The Amplified Bible

The Amplified Bible

Anonymous / Oct 21, 2019

The Amplified Bible The Amplified Bible Large Print is a time tested and trusted study resource If you want to understand key nuances and shades of meaning from the original Bible languages the Amplified Bible is for y

  • Title: The Amplified Bible
  • Author: Anonymous
  • ISBN: 9780310951728
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Amplified Bible, Large Print is a time tested and trusted study resource If you want to understand key nuances and shades of meaning from the original Bible languages, the Amplified Bible is for you No working knowledge of Greek or Hebrew is required just a desire to know about what God says in his Word With its unique system of brackets, parentheses, and italThe Amplified Bible, Large Print is a time tested and trusted study resource If you want to understand key nuances and shades of meaning from the original Bible languages, the Amplified Bible is for you No working knowledge of Greek or Hebrew is required just a desire to know about what God says in his Word With its unique system of brackets, parentheses, and italics, the Amplified Bible defines and expands key words and phrases right in the text Verse by verse, the deeper meaning behind the message of Scripture unfolds as you read This Bible features other study tools to help you to clearly understand God s Word, including Double column format Clear, easy to read 12 point type Amplified Bible text and footnotes Introductions and outlines for every Bible book Bible reading plan Bibliography and glossary Presentation page

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    1. One of my favorite Bibles. I adore the richness. I just have to share a sample of what I mean.For the general public of the United States (where I live) the beginning of the 23rd Psalm is one of the most familiar quotations from not only The Bible but from *any* book: "The Lord is my shepherd" Those words are rich, powerful, meaningful to many people in many circumstances. Here are those same words "amplified": "The Lord is my shepherd [to feed, guide, and shield me]" When I read the Amplified B [...]

    2. I've read the Amplified version three times from cover to cover (2002, 2005, 2008)Basically representative of a literal "word-for-word" translation drawing on various previous English translations such as Wycliff and Tyndale as well as Bible dictionaries, lexicons, commentaries, etc. for amplification. Based on the American Standard Version of 1901. The Amplified version says of itself:"Not an attempt to duplicate what has been achieved by previous translators nor is it intended to be a substitu [...]

    3. (Amplified Bible)I have currently five different Bibles in use, and this is the only non-Catholic, English-language one. It's definitely a very enjoyable one and I looked forward to reading it every evening.The maps were useful and quite a few times I found myself turning to look at each map as I was reading the text. The notes at the bottom of the page were also much fun and revealing, especially in the Old Testament part; for example, they helped me realise the depth of Solomon's mistakes (not [...]

    4. "The Book" is the worlds greatest Book!Unfortunately whoever perpared this e-book edition did a particularly poor job in its presentation.From the contents we should be able to "tap" a book and jump to that book. We should then be able to "tap" a chapter number and jump to the chapter number. It would also be extremely good to be able to then have a list of the verse numbers and be able to "tap" a number and go to the verse.It would be absolutely super IF there were a "search" option, to be able [...]

    5. No, I still haven't managed to read through the entire Bible from cover to cover. of it, but still having some trouble with Leviticus. :P Anyway, unlike any other book, this is obviously something you keep reading and reading, and you're never done with it. I love the Amplified version; a friend suggested it once and I tried it out just to see if I would agree (was a die-hard NIV fan before), and I do. Very good; I love the extra definitions in parenthesis really helps. And I love the cover art! [...]

    6. The Amplified Bible can be very daunting to read for some because it gives explanation in the text. It is a dynamic equivalent so it tells you what the bible means as much as what it says. The great benefit of this lies in the fact that biblical languages very rich in meaning so the idea is that nothing is lost in the translation. Very good for supplementing understanding of a passage, but I would not recommend this as your only bible.

    7. I prefer the King James version - and for accuracy and study would recommend KJV above any other.That said, I see the value of reading different translations - this one is a helpful tool but I have found that all those synonyms can actually distort the meaning in places, and make the flow of reading a bit odd.

    8. I am learning about how God works in the hearts of men. I am learning what ways things are taught, learning about the ten commandments, and the golden rule, and the blessings that we get from following the words of the Lord. It is a blessing to me in my life. I love it!

    9. Sometimes I still read this version of the Bible when I want to take a break from reading the KJV.

    10. I find the Amplified Bible very helpful when studying the Word of God. It lists the different word translations so you can get a good picture of scripture meanings.

    11. The Amplified Bible takes what most Bibles say and amplifies it - hence the name. For example you may read John 3:16 where it says: "For God so loved the world." Well, the Amplified Bible adds to it and says: "For God so GREATLY loved and dearly prized the world" Something similar happens with every verse in the Bible.

