark quite a lot of money. To persuade them to pay they are forced to watch a snuff film. Ending up with the footage, they decide to make a horror films using clips of the actual film. At the auditions they meet Melissa, who barring an uncanny resembles to the torture victim gets hired to play the lead role. Playing on Jimmy’s grief she seeks him out to help her. From that moment Jimmy is drawn into the dark scenes of London and end [...]

    14. Dark and twisted and utterly awesome! You need a strong stomach if you want to read The Final Cut, but it's a tale that will keep you glued to your seat. Peppered with some dark humour, Jasper Bark finds a way to balance the horrific with intrigue, which keeps you turning the pages. I couldn't figure out the ending, which doesn't happen often, and when I finally finished the book it took me quite a while to gather myself again.The Final Cut is definitely worth a read if you're in the mood for so [...]

    15. Kind of a creepy cult book, kind of not. I never knew where this was going, there were so many crazy deviations and I found myself laughing more than once. Oh yeah, I'm definitely reading more Jasper Bark books.

    16. Do you like gory, in your face horror? Then you really should check out this book! You can read my full review here horrornovelreviews/2016/0

    17. Another fantastic addition to my virtual bookshelf from Jasper Bark.This story intelligently combines aspects of the paranormal and mysticism and adds a modicum of erotica and lots of bloodshed which results in a fabulous, edge-of-your-seat story from one of the UK's masters of horror fiction.

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