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Betrayed Will Northland s brother Tristan went to America to break a centuries old curse and found love in the most unexpected of places within the heart of a werewolf When Will goes to visit he meets not o

  • Title: Betrayed
  • Author: Rhianne Aile
  • ISBN: 9781615813933
  • Page: 439
  • Format: ebook
  • Will Northland s brother, Tristan, went to America to break a centuries old curse and found love in the most unexpected of places within the heart of a werewolf When Will goes to visit, he meets not only Tristan s mate, Benjamin, but their friend Raul, who receives a plea for help from his old werepack his twin brother, Richard, has gone missing and is possibly under thWill Northland s brother, Tristan, went to America to break a centuries old curse and found love in the most unexpected of places within the heart of a werewolf When Will goes to visit, he meets not only Tristan s mate, Benjamin, but their friend Raul, who receives a plea for help from his old werepack his twin brother, Richard, has gone missing and is possibly under the influence of a witch Raul leaves to find his brother, and Will goes with him, offering to use his magic to both locate Richard and protect them all from the threat of dark magic But when they find him, a totally unexpected passion explodes between Richard and Will, stunning them both Suddenly, discovering who betrayed Raul and Richard isn t the only challenge It s now a struggle to solve the mystery so Will can claim Richard s heart just as the wolf has claimed Will as his mate Don t miss Cursed, the story of Will Northland s twin brother, Tristan, and his struggle to free Benjamin Sterling from a centuries old curse.

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    1. I feel like I should be reviewing it in parts. The review moved from an almost DNF, into 1 territory… And I don’t know, ended up somewhere near a low 2. But. When all is all said and done, I guess I’m giving it a 1.5. The redeeming qualities are almost nonexistent.The problems with the first half of this book are numerous. I could talk all day about little things that drove me nuts. Like copyediting mistakes ("Alex cleared his throat to warm them of Eric's return"), but I'm going to try to [...]

    2. Before I even discovered ebooks existed I was buying what I could find in hardcover books that were M/M and where I live and what's avail to me the pickings are slim. When I visited LA that's where I picked up the first book to this one called Cursed and I truly enjoyed the book. It sits on the shelf in my 'special' collection. But when I noticed Betrayed the sequel in ebook I practically flew out of my chair and pumped the air with my fist I was so dayum excited. And true to Rhianne's writing t [...]

    3. 3.75 out of 5 starsWill Northland came to the United States to help his brother Tristan break a centuries old curse. It's been a few weeks since then and Will is living with Tristan and his mate Benjamin. Will is happy that his twin brother, a fellow witch, has found love with his werewolf mate but wishes he could find someone to love as well. When Raul, the consort to the Alpha of Benjamin's pack needs magical help to locate his own missing twin, Will volunteers.Raul and Will travel to Ohio in [...]

    4. RA has done it again and i couldn't be happier! I had been waiting for Will's story since i finished Cursed. I even emailed RA, immediately to make sure that his story was going to be told. Which luckily she had already been working on it. This was truly a fantastic follow up to the first book and it answered all the questions i still had.

    5. Like in Cursed, also in Betrayed there is a bit of contraposition between a non shifter partner, Will, who is also small and pretty, and the big bad wolf, Richard, the Alpha of his pack, the one in command, but who, in the end needs his mate to solve his trouble. More, Richard is under the spell of an evil witch, and she is a woman, a petite and beautiful china doll, who, nevertheless, is able to chain Richard under his clutches. When we first meet Will in this second book, the first image we ha [...]

    6. I wanted to like this book, since the author is one of my favorites and I liked Cursed. However, I felt like the author used a reversed Deus ex machina. Everything seems to be under control, and then, out of nowhere, the characters decide to get into troubles! Imagine reading a story about a witness protection from powerful mafia that--upon talking to a friend--decides to take the mafia leader alone, knowing that the leader is very powerful and can put him under a spell right away! Yes, I'm talk [...]

    7. I really like shifter stories, and I liked the prequel, Cursed, but I actually prefer Betrayed over its prequel. The story behind Betrayed is alluded to in Cursed, so readers of Cursed will be happy to continue on, but you do not have to read Cursed before reading Betrayed; there are a few characters you will understand better if you have read Cursed, but all of the story points that you will need to know are re-covered in Betrayed.I'm not exactly sure what I like more about Betrayed. I think I [...]