    12. I used this version of the Bible for the entire year to glean a deeper and richer understanding of God’s powerful Word! I highly recommend the mature believer to study this version to help God’s Word come alive in a deeper way!!

    13. I really enjoyed this version of the Bible. I try to read the Bible for at least 15 minutes a night before I go to bed to relax my mind, focus on God before bed, and just feel at peace with whatever happened during the day knowing God is fully in control and whatever mistakes I have made can be corrected with the help of God and He can get me back on the right path. I have read a few different versions of the Bible from cover to cover and each one was opened my eyes to different things and helpe [...]

    14. Hopefully, the "Amplifying" work will continue. The Amplified Bible is awesome in the way of bibles. I own over a dozen versions and this is one of my top 3 favorites. Tens of thousands of hours into the original Greek and Hebrew meanings of words went into making this version of the bible.As you are reading, the meanings of the words are in parenthesis right behind the words. Examples: Samuel [heard of God] or vain [empty, futile] or abide [live, remain, walk]. It tells right in the text and fo [...]

    15. Reading the Bible is an each day thing for me, so this will never be in the "completed" list. Someone came up with the idea that BIBLE is an acronym for "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth," and I appreciate that. As a Christian, I believe the Bible to be the Word of God. To begin to understand the Bible, you have to know who is being talked about and/or to whom a passage refers, you need to know the nature of God as shown by Jesus (went about doing good and never was it said He harmed anyo [...]

    16. Psalm 19: 1-21 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows and proclaims His handiwork.2 Day after day pours forth speech, and night after night shows forth knowledge.Ephesians 2:1010 For we are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and [...]

    17. When I was first introduced to this version thirty (gulphas it been that long?!) years ago, I didn't like it because I thought it was adding to the Biblical text and o my, you can't do that! It took me a long time to understand that all the extra text is clarification of the original: where the English language is inadequate to explain the original meaning. Now I enjoy it. This reading wasn't to study the text, but I had my study Bible alongside so that if there were particular verses that added [...]

    18. First let me say that the beginning or at some time during the year, I try to pick up a new Bible. Last year we had a home fire and I lost my set of Bibles that I had for a very long time. The beginning of this year I have started rebuilding my Bible shelf, starting with this one. For one I Love the cover of this one, Amplified Bible. It is the hard back and was:To read more of my review:Breath of Life

    19. I absolutely love the Amplified Bible! The synonyms listed on many hard to understand words aid the reader in understanding exactly what the scripture says. This is THE Bible to use when doing an in depth study. Take note that this Bible is a little harder to read than most; however, when doing Bible studies it is the best!

    20. Overall, I would say that this translation can be helpful as a reference tool for comparing with other versions when doing Bible Study Because of the way it attempts to give fuller renderings of the original languages where it is difficult to use one word to express the meaning of the Hebrew or Greek, the readability is sacrificed.

    21. This version is great for study, research, understanding, or digging deeper, more in depth as in for satisfying a desire to more fully and completely knowing what the Bible says and or could have said.(I amplified my recommendation as an example of the Amplified version it is a bit redundant and says the same thing over and over again and again.)Truthfully, I really like it.

    22. The Amplified Bible definitely adds to the English versions, but it sometimes OVER amplifies to the point where it's meaning may be stretched beyond the meaning in context of a passage. Also, some use this as a main Bible or like it is 100% accurate. I like it but don't recommend it as your main Bible.

    23. My very favorite!! I'm always "currently reading" this book. Amplified version is my favorite because it clarifies what the scripture means right within the texts, no doubts left. Plus, it is also a very poetic version.

    24. a good "go to" bible, more than just a read threw like the NIV, but with actual and correct words that can correspond right back to the greek and hebrew. which helped (me at least) get an Ideal of what was originally written (unlike the JKV which i grew up with and now can not stand)

    25. A good reference BibleMy pastor often references the Greek or Hebrew wording in his sermons and how the words can determine the meanings. This Bible has helped me the get a clearer understanding of what he was talking about while also being very readable.

    26. I try to read thru the bible every year.It took l little longer to read this version, but I love all the cross referencing and the added info. Parts may get a little redundant, however it does get the meanings into your heart. Of course I give it 5 stars! It's God's word!

    27. I have read the NEW TESTAMENT,and working thou the OLD TESTAMENT! I have read the NEW TESTAMENT alot of times,but I find something NEW everytime I read the BIBLE! The BIBLE is alway Good NEWS For everyoneBennie R.Mabe

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