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Spider's Web

Mike Omer Michael Omer / Jan 24, 2020

Spider s Web Sometimes Death Comes With a Warning There s a killer prowling the streets He stalks and murders young women seemingly at random and he always warns them first Twenty year old Kendele Byers is savag

  • Title: Spider's Web
  • Author: Mike Omer Michael Omer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sometimes, Death Comes With a Warning There s a killer prowling the streets He stalks and murders young women seemingly at random, and he always warns them first Twenty year old Kendele Byers is savagely killed and buried in a shallow grave She had a violent past, a bizarre kinky line of work, and the suspect list grows longer every day But when another woman is murd Sometimes, Death Comes With a Warning There s a killer prowling the streets He stalks and murders young women seemingly at random, and he always warns them first Twenty year old Kendele Byers is savagely killed and buried in a shallow grave She had a violent past, a bizarre kinky line of work, and the suspect list grows longer every day But when another woman is murdered, Detective Mitchell Lonnie realizes that there s something much sinister afoot, a connection between the two murders Both victims had received a clue hinting their incoming demise several minutes before they were attacked There s a serial killer in Glen Park Even worse, he seems to be accelerating his murder pace Now Mitchell and his partner need to locate the killer before innocent women die But when his sister gets involved, Mitchell s focus begins to unravel Soon his pursuit becomes personal, and the stakes rise very high Fans of Angela Marsons, Michael Connelly and Peter James will be hooked by this new police mystery novel

    • Spider's Web Mike Omer Michael Omer
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    1. *** 2/10/18 FREE on Kindle ***‘When Kendele selected the songs for her jogging playlist, she didn’t pause to think “What if I die hearing this?” it wasn’t a question that normally occurred to her, though perhaps on that day it should have.’If you enjoy police procedurals and murder mysteries, Spider’s Web is a solid effort in the genre. It compares well to other, better known, books of this type.“But death can trickle in during quiet, thoughtful moments. It doesn’t ask for perm [...]

    2. Young, beautiful women are being murdered none of them in the same way. One is drowned and strangled. Another is run over by a car. But this is a serial killer with a twist he sends them all a text message showing them a picture of what he’s going to use as a murder weapon.Detective Mitchell Lonnie and his partner, Detective Jacob Cooper have to find the connection between the victims. Were these random attacks? Did the killer know these women personally? How did he meet them? How did he get c [...]

    3. A copy was provided by NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review. A serial killer sends his victims a message before killing them. All to heighen the anticipation of the kill. Mitchell & Jonas are the lead detectives on the case. I connected with various characters and tried to stay a step ahead of the plot. Mike Omer provided a book I would recommend.

    4. "Oh, God, he said. "Hang on, I need to check something." He got up and strode out of the squad room, his jaw clenched tight. As he walked, puzzle pieces snapped together in his brain, forming a clear and horrible image. He kicked himself for not noticing the connection earlier. Aliza and Tamay weren't the only ones.".Detective Mitchell Lonnie and his department have a serial killer on their hands. The victims are being warned of their impending deaths in a creepy way. Are the victims random? Are [...]

    5. Simply Brilliant. I love finding a new Author that can truly capture my attention, and entertain me like Mike Omer has. There are parts to this story that are very clever, and I enjoyed the lighter moments the Author has added. I even found myself laughing out loud at one point. Detective Mitchell Lonnie and Detective Jacob Cooper are called out to the murder of a young drowned women. In trying to identify the body, they begin looking through the missing persons file, and contacting the relative [...]

    6. This book is good, but it drags on! I wasn't sure if I was going to ever get finished with it! I was happy to reach the end!

    7. This was a really good police procedure which showed some sublime detective work from Mitchell Lonnie. Jacob and Mitchell are partners working together. Jacob is the veteran cop in the force, Mitchell is 15 years his younger and very good looking, he also has a feeling for getting witnesses to open up and get the info he needs, by showing his compassion.I really liked how the story was built up. The murderer’s signature was an original and scary one too: he sends his victims a picture of the m [...]

    8. ThrillingMr. Omer is an outstanding author and Spider's Web proves it. I can be very critical of books because I read so much, but I can only say I found no fault with this exciting book, from the first page to the last.

    9. Review: SPIDER'S WEB by Mike Omer(Glenrose Park #1)First in the series of police procedural set in Glenrose Park, Massachusetts, SPIDER'S WEB is a one-stop riveting read with a clever and cunning killer whose obsessions may nevertheless be his downfall--if the police can find him on time. The characters are easily empathetic, and in a number of situations, author Mike Omer strongly plays to the reader's heart. Action is non-stop and the suspense remains at a high level. I anticipate the next in [...]

