Bloodmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #2): An Epic Fantasy Adventure

Bloodmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #2): An Epic Fantasy Adventure

Jean Lowe Carlson / Jul 21, 2019

Bloodmark The Kingsmen Chronicles An Epic Fantasy Adventure Smart epic fantasy Deep world building and character development If you loved Wheel of Time or Game of Thrones you should give this a shot Anders C Reviewer Like George RR Martin and Joe Abercrombie

  • Title: Bloodmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #2): An Epic Fantasy Adventure
  • Author: Jean Lowe Carlson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Smart epic fantasy Deep world building and character development If you loved Wheel of Time or Game of Thrones you should give this a shot Anders C Reviewer Like George RR Martin and Joe Abercrombie, Carlson writes in this genre for grown ups, with flair and elegance A complex world with characters that develop well, this story reveals its complexity as i Smart epic fantasy Deep world building and character development If you loved Wheel of Time or Game of Thrones you should give this a shot Anders C Reviewer Like George RR Martin and Joe Abercrombie, Carlson writes in this genre for grown ups, with flair and elegance A complex world with characters that develop well, this story reveals its complexity as it builds Daniel F Reviewer Alrou Mendera reels, the nation usurped by the villainous Khehemni But Kingsman Elohl and his sister Olea have done their duty and kept the Queen alive, helping her escape to the safety of the Highlands As the same shadowy opponents rally the nation into a vicious war, Olea is spirited away to a desert oasis, learning the truth of the unstoppable ancient magic behind the Khehemni And now Elohl must become the Queen s ambassador, racing against time to cross the treacherous Kingsmountains and find aid, before a ruthless slaughter begins This dark and gritty sword and sorcery series from award winning author Jean Lowe Carlson explores a complex world of treachery, passion, sex, and magic Readers who enjoy Game of Thrones, Outlander, the Kingkiller Chronicles, or the Wheel of Time will love this fantastic adventure.

    The Kingsmen Chronicles Book Series Blood has been spilled War has begun And the power behind the darkness rises with only banished traitors to stop it About BLOODMARK Alrou Mendera reels, the nation usurped by the villainous Khehemni But Kingsman Elohl and his sister Olea have kept the Queen alive, helping her escape. Blackmark The Kingsmen Chronicles An Epic Fantasy Blackmark The Kingsmen Chronicles An Epic Fantasy Adventure Kindle edition by Jean Lowe Carlson Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Blackmark The Kingsmen Chronicles An Epic Fantasy Adventure.

    • Bloodmark (The Kingsmen Chronicles #2): An Epic Fantasy Adventure Jean Lowe Carlson
      195 Jean Lowe Carlson
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        Richly set and beautifully told, Carlson paints a story filled with love, lust, and tragedy She captures the tortured emotions of temptation and desire perfectly and leaves you wanting Chris Patchell, author of In the Dark Like George RR Martin and Joe Abercrombie, Carlson writes in the fantasy genre for grown ups, with flair and elegance A complex world with characters that develop well, The Kingsmen Chronicles reveals as it builds Daniel F ReviewJean Lowe Carlson blends deep wisdom, fast paced adventure, and timeless discovery into exquisite fantasy Her raw worlds are reminiscent of George RR Martin, Robert Jordan, Joe Abercrombie, Clive Barker, and Robin Hobb Jean holds a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine ND , and has a keen awareness of psychology and human behavior, using it to paint vivid characters set amidst nations in turmoil or societies with riveting secrets Exciting, challenging, and passionate, her novels take the reader upon dire adventures while exploring deep human truths and self knowledge.In 2016, she was the recipient of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist medal for her dark fantasy Tears She was also longlisted for the 2016 Online Writing Tips Short Fiction Prize for her dark fairytale The Man in White.


    1. This is TRULY epic high fantasy.e best. This book, the first one and I'm sure those which will follow are a series which will rival the best literature ever produced in the realm of fantasy. Jean Lowe Carlson is the new Goddess of high fantasy!!

    2. Eine würdige Fortsetzung von "Blackmark", mit noch mehr Geheimnissen und grandiosen Helden!Manchmal verstehe ich nicht, wie es sein kann, dass in allem überzeugende Bücher kaum die Aufmerksamkeit bekommen, die sie verdienen. Eines dieser Bücher, welches mich sprachlos zurückgelassen hat, ist das Indie-Fantasy-Epos ,,Blackmark" von Jean Lowe Carlson. Es war also nur eine Frage der Zeit, bis ich auch die Fortsetzung "Bloodmark" lesen würde - und die Autorin hat mich wieder einmal begeistert [...]

