De oorsprong

De oorsprong

Diana Gabaldon Annemarie Lodewijk / Jan 24, 2020

De oorsprong Jamie Frasers hart en lijf doen pijn nadat zijn vader is overleden en hij het zwaar aan de stok heeft gehad met de Engelsen Op het Franse platteland wordt hij herenigd met zijn oude vriend Ian Murray

  • Title: De oorsprong
  • Author: Diana Gabaldon Annemarie Lodewijk
  • ISBN: 9789022579107
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jamie Frasers hart en lijf doen pijn nadat zijn vader is overleden en hij het zwaar aan de stok heeft gehad met de Engelsen Op het Franse platteland wordt hij herenigd met zijn oude vriend Ian Murray Beiden hebben hun eigen redenen om niet snel naar Schotland terug te keren en besluiten het geluk voorlopig ergens anders te zoeken.Jamies liefdesleven krijgt een enorme booJamie Frasers hart en lijf doen pijn nadat zijn vader is overleden en hij het zwaar aan de stok heeft gehad met de Engelsen Op het Franse platteland wordt hij herenigd met zijn oude vriend Ian Murray Beiden hebben hun eigen redenen om niet snel naar Schotland terug te keren en besluiten het geluk voorlopig ergens anders te zoeken.Jamies liefdesleven krijgt een enorme boost als hij voor een joodse dokter gaat werken De twee vrienden krijgen de opdracht twee waardevolle schatten naar Parijs te brengen een oud gebedenboek n zijn kleindochter, die daar is uitgehuwelijkt Jamie en Ian vallen allebei voor de beeldschone Rebekah, maar beseffen niet wat de consequenties van hun gevoelens zijn totdat het te laat is.

    • De oorsprong by Diana Gabaldon Annemarie Lodewijk
      391 Diana Gabaldon Annemarie Lodewijk
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        Diana Jean Gabaldon Watkins grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and is of Mexican American and English descent She has earned three degrees a B.S in Zoology, a M.S in Marine Biology, and a Ph.D in Ecology.She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.


    1. Virginsis a short novel, about one adventure after Jamie escapes the clutches of Randall and is forbidden to return home.This is my first Audible, and I am very proud that I finished it. I didn't think I would, because I easily get distracted. I bought an Audible because I am trying (not very successfully) to work out again. I have been too lazy, too long, and I thought reading a book could motivate me to work out. Another book off my endless TBR list. The main reason I am unsuccessful is due to [...]

    2. 3★A quick and fun novella to get Outlander fans through extreme periods of droughtlander.Without prior book/character experience I don't think it would hold much interest for newbies.Also, Jamie apart from Claire is not as compelling as their adventures together.Pour yourself some scotch or “claret” and enjoy in one sitting, but beware of Claire-hangover.

    3. A tale of two virgins.Jamie (aka Diego) and Ian (aka Juan) are the titular virgins. The story begins in October, 1740 near Bordeaux, France. Jamie has just arrived from Scotland, delivered by Murtagh, instructing him to stay and not return to Scotland. To earn their way, Jamie and Ian work as mercenaries, protecting and delivering goods and people safely to destinations for payment.Diana Gabaldon has done a great job of the characterisations of Jamie and Ian as young men. Interesting to note her [...]

    4. Short little story featuring Jamie and Ian. It gave a little bit of perspective on events that happened before Outlander.

    5. Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell

      Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestSo, after reading book one but before reading book two, I thought it might ease my heart to read a tale about young!Jamie when he was still just a teenager (nineteen, I believe). Freshly escaped from his brutal fate at the flogging post and banned from his homeland of Lallybroch, Jamie and his best pal Ian wander around in France with a group of bawdy, rapacious mercenaries. They end up coming into the acquaintance of a Jewish doctor named Dr. Has [...]

    6. Virgins is a prequel novella in the popular Outlander series by American author, Diana Gabaldon. It is October, 1740, and as a wanted man in Scotland, young Jamie Fraser goes to France to join a band of mercenaries that includes his good friend, Ian Murray. Jamie’s knowledge of Hebrew has them included in an assignment to take a young Jewish woman from her home in Bordeaux to her prospective husband in Paris. But the trip does not go according to plan, and Jamie sees the young, innocent-lookin [...]