    10. Kendele Byer’s body is found and and Detective Mitchell Lonnie and Detective Jacob Cooper are assigned the case. More deaths of young women lead them and their team to spend many hours investigating these deaths. Are these deaths related and are they looking for a serial killer. What motivates this murderer. This is a great read with many twists and turns. I would like to thank the Publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this ARC.

    11. MehThis was an alright story but there was nothing really exciting about any of the main characters. No edge of your seat moments. All personalities were bland, except for maybe Tanessa’s. Her fight with the killer was a little exciting, but that’s all. If an author doesn’t give his or her characters any personalities they become boring, therefore the book becomes boring too. I mean, Mitchell screamed and fought against his cop-sister becoming bait for the killer yet when she was hurt by t [...]

    12. Another great book about a serial killer. I will be checking into more books by Mike Omer. This was a great read. Had a new twist on how the killer targets his victims. I enjoyed reading about what flowers to use when. Not sure if it was fact or not, but very interesting. Mike describes very strong characters and they have depth. I really liked that. If you enjoy reading about serial killers I think you will enjoy this one.

    13. A well thought out police procedural . Fast paced and interesting. The detectives are sifting thru materials and clues to find a serial killer all while dealing with their own personal problems. The first murder took place yrs ago but they all are similar with similar looking victims. Really enjoyed this book.

    14. Spider's Web ( Glenmore Park ) Very entertaining suspense. Interesting characters and situations that are believable. Serial killer who has gone years between the first and second murder, then suddenly begins to commit them closer and closer together. Finding out why seems essential to help solve the who part but how many will die before the answers are found ?

    15. Spider's WebWow! I couldn't put it down! What a great new author for me! How have I missed him? This book kept me on the edge. Have the next two on my kindle and hoping for more in GLENMORE PARK!

    16. This is a new series and a new author to me. The writing is skillful and polished; the plot is clear and complex enough for interest; but there are times the believability of police procedure is a little strained.

    17. Wow, Wow,WOW!I have missed normal routiens and ended just having a few hours sleep while this story unferled and held onto me anticipation!j Thanks for taking me on such a trip, great escapusm and reading. Well done.

    18. Action packed!A good story with an interesting plot and strong characters. Plenty of action all the way through, it bothers me that the apparently cash rich culprit, having lived ' off the radar ' for so many years has no obvious income source, but otherwise a great read.

    19. Oh my!I don't read a lot of this sort of book, but I was pleased by this story. Chasing a serial killer has got to be frustrating . The characters were likable, the story good and well written.

    20. Good bookI enjoyed this book and the authors writing style. Mr. Most is a master at bringing the reader to several points where it appears the story will end only to snap the resolution away.

    21. Interesting enough to finish but just barelyNot enough mystery and the characters weren't very well developed. I doubt I'll read another in the series. Just not engaging.

    22. Very interesting readingQuick intrigue into each page of this book. Interesting characters with realistic situations involved in police work. Could not put this book down.

    23. Book I enjoyed reading this book. Fast paced, entertaining and easy to jump into. Looking forward to the next book by Mike Omer

    24. Mitchell's MojoThe mojo building was appropriate. Jovan was and buttemere. Pasta for you! Too many bodies, super humans. Could be developed with peanut butter.

    25. I don’t read many police procedurals, being more of an amateur sleuth type of gal, but I’ve loved the author’s previous books so this new series was a must-read for me. The plot is the usual - there’s a seemingly random killing of a jogger in a park, and it gradually becomes clear that this is just one of a sequence of similar cases. The murderer’s MO is intriguing - the victim receives a text with a picture of something (a gun, a car…) and shortly thereafter is killed with that item [...]

    26. Great read!I liked it! I liked the suspense, the characters and the story. Will be reading the next one! Awesome police procedural book.

    27. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.I admit I had certain expectations when I read the words "A police procedural," but this book defied them all. Mike Omer has written a novel with an engaging, ensemble cast reminiscent of television shows like "Hill Street Blues" and "CSI." His control and effective use of multiple points of view is absolutely amazing! It isn't easy to draw each member of the force in depth without resorting to dense blocks o [...]

    28. "Don't Miss Out On This Great Mystery"This novel is excellently written, gripping and captivating. It exhibits the turmoil police procedures sometimes become frustrating and overbearing by those who are so intensely involved in finding criminals…especially serial killers like ‘The Deadly Messenger,’ the villain in this high-tension novel. This story opens when Kendele Byers’ body is found in a shallow grave in the park of city Glenmore Park, north of Boston, Mass. Detective Mitchell Lonn [...]

    29. "Excellent start to the series"If you love a good police procedural then this will be just what the doctor ordered. Sometimes the details in books of this genre mask the shortcomings of the characters. Not this time! The characters are strong, varied and terrific. The detail is still there, but it's entwined with lots of humorous episodes that kept me smiling and interested throughout. The story line is straightforward enough, but the pace and enjoyment never falters, so that never bothered me. [...]

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