    3. So this 2nd book in the Kingsmen Chronicles is read, and its breathtaking till the last page, full of twists and turns, political intrigue and traitors galore! The magic element in this 2nd book is even stronger than the first book and the alranstones and the seers are all coming into their own too! There is great sadness in this book but also a lot of love and heroism. The characters have really grown and matured. The fighting style puts me in mind of other great books by Brent Weeks and the sc [...]

    4. I REALLY loved this book. I have read tons and tons of books thoughout the years and I can honestly say I have loved most of them over the years but until in the last 20 or so I can't say I was ever so viscerally affected. Jean Lowe Carlson much like George R.R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss has brought forth emotions in me that books from my youth never could. I'm not saying I did not love all the old tried and true fantasy classics but they never made you feel the evil like some of these authors [...]

    5. I cannot imagine picking this one up if you had not read the first. So make sure to read that one. But I LOVE THIS. It is all the things I loved about the first book. The characters, the world, the magic, and how they all come together. But in this book, there is so much more that you learn about all three of the above, and it allows you to see that the magic in this world is in now way - skin deep. You see the history of this world in the magic that is brought forward. I think the thing I love [...]

    6. This epic tale spans a thousand years of hatred in the people of nation. I found love, heartache, horror, lust, hope, death, and redemption. Every character has a part to play but the roles are not all known. Prophecies were not recorded, some passes through oral training, others told as myth passes throughout the thirteen tribes over the years. The battles they face now will unite or crumble the world. Unfortunately, not everyone survives in war. I cried, laughed and had o stop myself from chew [...]

    7. Bloodmark is the kind of sequel that builds on its predecesor and improves it. Even though I really enjoy Blackmark the pace was kind of slow. Here, though, the pace is better and so is the story overrall. We get a more detailed background on both the kingsmen and kehemnis and the reason behind their thousand year old feud. Like George RR Martin, Jean Lowe Carlson builds a world were treason is around every corner and nothing can be taken for granted. Also the magic and fantasy elements take a f [...]

    8. A "complex world of treachery, passion, sex, and magic". Yup, that pretty much says it in a nutshell. This is not your YA fantasy series but rather it's a layered and well constructed work with imperfect complex characters. If you enjoyed Blackmark, book1 in the series, you're pretty much guaranteed to love this one as Jean Lowe Carlson has taken all that was great there and added on to it. If you haven't read that book yet then by all means go back and read it (it's excellent) but be warned, t [...]

    9. I received this book for free in return for an honest review. I actually enjoyed this story more than book 1. It was well written. The plot was easy to follow, but kept your interest the whole time. I still found the characters and their names difficult to keep up with. The names were very long and so different from anything I am acquainted with. I kept getting the characters confused. But it is an amazing story that I cannot wait to continue in the next book.

    10. I loved the first book in this series and i loved this one even more, i didnt want it to end. My only criticism would be the amount of spelling mistakes i came across, which is my reason for giving 4 stars instead of 5. Can't wait for the next book

    11. This book continues the journey of all the main characters introduced in the first book. They are moving closer and closer to the configuration that will change their world for the better. How many more obstacles will they have to overcome to achieve their goals. Highly recommended.

    12. As amazing as all the other books by this author. Just sweeps you away into another world. It's a not to be missed book

    13. I enjoyed this book a lot more than I thought I would. Loved the world setting and magic system. Lots of action and intrigue. Bits of romance here and there (perfect amount, I'd say). I think the character development is done well and I'm starting to get attached to a few. I'm loving this series and am excited to see where the story goes or how it ends. Pick this book up if you love fantasy books with a unique magic system.

    14. Book 2Book 2 was a fun read and had a few errors throughout. The characters and plot have grown tremendously through book 2 and have become more complex.

    15. I read a novel once that featured about as many characters as this one, but found it hard to follow and rather tedious. However, this novel seamlessly weaves together the adventures and stories of multiple characters following different paths yet are part of the same story. World-building is always a bit of a let-down for me in most books, but The Kingsmen Chronicles doesn't disappoint. It has chapters devoted to the history of the Khehemni and the ancient feud. The pace at which Carlson reveals [...]

