Death in the City

Death in the City

Francis A. Schaeffer / Aug 19, 2019

Death in the City Few Christians had greater impact during the last half of the twentieth century than Dr Francis A Schaeffer A man with penetrating insight into post Christian post modern life Schaeffer also cared d

  • Title: Death in the City
  • Author: Francis A. Schaeffer
  • ISBN: 9781581344028
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • Few Christians had greater impact during the last half of the twentieth century than Dr Francis A Schaeffer A man with penetrating insight into post Christian, post modern life, Schaeffer also cared deeply about people and their search for truth, meaning, and beauty If there is one central theme throughout Schaeffer s work, it is that true truth is revealed in the BiFew Christians had greater impact during the last half of the twentieth century than Dr Francis A Schaeffer A man with penetrating insight into post Christian, post modern life, Schaeffer also cared deeply about people and their search for truth, meaning, and beauty If there is one central theme throughout Schaeffer s work, it is that true truth is revealed in the Bible by the God who is there, and that what we do with this truth has decisive consequences in every area of life.Death in the City was Schaeffer s third book and is foundational to his thinking Written against the backdrop of the sixties countercultural upheaval, it reads today with the same ring of truth regarding personal, moral, spiritual, and intellectual concerns Especially in light of 9 11, Schaeffer seems disturbingly prophetic The death that Schaeffer writes about is than just physical death it is the moral and spiritual death that subtly suffocates truth and meaning and beauty out of the city and the wider culture.What is the answer that Schaeffer offers in response It is commitment to God s Word as truth a costly practice in the midst of the intellectual, moral, and philosophical battles of our day It is compassion for a world that is lost and dying without the Gospel It is yielding our lives to God and allowing Him to bring forth His fruit through us.Few have demonstrated this commitment to truth and persistence of compassion so consistently as Schaeffer did And because of this, few who begin reading these pages will come to the end without having their life profoundly changed.

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    • Death in the City By Francis A. Schaeffer
      445 Francis A. Schaeffer
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        Francis August Schaeffer was an American Evangelical Christian theologian, philosopher, and Presbyterian pastor He is most famous for his writings and his establishment of the L Abri community in Switzerland Opposed to theological modernism, Schaeffer promoted a historic Protestant faith and a presuppositional approach to Christian apologetics which he believed would answer the questions of the age.Wife Edith Schaefferchildren Susan Schaeffer Macaulay


    1. One has to wonder what Francis Schaeffer would think about the moral state of our nation today, given the alarm expressed in this book, which was written in 1969. "If (God) is really there and if he is a holy God, do you seriously think that God does not care that a country like our own has turned from him? There is only one kind of preaching that will do in a generation like ours –- preaching which includes the preaching of the judgment of God." (61). It is curious to me how Schaeffer, who ha [...]

    2. When I read my first Francis Schaeffer book, He Is There And He Is Not Silent, I was entirely out of my depth. I was still in high school, and a significant percentage of the cultural references he made were still unknown to me. I have read several since then, and found some of them good. This, though, may be the best one I have encountered, and I'm not sure how it happened to have been lying around the house as I am very certain I never read it before.The book is the text of a series of nine le [...]

    3. Francis Schaeffer powerfully recognizes the death in what he terms our "post-Christian" age. He recognizes the rejection of the Bible as authoritative truth in our culture is due to a lack of discipline and teaching in our churches. Our churches have become stagnant, failing to preach the power of the gospel. They will be spewed out of God's mouth if they do not return to His Scripture as the authority of truth.

    4. My favorite section in this book was a single throwaway paragraph in which he commented on Cantica Canticorum, the Song of Songs. Overall I was surprised with how readable he is: I was expecting more of an erudite, even an elitist tone, but he would have been perfectly intelligible to anyone. He speaks from a tremendous compassion, and there is in him a humility so vast that you almost don't recognize the depth of genius behind it. Almost. Yet for all of this, he has a simple, stark, prophetic v [...]

    5. This is the first book by Francis Schaeffer that I've had the pleasure of reading. This little book is a quick read if you want to get a feel for the man and his style. His passion for the Gospel, as well as his compassion for the world, is nothing short of immense and inspiring. In this work his focus is on the Western world's movement away from Christianity and the disaster that we are inviting upon ourselves because of it. He spends a great deal of time quoting from the prophet Jeremiah to il [...]

    6. Thoughtful and thorough, Schaeffer speaks with a prophetic tone in Death in the City about where Western culture was headed in his day after abandoning biblical fidelity. "Liberal theology unfaith." I couldn't agree more. Particularly living in the time of the culmination of Schaeffer's foresight. He firmly but pastorally encourages his reader to be aware of whom they preach to: the man WITH or the man WITHOUT the Bible, and offers practical advice from the example of the Apostle Paul how to cle [...]

    7. This book captures a lot of what I have been thinking about America ever since I first read the Book of Jeremiah back in 1977.Once a nation moves away from God and the Bible that made it great, it is no longer on a good foundation. It is only a matter of time until it implodes. Like the twin towers that imploded because of fiery fuel within, so, a nation that turns from God becomes evil (volatile evil) and it implodes and collapses in a moment.

    8. Flat, flat, flat. There is a reason hardly anyone wrote a review of this book-- it is so unremarkable that one forgets it immediately after reading it. It leaves no impression on the reader. It is simply a watered down version of some of Schaeffer's better works.

    9. Schaeffer nails the state of the spiritual landscape in America. His observations and warnings from some 40 years ago when this book (based on a series of lectures he gave at Wheaton College) was first published are haunting today.

    10. Francis Schaeffer's forte, on full display in "Death in the City," is his ability to challenge the reader to develop a more comprehensive Christian worldview -- a practice as opposed to an ideology; life instead of stark philosophy.

    11. Somewhat of a commentary on excerpts from the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations, with responses to modern philosphical and cultural trends.

    12. Superb little book. Anyone seeking to communicate the gospel in a post-Christian world (everyone in North America, Western Europe and Australia/NZ) this is a must read.

    13. Francis Schaeffer leads the reader through the books of Jeremiah and Romans, connecting them to our lives today. I highly recommend this book!

    14. I think this may be my favorite of Schaeffer's books. Gives a solid grounding for what he says elsewhere and a more overall vision of his theology/philosophy.

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