    7. ~*Full review and details on The Bent Bookworm!*~"The Virgins" felt short-story in length to me, though I think it’s actually classified as a novella. I read it in less than an hour though, so…maybe I just read fast? The hardcover addition available from The Book Depository is 256 pages…which I don’t understand since my e-book version was only 86 pages! HUGE difference there and I feel slightly cheated, but it doesn’t seem that there’s actually a difference in content. HOW.Feels:I wa [...]

    8. A prequel novella to Outlander, the story opens in 1740 with Jamie joining a band of mercenaries in France with his friend Ian Murray. He survived the vicious flogging by Black Jack Randall and the death of his father. Warned to stay away from his homeland he is ripe for an adventure. Trouble finds young Jamie without effort. And as usual it comes in the form of a beautiful young woman. Both virgins, Ian and Jamie speculate and dip their toes in the pool of sexuality. And not surprising, events [...]

    9. Las aventuras de Diego(Jaime) y Juan(Ian). No puedo negar que me he reído un rato y eso que no es comedia, pero Jaime sigue siendo Jaime. (bae❤)Estuvo bien, me gusto conocer más de su amistad con Ian y el amor tan profundo que se tienen y que los a unido en las distintas etapas de sus vidas. Eso sí, no sé cómo le hizo Diana para que una novela de 96 páginas las sintiera como un libro entero, creo que fue por qué estaba de corrido y parecía que no dejaban de pasar cosas.PD: Recomiendo p [...]

    10. This is a pleasant enough novella about Jamie and Ian before the events of Outlander. Jamie has recently been flogged and shipped off to France by Murtagh and told not to return to Scotland and Ian still has his leg. Jamie is one of my favourite fictional characters EVER so I had to pick this up, and I love Ian too. Jamie didn't quite have the same magic he does in the big books but it wasn't completely gone and I did enjoy the little insights to their beliefs and their relationships and them ju [...]

    11. I have been perfectly happy with the fantasy element in the Outlander books I've read so far. Even the little sketch of Claire meeting Nessie did not made me raise my brows in the least. I just found it amusing. Voyager was peppered with highly improbable events too readily explained as coincidence that still did not bothered me too much, and I managed rather easily to put my misgivings away to the point that they certainly did not interfere with my enjoyment of the book as a whole too much, so [...]

    12. A quick story to satisfy my Jamie obsession during droughtlander. This short story made me love Jamie and Ian more.

    13. SERIE OUTLANDER n. O.5Lettura di gruppo E&LDovevo continuare un altro libro. ho letto le prime righe e non mi sono più fermata. Il libro ha poche pagine e si legge velocemente. Narra un'avventura di Ian e Jamie in Francia, arrivato qui subito dopo il fattaccio con il capitano RandallCarino, simpatico in alcuni punti, e Jamie è sempre Jamie anche se qui è ancora un po' immaturo. Per i super fan delle serie , che hanno bisogno di sopperire al fatto che la Gabaldon ci sta mettendo un po' a p [...]

    14. Leuk boek over Ian en Jamie om tussendoor te lezen. Ik vond de twee personages een beetje te jong naar voor gebracht. Ik hou toch meer van Jamie in de periode waarin hij Claire ontmoet. De andere personages zijn tof, maar niet diepgaand zoals in de andere boeken. Gezien het weinige aantal bladzijden was dit voor de auteur waarschijnlijk moeilijk om verder uit te werken.

    15. La Gabaldon con questo racconto breve, scrive un altro mattoncino che va a costituire la colonna portante di tutta la serie.È sempre bello poter leggere dei suoi personaggi e, leggere dei giovani Jamie e Ian (qui tutto integro!) alle prese con le loro prime esperienze da adulti veri, non ha prezzo.Mi è piaciuto molto perché mi ha fatto ricordare l’amore fraterno esistente tra i due e mi ha rattristato pensare a tutto il tempo che hanno dovuto passare lontano per colpa delle circostanze. E m [...]