    8. So I gave this one 3.5 stars (Says 4, but I wish we could do halves.). I liked it soo more more than the first book. I think I liked the fact that there was more of Raul in this one. He really pulled me in the first book when he was introduced. I was so glad that there was more of him in this one. That and the fact that I like Will better than Tristan. (I though they are twins, but reallyWill is cooler). I really liked Richard. I loved the dynamic between the two sets of twins. If I had anything [...]

    9. W.O.W I admit, I've come across this book a lot when I was browsing through , but never once was I interested enough to read it. When I can't access the internet for whatever reason, I randomly chose a book to pass the time. And this was it. I fell in love completely from the very first chapter. Will Northland, despite everything, was a brave, somewhat-selfless man. Even though he didn't know that Richard was his soul-mate (view spoiler)[and when Richard said something harsh and cold to him (hid [...]

    10. This review is for the audiobook version, narrated by John Lamberti. The reading of this book is better than in the first book of the series. It's not fantastic, but it's good, and it doesn't take anything away from the story.Betrayed is a wild ride - a sexy and engaging continuation of the world and characters we were introduced to in Cursed. The characters are well developed, and the large community of characters adds a richness to the story. The story is unique and intriguing. The plot twists [...]

    11. Sequel to Cursed, this is the story of Will, twin to Tristan, and Richard, twin to Raul. Will is a witch who came to the US to help Tristan when Tris was trying to break a family curse put on his mate Benjamin. Richard is a werewolf, future king of his pack, who is magically bound to Sienna, a dark witch who is trying to gain control of the pack. When and and Will meet their souls recognize their true mate and they bond quickly. Richard then leaves to take care of Sienna and get her out of his l [...]

    12. Dies ist das zweite Buch der Reihe. Das erste Buch handelt hauptsächlich um Tristan, während dieses hier sich mit seinem Zwilling William beschäftigt. Aber auch dieser hat Verbindungen zu einem Werwolf. Allerdings ist dieser von einer Hexe verzaubert, sodass Vorsicht gilt und ein Plan geschmiedet werden muss.Ich mag die Beziehung zwischen den Zwillingen hier immer noch sehr gerne. Die Geschichte reiht sich direkt an die von Tristan an. Sollte man das Buch allerdings relativ schnell lesen, dan [...]

    13. It has been a few years since I first read 'Betrayed'. The last time I didn't go back and read Book 1 'Cursed' immediately before it.On doing so this time, I have come to appreciate even more what an excellent paranormal author Rhianne Aile is!Instead of the traditional novella we have come to expect of wolf meets soul mate mating sex, story over Cursed and Betrayed are so much more!The author has imagination and uses it in spades. To give us, the reader more than just a standard ho hum paranorm [...]

    14. This was a good sequel to Cursed. I really enjoyed finding out what happened next to the Northland twins and I loved that it was fairly seamless. I liked the addition of Richard and the twin aspect he had, a lot of twins in these books. It was kind of complicated to keep everyone straight though and I found myself kind of dozing off throughout some parts. I'm guessing because there were some parts of the story that dealt with secondary characters more than necessary.Betrayed was definitely fun b [...]

    15. The book, including the first book, was generally okay. The main peeve I had about both books was that there was not much building going on in the emotional aspect. It felt like there was just sex and boom, they are in love forever. I would have loved more 'getting to know each other' then finally really falling in love than just the physical part of the relationship. Overall an okay read but not my favourite.

    16. Awesome. Just awesome. This series is amazing and this second book is just as good, if not better, than the first. Richard and Will are great and its cool that we get to spend more time with Tristan and Benjamin and Alex and Raul. Man, to be a fly on the wall watching those guys in a room together*fans self*.

    17. Same review as 'Cursed'. Interesting story, good characters. However, the frequency of the sex scenes was overwhelming. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy a hot scene with the best of them, but after a while I found myself skimming through. Sugar is great, but too much becomes cloying. But, if you're looking for this type of story, go for it. There is a quite entertaining story buried under the sex.

    18. A great follow-up to Cursed, which I recommend reading first. The characters from the first story are throughout this book and it was great to see them all again. A very entertaining book with lovable characters, a lot of hot sex and a different twist than the usual werewolf theme and more on the witches powers than the first book.

    19. This was a great follow up to Cursed. I loved seeing a story about Will-he was a great side character in Cursed. It was awesome to see more about Raul and Alex and to learn about Raul's brother Richard.

    20. One of my favorite werewolf series, anyone know if there will ever be a 3rd book? I really want a book just for Alex and Raul

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