    16. "Awesome". I wasn't sure if this book could be as good as book 1, Blackmark, however, it turned out to be better. A true epic fantasy continues with Elohl and Olea's quest to save their people, and others as well. Secrets and mysteries are revealed, adventure, love, anguish and battles. And one of the most evil villains you have ever come across. A must read and I highly recommend this book. Can't wait for book 3.

    17. As I said in my review of book 1, "Blackmark", this is great epic high fantasy. The only criticism I had was the constant use of the F word by almost everyone in the book. Did they really talk like that all the time? If you get pat that use of language the series is really good. Because of the language you might be careful who you recommend it to.

    18. I loved Blackmark and Jean Carlson didn't disappoint me with the second of this series in Bloodmark! I can't wait for Goldenmark to come out! This series is way above what I was expecting and I couldn't put either book down. So many turns and unexpected twists, friendship, risqué encounters, magic, sword fighting. Give this series a try, it won't disappoint you!

    19. Jean Lowe Carlson has done it again. Bloodmark is almost as good as her first book in the trilogy, Blackmark. Blackmark is by far the best book I have read in 2017. I am waiting impatiently for Goldenmark to finally be finished. Dennis Akin

    20. Can't wait for book 3 to be released This is a good story concept & well written so I couldn't stop reading. Each chapter is another main characters point of view so you see their overlapping plans & want to know how it works out

    21. Outstanding!The second part of a spellbinding tale that sucked me in, and spit me out after one helluva ride. Intense, heinous and bloody, this story kept me up all night. Where is book 3?

    22. Even better than the first book! It’s getting complex and there are lots of surprises - only some months to wait for the final ? book - can’t wait

    23. Love!Jean did it again, I love these books. I can not wait for the 3rd book to come out its gonna be a long wait.

    24. This is the second book in the series and is a good, although long, book following our groups of main characters as they try to escape the evil that is pursuing them.The end of the first book, Blackmark, left us with Elohl and Fenton helping King Therel of Elsthemen and a possibly fatally wounded Queen escape from Roushenn after a failed assassination attempt. The assassination attempt was made by the first sword of the King of Elsthemen which then leads to war being declared against the King an [...]

    25. After reading Blackmark, book one of the Kingsmen Chronicles by Jean Lowe Carlson, I was looking forward to the follow-up novel, Bloodmark, in which the denizens of Alrou-Mendera have found themselves at war. With nation pitted against nation, can the Rennkavi unite his people and return peace to the kingdom?Just like its predecessor Bloodmark is an extremely well written, researched and painstakingly planned out book with a unique story, but due its large size it took me a long, long time to fi [...]

    26. Bloodmark by Jean Lowe Carlson is book two in The Kingsmen Chronicles and all I can say isWOW! This story starts off right where the first left off and hits the ground running. War is coming. The pawns have been put in place and now the masters have begun to make their moves. Evil hides in the shadows but as the days grow darker it grows bolder. The characters continue to grow, develop and surprise us at every turn. This book is so hard to put down. I was totally engaged from start to finish. Fo [...]

    27. This is a good book that has a lot of twists and turns in the plot as it follows multiple characters throughout the book. It brings magic and medieval society in which is involved in a so called assassination of the queen and how the king has to step up to protect what is left of his kingdom after an evil "king" tries to take over his kingdom by mind bending herringbone men who try to make people think how society is and not what is going on. It brings in Dremors and Captains of their army to tr [...]

    28. Awesome book.What can I say about this book? It has made me cry, it has made me laugh, it had made me think, it had me feel a vicious hatred towards a character, what I had not fell in a long time.It all starts well and good with all players in their place and without a worry of they will achieve, but then disaster strikes, and the traitors (willing or mind bended) come crash in and all hell gets loss. This is a very short but accurate resume of this book.It is a wonderful continuation of book o [...]

    29. First time read from this Author. I found this book to be an amazing read! It is a very well written story, fast paced with a complex and detailed plot. The many characters and personalities (over 40) were very well developed and interesting to follow. I also found myself returning again and again to consult the maps as I was reading. Once started, I must dmit that the book was very difficult to put down.Jean Lowe Carlson is able - with her writing - to draw the reader into the story and be part [...]

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