    16. Pre-Claire Jamie isn't nearly as colorful as post-Claire JamieThis novella picked up after Jamie's stay at Wentworth prison and the death of his father. He is recovering from the floggings by Black Jack Randall, and cannot return to his home, so he joins his pal Ian for an adventure. This novella was filled with historical information about Jewish practices and history during the 18th century, but the journey itself was drab and very gray to me. Pre-Claire Jamie is not nearly as interesting and [...]

    17. One can never get enough of Jamie Fraser. There will never be enough books of him.I will always buy and get whatever related to Jamie Fraser or the Outlander series. I'm just addicted and extremely LOYAL <3In this book or prequel novella we get to know what happened to Jamie after he was flogged by Jack Randall and how did spend his life in Paris fleeing from his home town and seeking an adventure with his friend Ian Murray."Jamie gave an irritable twitch, then stiffened as he felt one of the [...]

    18. Ok as a kindle edition for 0,99 €. If I had paid 11 € for the book I would have been angry. It's nice for Janie-and-Claire-fans, of course, but I wouldn't even call it a novella and it's not terribly good. I can't really recommend it.

    19. 3.5Historia (precuela) breve que transcurre al comienzo del exilio de Jamie en Francia, después de la muerte de su padre y por lo tanto del castigo a manos de Jack Randall. Me gustó ver a Jamie y a Ian tan jovencitos y compartiendo amistad, aventuras y peligro. Y lidiando con las hormonas. No me sorprendería que haya alguna otra historia más en el futuro, ésta en particular me gustó y me sorprendió.Pobre Jamie, de todos modos, qué personaje sufrido.“If ye’re goin’ to Hell, I might [...]

    20. Diana Gabaldon's talent with her characters is a commendation to her skill as a writer. This story is set before Cross Stitch (Or Outlander as it is more commonly known as these days), and follows a young Jamie and Ian in France. It was fascinating to see Jamie so young and, dare I say it, naive. The development of her characters throughout her novels are simply amazing and a large reason why I love these books as much as I do. I will never tired of reading these stories.

    21. Nadat Jamie door Black Jack Randall werd gegeseld met een zweep, ging hij naar Frankrijk op zoek naar zijn vriend Ian Murray. Ian is bij een groep huurlingen aangesloten die een lading waardevolle tapijten beschermen. Wanneer ze aangevallen worden vechten Ian en Jamie met de rovers en slagen erin het merendeel van hun lading te behouden, op één duur tapijt na. Om aan geld te komen moeten ze direct opnieuw aan de slag. Hun nieuwe opdrachtgever, een Joodse dokter, verzorgt Jamies wonden alvorens [...]

    22. 2.5 stars Was excited to be getting some back story to Jamie and Ian's lives, but very disappointed when I got halfway through the book and it was finished - the second half of the book was just the first chapters of my much-loved Cross Stitch (Outlander). Not enough character development, not enough story, not happy.

    23. Jamie Fraser a Claire. Jejich příběh známe z knihy Cizinka. Ale taky vám někdy vrtalo hlavou, co bylo předtím, než Jamie potkal Claire? Jamie toho má za sebou více, než dost. Léta v Paříží, první lásku, vojenskou službu, střet s kapitánem Randallem a v neposlední řadě také jednu celkem bezvýznamnou epizodku, kterou vám představí tato kniha- Panicové. Těšila jsem se na další setkání s Jamiem, které jsem si v Cizince velmi oblíbila. Bohužel, Panicové jsou j [...]

    24. Virgins is a prequel to Outlander starring Jamie Fraser and Ian Murray. After Jamie faced a brutal whipping from British officer and nemesis Black Jack Randall, he went to France in search of his friend Ian MurrayIt was a strong, fascinating story about Jamie before Claire. This story is worth a read from fans of the Outlander series as well people looking for a good story. Maybe I'd like this story to be longer, but still I enjoyed it a lot!4.3 stars!

    25. Uma história que conta os antecedentes da vida de Jaime antes de conhecer Claire. Uma narração repleto de acção, aventura e mulheres perigosas. Pode conhecer melhor Jaime e Ian. Adorei observar a personalidade intempestiva e o senso de justiça de Jaime. Há como não amar o adorável e sedutor montanhês?

    26. It was so much fun to read about young Jamie and Ian. But it was several times when I just thought "Claire should be here!" - I really missed her, although I like the novel just fine on its own.

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